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  1. Whoops, didn't notice this thread was that old!Thanks for uploading them Vin,Wow, absolutely fantastic looking VC shots, love the realistic look. I'm looking to get TrackIR 4 around Q3 this year, combining TrackIR with virtual cockpits like this will just be awesome.Can't wait for its release (and I'm sure neither can you!) Thanks again :)Jeremy
  2. Hi,Is anyone else having trouble seeing them?Jeremy
  3. Hi philom,A couple of years back I went from a Logitech joystick with rudder twist to a Saitek X52, the HOTAS setup I thought was great.More recently I splashed out and purchased a CH yoke/throttle quad/pedal setup and I don't think I'd ever go back. It is a much more satisfying experience flying with a yoke and pedals when compared to a twist style joystick.They may be pricey but pedals are well worth the investment if you love flight simming. You'll have a lot of fun with them guarenteed.Jeremy
  4. >For people with slow machines... like me ... its time to take advantage>until the third quarter when things promise to get even>better.>>Best Wishes,>SteveThats actually what I'm waiting for, if you wait one more quarter you are looking at $266 for the Q6600 (thats right the quad core.)Some good times coming up for those of us looking to upgrade in Q3. By then we should also have some R600 competition to answer Nvidea's 8800, all's I can say is woohoo, and bring on the 2nd generation! Hopefully a bit of competition at the higher end will give the 1st generation cards a more attractive price point.New R600 benchmarks released today (see link below) indicate some good performace numbers, the HD 2900 XT slightly outperforms the 8800GTS but not by much. Still by launching a slightly better card at a similar price we may see a slight price drop for the GTS card (or am I wishing upon a star here?). I'd be interested to see how the 2900 XTX performs in comparison to the GTX though they're not really in my budget. For my purposes a GTS is likely to be sufficient for me, and as hardware is, in another 12 months there will be a new performance king for $999 and the GTX will likely be in the middle of the pack.>Is there a commercial reason for this price drop? New products>around the corner from Intel, or an emerging AMD competitor to>the Core 2? I haven't even begun to look at upgrading yet. >Emerging AMD competitor, AMD's Barcelona architecture.I suspect they're adjusting prices in anticipation for the Q3 price drop they're going to hit AMD with when they lauch Barcelona. Those whom were wanting to buy soon or were sitting on the fence might be pushed over the buy/wait threshold by these new prices. And even if the Barcelona takes the performance crown Intels Q6600 CPU with a $266 price tag will still be a serious contender for mainstream enthusiasts, some good times ahead for those aiming for mid-high end PC's.I was looking at the E6600 for my next system but at Q3 prices the Core 2 Q6600 is now well within my price range.So maybe good things do come to those who wait. :)CheersJeremySee the following articles for some interesting reads:AMD Barcelona - http://www.anandtech.com/cpuchipsets/showdoc.aspx?i=2939Intel CPU Prices - http://www.dailytech.com/article.aspx?newsid=6488R600 Benchmarks - http://www.dailytech.com/ATI+Radeon+HD+290...article7043.htm
  5. I am using the CH Yoke, Pedals and Throttle Quad. I highly recommend them though I do feel the Yoke is slightly overpriced. Having said that however it's a solid type of plastic and has a near legendary reputation for reliability (I have gone through several joysticks so this was a big factor for me).Personally I think the pedals are great and really add to the flying experience. I was a twist stick user for a long time and although it took me a while to adjust I don't think I could ever go back.Though you only have one leg I feel that if you really wanted a more realistic flight experience you could use the pedals effectively. You could make a slight modification, perhaps a strap or footband to fully attach your foot to the pedal to make full use out of the pedals. The pedals operate in tandam, so pushing one pulls the other, so you can effectively use the pedals using a single pedal with push/pull motion.The problem would be maintaining contact with the pedal during the pull but looking at my pedals right now I think it could be done.Anyway hope that helps!JeremyEdit: Also about your second joystick you could always assign that as your rudder axis. This would give you the ground handling ability your after though I'm not sure if the rudder works independently with auto-cordination enabled(you could easily test this though).
