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  1. Wow, talking about a PR disaster...
  2. nthabti79

    GSX painter

    Jon, you can achieve this on our own in GSX. If the NWA logo instead of DAL or TAM is enough, there is not really a need for a painter. Have a look at the GSX manual, it's explained there in great detail. The only thing you need, really, is the NWA logo.
  3. nthabti79

    Is there a FlightSim Con presentation from DTG?

    Very insightful, Rob. Cheers.
  4. nthabti79

    FSW AND P3D go head to head...

    So, in principle, like P3D v4...
  5. The airport shown in the screens is T2G's Munich EDDM.
  6. Ok, good. I wanted to make sure my email did not end up in the nirvanas of the internet.
  7. Matt, You've done a lot for the community and with picking up PTA you've really gone even a step further. We needed PTA and you jumped in. Also, I won't enter the discussion whether Yuri deserves the money or not as 1. I find it a bit disturbing that there has to be a scapegoat and 2. it's certainly not my place to say whether someone does not or does not deserve his work's worth. Thank you for picking up PTA. Don't let a minority of vocal kids (even if they aren't, their minds are childish) ruin a good deed. I really hope you can recuperate the amount you spent on it and make a profit because I know you will reinvest that back into the community somehow. Is your gmail address still in use btw? Cheers Nizar
  8. nthabti79

    PTA with V4?

    No PTA for P3D v4 is a major disappointment. I've been thankful for the effort invested in the previous version, but was soooo looking forward to the possibilities of a PTA for v4... I really hope Yuri will reconsider!
  9. nthabti79

    EDDF ERR: 36 RWY N/A

    Peter, I did not mean to be condescending, especially not to a VATSIM fellow :wink: ...it was more of a rolling eyes joke. I read your original post that you are trying to choose SIDs and STARs for runway 36 and it shows nothing. I'm happy you got your problem solved.
  10. nthabti79

    EDDF ERR: 36 RWY N/A

    If you had actually bothered looking at the charts, you would have noticed that Runway 36 does not exit. It is closed for take offs and landings, hence no SIDs and no STARs. The other end is just for take offs.
  11. I just changed the rollout scalar first increasing it an the aircraft used the whole runway and then reducing it to a good value. I have tested it just once, so it might have different impacts on different aircraft.
  12. Wow, Yuri, you managed that... Thanks a lot, will try it now.
  13. Thanks, makes sense. So could you help me lighten up just the VC through post process? I tried with ambient and diffuse aircraft lighting, but when the VC is ok, it makes the outside model too bright. Cheers