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  1. Yes, would have been nice to have had the option to run on a separate computer. I have been pretty impressed with the videos I have seen, so looking forward to giving it a try. The last ATC program that I have used was the RC5 beta way back when.
  2. Hi Ray, I think I saw on their Discord that it was not possible to run BATC on a networked PC.
  3. I would never turn down a pro rendition of KALB. Some other good suggestions mentioned here as well.
  4. Short answer to the title of your post... it is only you.
  5. Well, now I don't feel bad for not knowing... thought I might be the only one. 🤣
  6. Earlier today I arrived at KDFW and saw this. All kinds of scenery and elevation issues that weren't there on my flight departing KDFW on 07-MAY. Turning of photogrammetry seemed to fix the issues but is not a desirable fix.
  7. And some of our pronunciation of certain cities... Birmingham and Malaga come to mind. 🤣
  8. I am interested in learning of the performance and any impact on framerate.
  9. @SN737 Community\aig-aitraffic-effects\
  10. @Kaiii3 I did the steps that you noted above. If I look at the community folder, it now has files from March 2023 in the effects folder. However, in content manager it still shows version 0.1.0 for the AIG effect library.
  11. I saw this today as well. At the gate at a smaller airport. My traffic injection was set to 50%. Once traffic appeared FPS dropped from 40 to around 10. There were 2 planes on the ground and maybe 9 in the air. Once deleted traffic and shut down TC the FPS went back to 40. . . . I just noticed the workaround listed above... is the folder mentioned the one in Community\aig-aitraffic-effects\ ?
  12. Since the cargo and BBJ's are also included (as appropriate) with each variant in MSFS, if you bought all 737 packages (pax, BBJ, and cargo) for P3D and all for MSFS the difference would be in the neighborhood of +$40US (if you didn't have the NGXu credit of $99). Just trying to compare things as close as possible.
  13. I have only set the path to the Flightplans folder under AppData. Does the one in the Community folder path offer any different functionality (or could it be used instead if the AppData path? Just curious as I hadn't even realized there was a Flightplans folder in the Community. Thanks, Bryan
  14. I just landed and no clouds (just some haze) but had winds. The wind direction still flip flopped on final. On landing winds showed 102 (METAR was 110/06). On final they kept going from 70 to 150 with speeds going anywhere from 5 to 25'ish along the way. Will have to try the data thing while here at the gate as there should be a few. Edit: The data thing had no effect on clouds for me.
  15. Question - What is that departures/arrivals view in the first screenshot? Never saw that before.
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