  6. Yeah, it might get a bit hairy in that sort of 'breeze'. At least I saw a cessna slid by shortly before my demise. Don't ask me what I thought was going to happen... Jeremy
  7. ROFL!Er might I suggest not doing the above in an ultralight...Things went pear-shaped mighty quickly!Jeremy
  8. I'm in agreement with you there Kev,I personally don't mind if the software calls home now and then, if you are legit you really should have nothing to worry about. If something goes astray essentially you will be ringing them up telling them what was going on (you had a failure or a small upgrade) and then getting a new key. For the retail version things of course would be more lenient. If they get annoying then get angry and get your new key, after all if you are within the confines of the EULA they don
  9. Thanks Wilson :) I'm glad it helps and that you find it useful.I use the flowchart myself basically for what you described, there are times when I need a quick push back or need to rush a certain procedures (you know those...er what was that Steve!?...we're decending in HOW MANY miles!).I'm not sure if I will continue doing them though as they take an extremely long time to do (though they mightn't seem that way) and even longer if you want to do them right. All the details in the 747 flowchart were verfied by a real 747 pilot so when your flying with the flowchart you literally are flying it like real pilots.Glad your problems sorted.Jeremy
  10. Hi Marty,When loading the aircraft with FSPassengers (the screen where you add passengers/cargo/fuel to your flight) be sure to select 'Realtime Load' down the bottom instead of 'Load Immediately'.You will then be asked to set a load time and at the bottom of this screen will be given a checkbox asking if you want the FA to close the door.Hope that helps.Jeremy
  11. Hi everyone,This thread is for those whom are whom have or are going to buy FSX, for those that aren't I respect your decision but please don't flame/argue here as I'd like this to actually be helpful to those that are.I am yet to receive my copy here in Australia (the carrier pigeons take a while to traverse the Atlantic) but I can see frustration in some parts of the community trying to get this thing running well on their systems. As a soon to be user I'm more interested in the stuff that will help me maximise my performance so lets try and do something useful as a community.If FSX is working well for you then congratulations! If you havea spare five minutes can you please take some time to help others like myself get the best out of our systems by helping to pool some useful information.If you are getting good smooth FPS and have an acceptable amount of quality (i.e the land doesn't look like the Sahara :-lol) then please post here to help others with similar systems hit your utopia.If we all have a single format it would also be helpful so try the following (doesn't have to be in this order of course!).HardwareCPU: Your AMD/Intel CPU typeRAM: Your current amount of RAM, brand if possible but not so importantVideo card: Your videocard model and importantly its memory sizeSoftwareAutogen/AI: The level of autogen/AI are you usingOverall slider settings: The overall position of your display settings (i.e mostly middle, maxed, all left, etc)Other SettingsCurrent tweaks implemented: If you have used any tweaks to help achieve fluid/smooth flight detail them hereOther important information: Any other factors that may have influenced your performance (positive or negative)Feel free to add anything else you feel relevent but keep it helpful, and if critical constructive without the flame (i.e I have a dual core system but am disappointed in the 2nd core's under utilisation)Hopefully we can make something useful and helpful with this thread.JeremyP.S A request, can moderators please enforce on topic civility in this thread as we already have enough flamers out there that have destroyed other threads. I'd like this to be helpful to others not a 30 post rant.
  12. Thanks Bill, though no need to shout at me!Wow, all this over a simple one time event...sheesh...got to love hysteria! :-abduct Call it the price of freeware...Jeremy
  13. You forgot to include this ;)*PREORDER* OFFICIAL AUS RELEASE DATE: OCT. 26 INSTOCK WITHIN 7 DAYS OF RELEASE PREORDERING ensures that you get the advertised title as soon as it is available and at the price stated PREORDER items are generally instock on the date stated - we base item availability on official release dates from publishers which can change Still looks like the 26th for us Downunder.The good news is the longer we have to wait for FSX the less time we have to wait for add-on upgrades :-lol Looking forward to some FSX fun.Jeremy
  14. Hi, I'm a bit confused.Will this be like installing an unsigned driver where you can just click 'I accept' and then the program installs and you never see the pop-up again or will it have to done everytime I load an add-on and have to be clicked for each gauge (i.e each gauge everytime I load)?If it is the first then I like Nick think this is being seriously overstated but if it is the second option I can concede that it would be annoying as ####.Jeremy
  15. Sounds sweet Sawacs,To be honest this is one of the features that really has got me interested in FSX. If the ACES team have the time to do up a SDK for the multiplayer system I think it has incredible potential.Imagine flying the PMDG 747 or LDS 767 with a real co-pilot, now that would just be superb!Keep up the good work ACES.Jeremy
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