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  1. This topic has been moved by the moderator of this forum. It can be found at:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...&topic_id=20718
  2. Due to getting a new PC, my trusty old Sidewinder Precsion Pro no longer works, so I've just bought a Saitek Cyborg Evo.Installed Joystick and installed FS2004 + the 9.1 update.. but as yet no other add-ons.Now.. when I'm on the tarmac, the rudder twist works fine (rudder moves full amount & nosewheel steers).However when I'm airborne.. rudder twist just gives a TINY movement of the rudder left or right. Not even enough movement for the aircraft to change course.I've twiddled with sensitivities & stuff, checked in the Testing section of calibration, checked on other default aircraft. Always the same.. the rudder works on the ground but not in the air.Any ideas?
  3. Agreed here too.I'm in the long process of adding tonnes of AI traffic and Wikipedia is superb. Just search for an airline to get all the codes, fleet details and current destinations. Airports have codes and map references too.Excellent resource.
  4. Installed a freeware scenery of Paphos Cyprus (LCPH).Landed OK. Exited the runway. Expected a handover to Ground, but nothing.Wasn't just me either.. the AI traffic was landing, exiting runway then just stopping.What could it be? An AFCAD issue?
  5. Having big problems with SimCharts. Jepessen don't seem to have a support forum and I've searched on here and can't find anything.Yesterday I upgraded FSUIPC to 3.60 and installed Flight1's ATR-72-500.Now, when I attempt to start SimTrack within FS9, the select a chart box appears.. and when I try loading a chart I get a "Cannot locate XXXX.tcl" error and SimTrack closes.This happened before when I'd added a few addons but a reinstall of SimCharts sorted it. Tried reinstalling SimCharts now.. same problem.AND..If I load SimView (the standalone program) after I've just booted my PC.. the charts load fine. If I load FS9, try SimTrack, then try SimView.. the charts won't load into SimView either. Even when I've shutdown FS9, SimView still won't work until I reboot the PC.Help?!?!
  6. I'm looking for a utility or add-on that will list all the installed aircraft down to repaint level that I have.It will help enormously when updating my AI Traffic.The best I can see is Flightsim Manager, but this only lists each Aircraft folder with the number of textures for each.. it doesn't list the individual textures (and it doesn't allow you to print)Is there anything out there ??I started typing my own list in Excel but it'll take AGES.
  7. A few times now, I'm following an approach pattern given to me by ATC, but they keep me at 10,000ft until I'm on final approach.. then clear me to land giving me about 10nm to drop 10K.If I try to decend early, the controller keeps ordering me back upto 10K.Happened at a few airports.Is this duff MSFS ATC?? or am I doing something wrong?
  8. Riiiiiight !Now I get it.How do you set the % in the plan itself then? I use Traffic2004's built in AI flightplan editor but there's no mention of this %Where does it come from?
  9. How does the % traffic setting in the FS options actually work when used together with Traffic2004?Am I right in thinking it limits the number of airline flightplans in use?I had my % at 60%. I was at Princess Juliana and saw the Air France, Continental, USAir that I'd set up.. yet not a sign of the KLM, American or Corsair.I always assumed that the system would use all the airline flightplans but cut a % of flights, whereas it seems to use all the flights but in a % of the airline flightplans.Is this right?
  10. Fantastic,Just been having a play. I can keep Traffic2004 for the flight plans & editor and replace the AI aircraft with better models thru AI Aardvark & FSP.Cheers guys!!
  11. I've always been a user of JustFlight's Traffic Series.Traffic2002 then Traffic2004.Now I was gonna upgrade to Traffic2005.. but am wondering about Ultimate Traffic.Any good?Has anyone tried both? Which do you prefer?
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