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  1. I started with the button control, and when I saw the captains responses listed in the window, next to the FO's challenges/prompts, I thought OH that will make Voice control a snap. I was surprised that when I switched to voice, that the window with the captains response was missing. I had to print out the responses, but I do enjoy the voice control.
  2. So I went to load the panel state, and clicked on SAVE instead of load. Yes I Clicked OK before I realized what I was doing. So I have over written my panel-state. :(I know I can simply reinstall the program, but I was wondering if the panel state was available for DL or if there is a backup already on my HD. Would it be OK form someone to paste the text as a post to paste into the sav file? I only ask because if I was stupid enough to do it once, there remains a chance I will muck it up again.
  3. Yes Jeremy is correct, I think the only exception might be a through flight where the crew remains the same. Even so its still good practice to align them everytime. Of course this would be a airline dependent SOP.
  4. This is something I have really been considering doing. I have a hoard of questions for you.How did you go about getting ready for it? I love my PMDG 737's but there are just somethings that aren't simulated. I operate my 737 with FS2Crew and I have read Captain Mike's Super Guppy Check-ride book...shame its for 3/4/500's. How do you prepare to run your flows when (at least for myself) there is missing information?Assuming you are doing this for entertainment value, how does the simulator crew handle you? Are they more helpful? Or do they push and test you as hard as a real 737 pilot? Are or were you allowed a guest to sit in and observer your ride?Is there a shortened start up? It can take me the full 20 mins to go through my flows to just leave the gate. However if its $150 per hour, I would wish to trim that gate time.Did you have a hard time getting the slot that you wanted, or did you just take what you could get? Which Facility did you go to? The Long beach Facility seems to be the most openly receptive to the public, but they only have a 737-200...I would rather try the MD-11 than the 200. I'm sure I can ask a dozen more questions, but I'll hold em for now:)John Palmeri
  5. There are somethings to think of.I am hoping PMDG will implement some sort of Anti-piracy software for the DL.Also if they continue to have a expiring download link, MAKE SURE to installs it before the download link expires. Some people have downloaded the 737, left it for more than a day, (which I can't understand, I have to play with it as soon as I get it) only to find out that the file is imcomplete and wont install.We have been told that the AC will weight in near 60mb! So it will fit on a CD no problemo!
  6. bluewolf


    They have already said that they will give us several days notice before its released.
  7. Thanks for posting it, I read these forums several times a day, and this is the first time I saw "this" joke. :)
  8. It has been said that we would be notified several days in advance of its release. Now me being the greedy customer that I am...I would be super cool if "exsisting" customers got an option to buy and download a day or two earlier. Sort of a loyalty reward:)
  9. Ah well as the pilot is becoming incapacitated, he makes a call over the PA system..."Is there anyone on board, that has flown a PMDG 737NG??" I push the call button, a attendant speeds me up to the cockpit, where the pilot unlocks the door just as he passes out.
  10. Or when you fly as a passenger in RL, and carry charts and airport diagrams with you. Thinking to yourself, should both the Pilot and the Co pilot of this 737 become incapacitated, you know almost every control on the flightdeck (thank you PMDG)...
  11. I just hope when it is released that they take stong methods to thwart piracy. I hate paying for things that people steal.
  12. I would like to know who the pilots are in the 747:) I like the star trek tie in, didn't care for the political tie in... Maybe Harrison Ford, or John Travolta...he is rated to be a 747 co pilot isn't he?
  13. HELLO!Is that heat distortion photoshopped? Its a very nice screen shot, looks real. Whats going on here, the background has the right amount of blur, the grass looks good. Everything but the plane says real picture. Actually the plane looks VERY nice, and looks very real, but the blue around the nose..I dont know what I am trying to say. I think its the shading of the blue color. GJ!I know the real AF1 is a 747-200, but hey if Harrison ford gets a 747-400 cockpit to fly in the movie Air Force One, then I would love a AF1 repaint:) I know PMDG wont make it, dang them and their standards :) J/KJohn Palmeri
  14. A backcourse is the backside of the ILS, on the otherside of the runway. As I understand it, there is enough of a signal that a plane can fly the lateral course keeping lined up with the runway. But there is no signal that guides the plane vertically, it is up to the pilot to bring the plane down safely. WHY of WHY would any airport have ILS only on one side??? WHAT are they too cheap??!! Well one good example would be KSAN, RW 27. The approach comes straight through the city buildings, and the buildings interfer with the signal. So if they had ILS for 27, the signal might get borked and a plane might zoom right into someones apartment.John Palmeri
  15. Thats not for the 737 is it? Thats for the 747?John Palmeri>Something like this? ;-)>>http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/119581.jpg>>Best,>>Vin Scimone>PMDG>www.precisionmanuals.com>http://www.precisionmanuals.com/images/forum/devteam.jpg
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