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  1. I have no problems with W7. More: FS9 goes a little faster, but FSX goes very faster than in Xp or Vista.All of my addons worked fine: PMDG 747 and 737 (and 747 and MD11 in FSX), Radar Contact, ActiveSky, Wilco Embraer, Aeroworx Beechcraft, FlightSim Commander, FSNavigator, FSBuild, SuperFlight Planner (yes, I know, I have too much flight planners....), FS PanelStudio, Jeppessen, and more, as I said, without problems in Windows 7.
  2. Thanks. Surely this is the answer. In fact, W7 disables the Aero when starts FSX.Now, I need to reinstall FS9. :(
  3. Hi, thanks. As I said, I'm beta tester, so I'm using W7 from the very beginning and with some version I had no problems and with other I had it.I'm referring to the RTM (the last version). But if you are using it and have no problems, could be something in my PC, my Windows.... or my head :( :( :(Thanks.
  4. Hi. I beta tested Windows 7 from the beginning.I have trouble with FS 2004 and the second beta version (I don't remember the number :( ) but with the release of the RC version (and the new nVidia drivers) the trouble has gone.With the release of the RTM version and the new 190 nVidia drivers I have the problem again: I can't change my view with the S key. In fact, I almost can't change my view anyway. If I do this via the menu, I see a mix of two or three views together :( I changed the nVidia drivers for the older versions but the trouble is still here, so I return to the last ones.Is this a known issue? I have informed it in the microsoft windows 7 beta testers forum but nobody cares B) I have FSX, but in my PC is too slow. More, with W7 I can use a slow FSX but with XP what I see is a slide session instead of a simulation :( Thanks
  5. I'm glad to know about the update.I have the same problem yet: Firefox, IE7 and Opera 9.25I hope we can upload and download files for the community quicklyThanks.
  6. Thanks. I know this. Really what I tried to do was edit the aircrafts file, but what I don't know are some data abot the 737, like Cruise FL, Max fuel, load, max weight, climb and descent speed and rate, approach speed.I have the ceiling, the max range and the cruise speed (taked from Boeing page) but I can't find the rest of the data.Gerry Renve
  7. I know. I was expressed bad myself. FSC exports to 737 and 747 too.What I say is: when you select the airplane for the plan (not to export) in FSC 8 you can select PMDG 747 but no 737. In FSBuild you must do the plan for 737 or 747 standard.I hope you can understand my poor english.ThanksGerry Renve
  8. Hi. I use FSBuild (2.3 build 208) and FSC 8.1 to make my flight plans because no one has everything I want.Anyway, FSC have the PMDG 747 but not the 737.
  9. OK. I don't even have this files :-hmmm
  10. Thanks. I will try it when at home today, but I have the simulator installed recently and without addons.Thanks again.
  11. Hi. My FS9 some times do the same, but FSX never ends. When I end it, it ask me if I want to cloes, I click yes, but FSX remains active in background and using near 100% of the processor resources. The other day I go out for several hours and left it to see if the problem is only a matter of time, but when I return FSX stays alive eating almost all of my resources....I only can end it if I click right button in the windows bar button, then close.And never save my modifications because of this.Thanks.
  12. Sorry, but my english is not good. I need to left unchecked the option or I need to mark it checked?Thanks. I will try the both anyway :D
  13. Hi. I've painted a 737 with Aerolineas Argentinas livery but I have problems with the graphic format of some files.I use the paint kit, and I try repainting the Lufthansa livery too.I am a good Photoshop user, but I can't know what is the right format for some files.I have repainted:pmdg_700_fuse_t.bmppmdg_engine_L_t.bmppmdg_engine_r_t.bmpPMDG_Tail_T.bmpPMDG_Wing_T.bmpPMDG_WingL_T.bmpI convert all with DXTBmp, but FS9 crashes when I try to select the plane. I see the result in FSRepaint and I have no problems.ThanksGerry Renve
  14. I have some files downloaded a couple of years ago from PMDG and this files HAVE virus. Anywhere, I have downloaded the same liveries today from the PMDG site and this files are clean.So, maybe the positives are not false positives but real infected files, probably infected in my own PC a time ago.Gerry Renve
  15. >Hi,>>Do you have SP1 for FS04 installed?>>Jim>>http://www.hifisim.com/banners/hifi-community-sigbanner.jpg>http://www.hifisim.com/I have the 9.1 version. I suppose it is the SP1.Thanks
  16. Hi, I'm sure this was answered a thousand times, but I can't find it at the forums.Is there any way to solve this? I mean: when I close the FS, it don't really ends ans remains active using almost all of the processor resourses.Thanks
  17. A few minutes ago I have made a fly and at the end I've closed FS and it close. :?
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