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  1. Yes, I know what you mean. Can you add a checkbox to allow the focus to return to P3D after RAAS plays an audio file then? Otherwise your Enable Key Event API option doesn't really work..
  2. Hi Nico, can you add DJU for Air Djibouti? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_Djibouti Thanks, Charlie K
  3. Hi Manuel, this happens in P3D full screen mode too, perhaps because it is actually an expanded window-mode. Can you do an update to return the focus to P3D after RAAS has played an audio file?
  4. Hi Bryan, An issue or two I'm having with RAAS. First, until today I've been using v2.9.37.6. I use the online check for updates option regularly and have always been told there are no updates available, including the last time I tried earlier today. When I visited the forum this evening to post about my second issue (below), I noticed that the latest version is actually which I have now installed. So your check for updates option wasn't working. Version doesn't even appear in the Change Log.. Second, the Enable Key Event API, which I have been trying to use for the last year or so has been working on and off, but not continuously and today I finally got round to looking into it. I think that FS loses focus when RAAS plays an audio file, and when you then send a key command afterwards (before clicking on the FS window), the function will not work. Can you confirm this is the case and possibly introduce a fix? I'm sending the key command through a physical switch. Thanks, Charlie K
  5. Thanks, I get it now. I thought it was the initial parking percentage used by PSXSeeconTraffic when an airport is opened in P3D, overriding the one in the airport file. I now realise it's the value that's set in each of the airport files when running PPG. Thanks, Charlie K
  6. Thanks for the info, I’ve read the manual but don’t understand how it works. So if my initial percentage for Heathrow is 80%, at what stage does the 35% in the EGLL file come in? Charlie
  7. Nico, I don’t have the software open so not sure of the file names and exact wording, but now that you define parking percentage in the parameters file in the appdata folder, is the parking percentage line in each individual airport file now not used? Thanks, Charlie
  8. Hi Nico, When I want to start at an airport with no parked traffic, do I now have to go to the airport's .xml file to change the % to 0 and then re-load PSXT again or is there a more simple method? If I try and set to 0 from 35 through PSXT then nothing changes, and the aircraft remain parked. Charlie
  9. That was upon my request I think, unless Michael requested it too. It was certainly a new idea to Balt when I suggested it..
  10. Thanks for that.. That's just workable but not ideal in a full size simulator when your PSX installation is over a metre behind the two seats. There are plenty of things in all aspects of flight simulation that could be done manually but are better done automatically to avoid breaking the realism. I'm sure most simmers would prefer to minimize the amount of times they have to leave the simulator, go into another program and change a setting before returning to the 'flight', although I guess there may be some that don't mind that. Doing it that way is not really simulating though, by definition. Nico said in the mycockpit thread that it would be 'very easy to implement' and later that he'd got rid of it 'to simplify the user interface'. My request here is only asking for something easy to implement that doesn't clutter the user interface. Charlie K
  11. http://www.mycockpit.org/forums/showthread.php?t=32003 Nico, could you possibly add this back in, even if its just a .ini line with nothing on the interface? I'm very much missing that functionality! Charlie K
  12. Sorry, forgot about this. Just checked the log file and it is finding files in the add-ons directory, but it's skipping them because it's already found them in the Prepar3d directory. Swapping the order has sorted things.
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