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  1. Stuart, Found 2 fsinsider reg entries and deleted them. Happy to say that I can now start FSX and MCE. Thank you very much for the help. Edwin
  2. Am back being unable to use MCE due to fsInsider.dll. Identical to topic started 39th Sept 2015 by myself. All was working OK for quite some time using version Then, for some reason, FSX was not able to start up. Renaming fsInsider.dll allows FSX starts up OK. Reviewed all the help suggestions from back in 2015. Never did get a fix and ended up doing a complete reinstall of my entire system to get MCE up and running. Am not going to do that again and will just give up trying to use MCE if no easy fix is available. I really enjoyed MCE when it was working and the FS++ crew put a lot of effort into helping me right from day one many years ago. Am hoping that someone has found an easy fix for this problem and can post it here. Edwin Brown Osoyoos BC Canada
  3. Two problems; 1: After a flight, aircraft is shutdown, sitting cold and dark. Avionics off of course. Headset/mic turned off -- even unplugged as a test. FSX and MCE is still active. Trav and attendant still making comments? 2: Something triggers a repeating function, approximately every 25 to 30 seconds, that causes the comment "back" to show up in the red letter area at the top left of the windscreen area. This, in turn, causes the ATC window to open. These two events keep going on and on until finally FSX and MCE are shut down.
  4. Stuart, Yes, all registry entries were lost. Guess you know what I've been doing since Oct 16th. So far so good on all the reinstall of FTX ORBX etc etc. Sad to say that MCE has gone strange again but too busy for that problem right now. Ed.
  5. Finally did do a complete clean install of Windows 10 Pro, FSX and MCE version Happy to report that I'm back up simming as opposed to tinkering. Thanks to all for the help. Edwin
  6. Gus, Good for you. Nice to be flying rather than seeking/tweaking. Gerald, FSX runs better than ever in either DX10 or 9 as long as there is no fsInsider.dll in the FSX folder. Uninstalled Eset Nod32 as you suggested. Restarted computer. Ben had sent me two Windows 10 fsInsider.dll files to try. One was not optimized the other was optimized. Sorry to say that trying either file in DX9 or DX10 works. Get the same series of warnings and no FSX start up. Seriously thinking of doing a complete reformat of both my main C drive and the SSD dedicated drive for FSX. Does mean starting all over again with a clean install of Windows 10 and then FSX. Not looking forward to this but if that is all that's left to try then so be it. Could also go back to Windows 7 Pro but seeing that others have MCE working in Windows 10 pro leads me to believe that there must be a solution to fix my problem. Edwin
  7. Gus, Thanks for getting in here. At least you can get FSX and MCE combo up and running under Windows 10. No such luck for me -- so far. Gerald, Ben has been helping me by sending me different fsinsider.dll files to try -- to no avail unfortunately. Have had UAC off from day one. Always have any program startup as Administrator. Dx10 Preview on with Steve's fixer. Here is the latest instruction from Ben: To confirm dll isn’t loading, open “fsInsider.ini” (not the dll) and change “Debug=0” to “Debug=1”, then save the file If fsInsider.dl loads, when FSX crashes, you should see a “fsInsider.log” file in same folder. This trial does not create the fsInsider.log as expected. FSX shuts down with the same series of warnings that have come up every time. Have also completely disabled Eset Nod32 virus protection program prior to any trials, just in case the Exclusions I have set up are not working. Edwin Brown Osoyoos BC Canada ​
  8. 70 views and no replies? Here is the entire content of the warnings that I am getting when trying to start FSX: "Flight Simulator has detected a problem with a third-party software program(add-on): Name: FSinsider Version: (also the same with versions & sent to me by FS++) Company: FS++ Limited File: fsinsider.dll Do you want to run this software (not recommended)?" Choose "Yes" FSX fails to start and the following messages appear: "To avoid seeing this message in the future, uninstall this program or disable it's ability to start when running Flight Simulator. For more information about third-party programs, contact the publisher or see http:/www.fsinsider.com" "A fatal error has occurred. Windows is checking for a solution" " Microsoft Flight Simulator X has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. Close program" Has anyone had this problem and found a fix? FS++ has been very helpful in trying to clear this up but no luck so far. Edwin Brown Osoyoos BC Canada
  9. Has anyone had success in using MCE after upgrading to Windows 10 Pro? MCE was running fairly well under Windows 7 Pro with version Now I can't get any success in getting past the warning about the FSinsider.dll. "Microsoft Flight Simulator X has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available Close program" FS++ crew has sent me a number of different FSinsider.dll files to try., the latest but still no luck. Just wondering if anyone can jump in here and give these guys some help in what must be one hell of a job to try and keep up with all the changes coming down. Ed Brown Osoyoos BC Canada
  10. Chuck: Have the same defrag freezing problem since going from GE to GE Pro. Doesn't matter what defrag prog I use, same thing. My favorite defrag prog is DiskTrix Ultimate Defrag. If I exclude certain folders to do with GE Pro,then the defrag works but I still end up with a lot of "red" on the disk map. Uninstalled GE Pro and can then do a full defrag with no problems.The support people at DiskTrix say it is a conflict with GE Pro???Hope someone can come up with a "fix"Simming since FS3.
