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  1. I have 6 different Orbx products but when I updated to Central V3.30 it showed them all except for Open LC Europe (which is installed). I contacted Orbx about the migration from FSS and they said I had to have the original emails from FSS otherwise they could not do anything. I no longer have those emails (it was bought years ago after all) but I did record from FSS the following copied from their emails at the time. the order number the order date product name and title the product key Why can't that be enough? What am going to miss out on as a consequence? Gerry
  2. Thanks Bill I will get on to that tomorrow. cmpbellsj - you're right it has been a while.. I have been playing golf and giving lectures to retirees and have not being paying enough attention to old threads. But this has sort of invigorated me again. Thanks for the responses.
  3. Thank you both for your suggestions. How does one transfer that purchase over to the Orbx store? cmpbellsjc - has it really been three years? - lordy, lordy ..how time does fly. :)
  4. Open LC Europe does appear where it was suggested I look. And I updated to Central V3.30 as suggested. Open LC Europe is definitely installed but still does not show up in Central. Any help? Gerry
  5. Had a look on YouTube and the person who compiled the review said that you should not use Central V3.3 for FSX but go back to V3.0 otherwise there would be problems. Is this so?
  6. Alan, Thank you very much for the comprehensive reply - much appreciated. Just one final question. I have: PMDG,737 NGX, 747 V1 and the MD11 as well as FTX Global, vector OpenLC Europe, Australia SP4. Rex TD4 and Essential plus over drive, soft clouds, HD Trees etc. Do they all work with Steam as far as you know? Great link by the way - thank you.
  7. Bert and Alan, Thanks for the suggestions. I had heard of the Steam version but had never investigated it. It is available here for anywhere between $AUD 23 - 34 depending where you shop but I am not sure if that is a boxed version or simply an activation/download code. Either way that seems the way to go and it will just have to be a week of reinstalling everything one at a time. So does Steam need any patches or does it come out with the equivalent of FSX Acceleration and SP1?
  8. Thanks Thomas but unfortunately no. Too many moves!
  9. FSX has shut down on me randomly or rather it just freezes and says that the trial period has expired. I have had it installed legally since September of 2007. So: I cannot activate it, I have looked on line and the registry fixes do not work I no longer have the activation codes and I cannot remember where I bought it/downloaded(?) it from. Does anyone have any ideas? I flew WSSS to WMKK with the NGX and no problems but the MD11 from YMML to YBBN locked up. If I repurchase FSX will I have to reinstall all the Orbx, FTX and PMDG products all over again. I don't think I could stand it! Help please! Gerry Engwerda
  10. Glynn, I was looking in the wrong area. I did what you suggested and looked under Program Data and sure enough there it was. Many thanks - you have saved me a lot of work and trouble and I am very grateful. It is people like you who take the time to others out that makes these forums so worthwhile. many thanks, gerry
  11. Glynn, Thank you. Yes, the folder is there and the files are there at C:\FSX\ORBX\FTX_OLC. The OpenLC Europe files also are listed in the scenery tab in FSX. However they do not appear in the scenery .cfg for FSX. What does that suggest? Do I have it or not? I must say I have some sympathy for BAW48. As only a moderately proficient computer user I really do not think I should have to jump through all these hoops. Someone much younger and more literate might think nothing of uninstalling, reinstalling, changing set ups and what have you but for me it just causes irritation and concern. However I do appreciate the trouble you have gone to to provide help. Thank you. Gerry
  12. Thanks Ernie - I will do that now. best wishes, Gerry
  13. I have been away from FSX for a while but now I notice that in FTX Central V2 it says the OpenLC Europe is not installed. What? I paid for it and installed it - is it possible that it is installed but Central V2 does not pick it up? How can I tell if it is there or not? It does not show up in installed products in Central V2 either. I do not want to reinstall if it is there already. Global OpenLC Europe Order Number: FSS0307424 Gerry
  14. We could indeed - there must be an awful lot of us who use just a laptop for FS for one reason or another. Any word on heat problems with any of those machines? Gerry
  15. We need a separate forum for laptop users. Every time you look for a guide to the best laptops 2016 for FSX you get posts that have been updated from 2008 or 2013. It would be interesting to find out how many FSX or P3D users use laptops rather desktops.
  16. Pete - yes, I have posted the same over at the support forum with a screen shot of the problem. Might as well get as much help as I can now. I do not see why I should be setting my sliders lower when they worked perfectly fine at those settings before the migration. Would sort of defeat the purpose don't you think?
  17. Same flight , no acceleration this time in case that caused it last time but - same blurries below FL150 and fps halved. Anyone with any ideas?
  18. OK I have the latest version of Central V2 (2.1.6031.32439) and have downloaded the latest libraries (160708) and installed them. Then ran Migration tool which worked successfully, rebooted and ran it again. Flew from Rome to Amsterdam and for 30 mins it all looked good but then the total blurries began again on descent to AMS. What is going on - In the Scenery Library the FTX is above OLC. I did speed up the sim to 4X for 10 minutes would that have caused it?
  19. OK I have posted my concerns and a request for help at the Orbx Central V2 support forum. http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/117853-openlc-europe-does-not-show-up-after-central-v2/ Looking forward to some help from Orbx.
  20. Judging by the responses from Orbx staff over there I think I am more likely some help here but thanks for the heads up because who knows what forum does what around here? I am not very computer literate and I am not going to uninstall, reinstall, uninstall again, remove shaders etc because I do not know what I am doing and I doubt anyone is going to come over to put things right for me again afterwards. I would just like it to work so I can use what I have paid for and which worked well before. Not too much to ask for surely?
  21. I am so fed up. I upgraded to Central V2 because I had downloaded HD Trees and that was part of the process. Central V2 now says that the OpenLC Europe I paid for and installed is no longer there. When I fly in Europe it does appear to be using OpenLC Europe but the textures are so slow to load and features pop up eventually where there was no such problem before. I have not downloaded the new Library files because quite frankly I am worried what it is going to do to FSX. I have Australia SP4 installed and that works well so I guess I have to accept that I can no longer use Europe or any future new releases. That is disappointing and even more disappointing is the attitude of the Orbx team. Unbelievable and perhaps a turning point for the fortunes of this company that used to have such committed followers, me included. Might I also say how annoying it is to have to trawl through multiple forums to find out what is going on.
  22. OK - Central V2 just updated itself when I opened it ( no input from me and now the up to date version no is 6031, 32439) but it still says that OpenLC Europe is not installed. Would installing new libraries help? - ( I have version 130,623).
  23. It would be nice to hear something from Orbx. It is nice to hear people thinking that they "must" be working on it but so far nothing from management. Would it really be too much to as k them to send out something like "we are working on it"?
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