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  1. Have only done a short flight in the updated version, but I seem to get lower frame rates and a bit of stuttering with the new version using the same settings as before.
  2. I personally prefer American. Their non-stop BOS/SFO flights typically use the 757, which does have in-flight entertainment (monitors are ceiling based). They charge $2 for headsets if you do not have your own and the headsets are yours to keep. If you have your own headsets then there is no charge for the IFE.Of course as others have said, price will be a factor as well.
  3. Did you point to your FS2004 directory on the "Export_Directories" tab under the "Options" item in the tree view? In my screen, the FS2004/FSX option is the first item in the list.Make sure to close and restart FSBuild after changing these options to make sure they are recognized.
  4. Hi Eytan,That sounds like it might be a scenery related error... any add-ons in the vicinity of the FS CTD? A long while ago I was experiencing a re-creatable CTD over the Ohio/Pennsylvania area. It ended up being an issue with a texture in Ultimate Terrain.
  5. >You don't have to save it AFAIKThat is correct, no save is required. I usually start ASV on my WideFS PC and let it download the current weather. I then pull up the ASV directory from my FS PC. I then run FSBuild on my FS PC and build my plan, and it pulls in the weather that was just downloaded.Everyone has their own unique methods. :-lol
  6. Hi Bill,It depends on the aircraft profile. I typically fly the PMDG-737 or LDS-767 and I have found those profiles to be pretty accurate. If I am flying an aircraft that does not have a specific profile, I try to find the closest equivalent and then adjust my fuel as needed. You can create your own aircraft profiles, but I have never done this, so can't really speak to what is involved in doing that.
  7. Hi Bill,I have been using FSBuild for as long as I can remember. While it does not "display" weather conditions, it can import ASV data to add winds to the flight plan for computing flight times and fuel. The winds for each waypoint are included in the plan. It will also export the plan in a variety of formats including FS9 plan, FSX plan, PMDG737 FMC, LDS767 FMC, etc.I have attached a sample plan that I built using FSBuild from KORD to KSNA that I flew yesterday.
  8. >1) i'm not sure anyone has tested v4.3 on win2k. i don't know>why it wouldn't, but since i can't test it, i can't say it>worksI used to run RC4 (via WideFS) on a Windows 2000 machine before upgrading some of my hardware earlier this year. I can't recall if the last version on that PC was 4.2 or 4.3... so I know that 4.2 definitely worked on Windows 2000.
  9. Hi Jim,I just completed the KMDW to KSWF flight without incident. I didn't have the ATA repaint, so I flew using the PMDG 737-800 in my VA colors. One oops on my part, I departed at 1325 local... didn't catch the "Z" at the end.For reference, I have attached the plan that I used, which is what was generated using FSBuild when I entered your route.
  10. Hi Eytan,Good to hear from you and glad to hear that you are still enjoying the friendly skies of Noble... and, of course, enjoying RC. :)
  11. Hi Jim,I use the PMDG 737 quite often for my flights and have not had any CTD. If you could post your flight plan here, perhaps I could give it a go... although I might not have a chance to fly until the weekend.Do you have any add-on sceneries for the route (especially near the destination)?
  12. Gee, that's right neighborly of you!! :-lol
  13. Maybe I'll strap a couple of after burners on my 767. :-hah I'll be doing a short hop from LFPG to EGKK, and then doing the long EGKK to KORD this weekend.Cheers!
  14. Hi Mark,I second what Ray said. I did this very thing earlier this week.I flew from KORD to LFPG, and did not begin my flight until around 2300. At about 0030, while cruising at FL350 over Canada, I decided to turn things over to the overnight crew, and went to bed leaving Otto (ctrl+shift+k) in charge of the radios and the LDS767 FMC in charge of the flight controls. When I awoke in the morning, I took over the flight (had not yet reached the pause point of 200nm). I even managed to arrive at the gate 2 minutes earlier than my schedule time. :-) Cheers!
  15. KSNA has a curfew in place (2300-0700 I think), so if inbound flights are running very late and will end up arriving after this time they divert to KLAX. This appears to be the case for this flight:[a href=http://flightaware.com/live/flight/COA1459/history]http://flightaware.com/live/flight/COA1459/history[/a]The flight from KIAH was very late, and did not even leave Houston until after midnight. The short flight that you saw was just to get the equipment back to KSNA.Cheers!
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