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  1. just for fun, try to change these in your fs9.cfg, under "terrain",(backup the file first)TERRAIN_ERROR_FACTOR=100.000000TERRAIN_MIN_DEM_AREA=90.000000TERRAIN_MAX_DEM_AREA=400.000000TERRAIN_MAX_VERTEX_LEVEL=21TERRAIN_TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=8TERRAIN_AUTOGEN_DENSITY=3TERRAIN_USE_GRADIENT_MAP=1TERRAIN_EXTENDED_TEXTURES=1TERRAIN_DEFAULT_RADIUS=75.900000TERRAIN_EXTENDED_RADIUS=190.900000TERRAIN_EXTENDED_LEVELS=8Works for me, anyway.Regards,Tore Stabell Kul
  2. Hello!Thank you for a nice addon!I would like to know how to do this:With real weather active, I would like to edit the weather at my destination only, maybe I will make sure I will get a runway of my choice, or I will make sure I will get low visibility and clouds.So I am standing at an airport, with CAVOK, my destination has FEW clouds and no wind.Is there a way to edit the weather at the destination only (with a radius, of course)?I have tried to edit the weather, but then I get the same wind/weather at my departure airport as well.Hoping for a reply.Regards,tore Stabell,Oslo,Norway
  3. further investigation:I have set min. visibility to 72SM.Here is FSX, clear all weather. Visibility is good, sky is blue: ASX is started, weather is CAVOK, minimum vis is set to 72SM. Even so, the visibility becomes really low.So ASX forces visibility low, even when set to minimum 72SM: is nice, but this is too much, the sky is no longer blue.So this is not a FSX thing, its an ASX thing.Regards,Tore Stabell
  4. OK, but there is something else wrong here:In ASX settings, I have set minimum surface visibility to 72 SM.I have disabled all CAVOK cloud generation.Then moved to a station with CAVOK.The ASX metar says CAVOK, the decoded textual weather this time says clouds clear below 20000ft. And visibility 10 SM (16094m). (instead of 72SM)A look at this screenshot will show that the visibility however is very low (screenshot taken at just 4000 feet)It looks like it is raining and fog: visibility slider in FSX set to unlimited before starting ASX).Where is the bright blue sky?Tore Stabell,Oslo,Norway
  5. Do you mean in FSX; I have tried to set unlimited vis in the Weather page. Problem is that ASX makes a visibility layer that stretches up to 3000 feet, with a low enough visibility to make it really hazy.One meter above 3000 feet, it is wonderful.In ActiveSky for FS9, I recall there was something called "smooth visibility layer" or something?Is there a setting in ASX, in a INI-file, to correct this abbrupt change in visibility? Now, all I can see from the ground is a white sky.Tore Stabell
  6. HI, and thank you for a very quick reply!I know all about CAVOK, I'm a pilot.The CAVOK cloud generation was set at 7 percent. I believed it would perhaps add some wispy cirrus at FL 180 or something.So is there a setting that will make it CAVOK the way real life usually works, that is usually a clear sky, perhaps with cirrus, sometimes a high stratus?I believe this is a settings-thing.But I noticed that, in the CAVOK, it was also a low visibility.It was really hazy, and when slewing upwards, the haze suddently disappeared at about 3000 feet.Is it a setting for this?The reason it bothers me is that the sky, because of the haze, looks completely white, instead of blue.I also tried to move the aircraft to several airports aroud Europe, with a CAVOK weather, same everywhere, a white sky, haze to 3000 feet.So bottom line: How can I see a beutiful, blue sky with wispy cirrus, when standing on an airport?Thanks again for the quick reply, three in the morning Oslo-time.Tore Stabell Kulo
  7. Hello!I just bought the bundle, and I have one question to start with:When at an airport with CAVOK, it is not CAVOK. And I am not talking about cirrus generation, but low clouds. And the answer is to be found here; look at the METAR, which says CAVOK, and then at the decoded weather, which says few 5800 feet..So instead of a bright, blue day, it becomes a rather grey, overcast day.Why is this?Regards, Tore Stabell, Norway
  8. stabell

    I'm tearing my hair out...

    Hello!This means that you have closed down EVERY process in the task manager, except for the system user processes?Are you running Norton Internet Security? That program is a known troublemaker.Is there a process called "update.exe" running?Disable Norton real time protect, if you have it, and check for the "update.exe", which is the Windows update service. It is known to be a big processor user (system = 99 procent)Regards,Tore Stabell Kulo,Oslo
  9. Hello!When I approach an airport in the dark, the VASI lights are visible from more than 10nm out. Then the runwaylights appear suddently at, say, 8nm, and the rest of the airport lights even closer to the airport.Is there a setting, adjusting the distance one can see the lights when on an approach?Regards,Tore Stabell Kulo,Oslo, Norway
  10. Hello!I don't know if this is a PMDG only matter, but when I change views, from cockpit to outside and back to cockpit, I get double sound. It is two sets of sounds on top of eachother, resulting in a "flanger" sound. This is even more appearent in outside view, where the engine sounds get strange. Does anybody know how to get around this, or is it just me?Regards,tore Stabell Kul