  11. Have just gone through the whole mess of deleting FS9.cfg, no luck, reinstalling FS9 and update, no luck and finally a hard disk format to start all over again. Am presently at raw FS9 and gradually adding one item at a time. Amazing how smooth FS9 can really be without all the addons. I used to have FS9 at over 27gigs with every addon that came out crammed in there. Am now down to 12+ gigs.Have found many addons with dlls that cause problems and ctdts.Lucky I am retired and have lots of time to do this, 'cause it is very time consuming but the only way I found to get FS9 back to being enjoyable.Have been flight simming since FS3 on a Tandy 1000 so have seen a whole bunch of problems so far but none as frustrating as what FS9 can bring!!
  12. Hello fellow FS9 flightsimmers:Have installed UTUSA & UTCANADA/ALASKA along with Holgers' latest gorge update. Also have all of FSGenisis installed (Galaxy Member).My problem is I am missing the Columbia River water & roads etc. from W119* 59.40' to W120* 55.09'. Dry river bed with buildings etc.Have all scenery layered as per Holgers' instructions and do see all of his great work as heading West past W120*.Is this just a fault in FS9 or something else?Any help would be much appreciated.(Simming since FS3 on a Tandy 1000)
  13. Has anyone used this prog with any good results? I am still waiting for the registration code so can't make much use of it so far.Only $7.99 USD but hope I didn't get ripped off.:-mad
  14. Have downloaded & installed Mooney by Tomislav Stimac. Nice to have the ADF & other goodies, however, there is no mini-panel on cycle through views with the W key. Have contacted Tomislav and he is sorry for the omission."HiI'm sorry for non complete version. It is my fault. Ididnt took time to check it all. If there will be somenew version, i will include the second (minimal) paneltoo. There will be no updates to this one, as avsimstuff don't like updates too much. Well, me neither,as they create a lot of mess and confusion (speciallyto new users - beginners).There might be some new panel, with some new texture,and i'll make sure, this mistake doesnt happen again.Regards from Croatia (Europe)Tomislav--- edwin brown wrote:> Goodmorning Tomislav: Have downloaded your> Mooney_Bravo.ADF and am very pleased to finally have> the ADF and other goodies. Thanks for your effort.> However --- I am used to pressing the W key to cycle> through the three different views. ie; full panel,> partial panel and no panel. I can't get the second> partial panel view, only two no panel views and a> full panel on three key presses. Something missing??> I went through the installation twice and still get> the same results.> Hope you can help me figure this out as the Mooney> is one of my favorites. Coming to you from Westbank> British Columbia Canada."Can someone tell me how to edit whatever is needed to get the mini-panel view? Maybe I'm in the wrong forum for this but any direction would be helpful.
  15. Thanks Holger & others. I have bc2003.zip installed in FS2002 but was afraid to try it in COF. Have had some bad experiences in this regard. Will bcmeshp1.zip work with FSGenisis 76.4 terrain that I purchased and installed? There is so much stuff available now that it gets a bit confusing as to what to use and what not to use.
  16. Just found flatten files by Curt Jardey that fixed the river problems but the roads and bridges are still all screwed up.Thanks Curt.
  17. Can anyone tell me what's wrong here? There is a large water fall at the end of the runway and the roads/bridges are in a weird shape. Have FSGenisis 76.4 terrain installed. Have tried removing FSG but no difference. Have no other addon installed that I know of that could cause this.I am a new forum user and tried to attach a jpeg to show my problem but am notified that the jpeg is too big.
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