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  1. This topic has been moved by the moderator of this forum. It can be found at:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...9&topic_id=4216
  2. I was too.Cant wait to get it operational on the big ones. Of all your releases, the A320, to me at least isthe most user friendly.Regards JohnT
  3. Bryan,Just an added piece of info. At the time this happened it only affected the A320 IAE model, all the other ones were perfect. That just happened to be the one I was using at the time.Regards JohnT
  4. Hi Bryan,Would love to comply with your request, but when I did not receive any answers,fell back on the old rescue plan.I did a new install of the A320 program, and lo the problem vanished.Ive said it before, I should be a BETA Tester, because if it can go wrong in any shape or manner,it will on my set-up.See my threads in the FSCommander forum :-)Regards JohnT
  5. Hi Bryan,Had some problems with the bus(A320) on go-around. I found out there was a new patch for this from Wilco (V3b). But to install involved removing the existing installation. Having done that, and on installing the new version I found that FS2Crew was not working. I then re-installed FS2Crew, but on requesting the A320, I found the EADS display has an extremely bright yellow colour in its bottm half. Also the FD Bars are very difficult to see. All the other models are OK.Any ideas?Regards JohnT
  6. Sorrry forgot about the New Files Listing window.Regards JohnT
  7. May I add my appreciation of your efforts on our behalf, for without them FSim would be a whole lot less addictive.Just a small query, is there any possibility of reposting the uploaded files for the day when the Gremlins struck. Reason I missed a few I was interested in.Regards JohnT
  8. Hi Tom,Same here as reported by HugoRegards JohnT
  9. Hi there,Not wishing to be pedantic about this, but where exactly in the FMS would this be done?For instance would it be sufficient to update on the Legs page?As an aside, how long before FS2Crew for the Wilco AB Series 2. Getting very frustrated trying to open the cargo and rear passenger doors, using FS9 default keyboard inputs, in fact have not managed to open anything other than the front passenger door :-).Regards JohnT
  10. Hi all,Just returned to trying out the ATR, after a very long absence.I was flying on-line, and after taking off, all appeared OK,except I was having difficulty in attaining my planned altitude of FL280. In fact was approaching stall at FL230. This being the case I requested FL220 from the Centre, and on approval descended down to this level. On approach I was getting no responses from FS2Crew and the mode was stuck in the "Climb" status. I assumed this was because I had not reached the programmed FL280, is this correct and if so, what are you supposed to do in this situation?Regards JohnT
  11. Hi Tom,well I did not think of that way, but instead contacted the staff/at/trvacc.org. A person by the name of Oral Barkay sent me the required translation by EMail to-night, so I will try to install the scenery to-morrow.What a helpful community this is :-)Regards JohnT
  12. Thanks lads,but none of these suggestions do Turkish - English.Regards JohnT
  13. Hi all,wondering if one of our Turkish friends could do a translation for me.I have downloaded scenery from the Turkish Vatsimsite, but the read me is in the native language. A quick glance seems to indicate removal of resident .bgls, as I am not too sure what is exactly required. I am reticent to experiment.Many thanks in anticipation.Regards JohnT
  14. Is this outfit still around, I tried to buy their PTT terrain package to-day. But on going through all the form filling when it came to checkout. it kept saying cart empty.No response from a query EMail, but their forum appears to be current.JohnT
  15. Thanks Chris,for the info and historical data, I suspected as much but not being a true afficiendo of "As real as it gets" was struggling a bit.Trying to avoid the "Which plane are you?" query from ATC when the livery did not match the call sign :-)Regards JohnT
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