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  1. I bet that was interesting. What base? SWA is known for keeping things moving (although they are holding people up in ATL a little while they figure out the lay of the land); however, they aren't (shouldn't be) getting preferential treatment or priority handling. They might have company specific arrivals/approaches (we have some here and there as well), but if they are being moved to the front of line for takeoff it's because there aren't any delays to the airport that flight is going to while the other flights out there in line DO have arrival delays. Either that, or someone further up in line has a maintenance problem, and no one else has access to a taxiway to get to the runway around the offending flight. To give one plane (airline, cargo, corporate, private, or otherwise) preferential treatment goes against FAA Joint Order 7110.65, which is basically the ATC handbook. Priority is only given to planes in very specific circumstances. Even being a military flight does not necessarily mean the flight will get priority. There has to be a specific mission requiring it.
  2. I agree Tom, and it seems like there's alot of wasted realestate (sp? it's late)... on that lower DU. But that's just my opinion, and to date the FAA has not listened to me once, yet.
  3. Every pilot looks to any bigger, "nicer" plane and wishes to be in that cockpit instead of the one he/she is in. I'm coming to miss my days in single-engine recips. Enjoy those warriors! I miss them!
  4. EICAS comes in many forms. I believe the B757, B767, and B747 (newer 400's and 800's), all have EICAS. It's not just the airbus realm. Canadair, and Embraer have EICAS systems as well. I'm sure many others do too. I just don't want to try to sit down and go through the list. I fly CRJs. I flew 200's for a while, I'm currently on the 700/900. They're smaller than the bigger toys, but they aren't exactly small aircraft in the general sense.
  5. Because re-typing pilots isn't cheap. It's to keep costs to Boeing's customers down. If they upgraded to more modern EICAS systems, any customer who bought it (and already had earlier models) would be required to create a training program for the pilots and then administer it to those pilots.
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