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  1. Hi KJ,Caribbean Defense Force pack? What pack is that and where can it be found?Thks & rgds ALG
  2. Hi,Yes there is! actually the avsim link you are mentioning makes reference to it. Its the payware Pilot's Boeing 314 Clipper available from b314clipper.com.RegardsAntonio Lapa Gomes
  3. Hi Thank you for your reply! I think that is what I'm going to do and then go by eliminationI suspect that is one of my installed object libraries that is doing it RYW12 perhaps or a scenery using it.I will check a follow your suggestion!Thanks againRegardsALG
  4. These are some pics of what is happening!any suggestions on how to cure this?RegardsAntonio Lapa gomes
  5. Hi!Could someone help me with this?Referring to below mentioned thread on the MAAM-SIM forumhttp://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...=3389&mode=fullI have exactly the same problem and have tried everything mentioned to solve it with no success unfortunately:-(The symptoms are absolutely the same!My BF B25 is sitting on top of a monstrous Jetway instead of USS Hornet, I see also the carrier Enterprise on starboard side along with two jetways and at bombord I see another vessel and a couple of more jetways where it sould be the remaininfg vessels of the TF16.Unlike mentioned on the linked thread I do not have the problem with the KSTL, St Lambert Intl at St Louis!Please somebody help I'm unable to find the and correct the problem :(Thanks and regards in advance for any help given for solving my problem!Antonio Lapa Gomes
  6. Hi there,I'm really looking forward to see that too!!!Not only TCR Lesson 5, but also...6,....7,...and so on...until the very last.Any news concerning its continuity?RegardsAntonio Lapa Gomes(LPPT)
  7. >>And your point is? :-hmmm >>You understand my point. You are a intelligent person.>:-smile12 Which is something that you are not! Besides being unpolite and persistant in using capital letters which means that you are shouting instead of talking with good manners.Be ashamed and behave yourself!ALG
  8. Please be polite!Politeness is another rewarded virtue!Don't shoutAvoid using capital letters.greet'sALG
  9. JP and Jeff,Appreciated your promp information regarding my enquiry.Thank you very much to bothAntonio
  10. Hi,What happened to simufly.com and the CIVA INS?Does someone know about it?RegardsAntonio Lapa gomes
  11. Be patient guys!Let the Wizards work without pressure and stop the constant requests for pictures! Things take and need time to be done properly and without pressure. I do not see the point in asking for pictures of a work in progress at least for now. I'm sure they will be shown in due time.Patience is a virtue! And usually it brings rewards at a later timeIf you want pictures from a MD-11 cockpit go to Airliners.net and do a search you will have plenty of them to have an idea and dream of the coming PMDG's MD-11 cockpit and plane!RegardsAntonio Lapa Gomes
  12. Looking goooood! :( I'm speechlessDon't stop! :-yellow1Antoniohttp://www.precisionmanuals.com/images/forum/supporter.jpg
  13. Nop!Patiently waitin..........Antonio Lapa Gomeshttp://www.precisionmanuals.com/images/forum/supporter.jpg
  14. Thanks Bill,I'm glad you liked them! I liked too when I saw them the 1st time. That's why I had the idea of sharing it, I thought some people would appreciate also.They are just entertainment clips, but even being so from the didatic point of view in what concerns the flight technics, they don't teach much, but they provide us a bit of around cockpit 'action' and the music also helps on that! Hope you will let us have sometime in a near future a glimps of the coming PMDG MD11 cockpit and panel 2D n virtual! After all your are if I'm not wrong, the Team Leader for the Project!;-)Appreciate your work! thanks!RegardsALGhttp://www.precisionmanuals.com/images/forum/supporter.jpg
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