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  1. FlyH300

    VoxATC and Ultimate Traffic Live

    so just to clarify, UT live does work with VOX 7.41 in P3D V4 ? or is something else needed to make it work. Im sort of on the fence about buying UT Live as the AI from VOX tends to kill my performance significantly flying the PMDG 737 and 777 thanks in advance
  2. Indeed my bad.. Im not much into name changing for the sake of name changing.. ie Airbus Helicopter is still Eurocopter and Leonardo is still Agustawestland.. for good measure I should probably mention that its no longer airbus helicopters but just Airbus
  3. FlyH300

    Question about installations

    does the freemesh replace the ORBX FTX Global ? or just supplement the mesh ?
  4. FlyH300

    773 installer error P3D V4

    disregard, just dowloaded it again.. and now it works. . lord knows why
  5. FlyH300

    773 installer error P3D V4

    No Yes, 1.10.8386 unless aerosoft is lying of course.. this was on a fresh system installation. so no old files.
  6. FlyH300

    773 installer error P3D V4

    Hey guys, I just downloaded the new installer for the 773 and when I install it I get : Installation cannot continue, your registry does not show a valid Prepar3d installation location. I had no issues with installing the 772. my p3d installation is on J: win 10 pro p3d v4 anyone have a solution for this ?
  7. FlyH300

    737 and 64bit P3D

    Dear PMDG, apologies if this has been asked before but I did a search and didnt get a clear answer. If ( and we all know its a big if ) Lockheed Martin releases a 64bit version of P3D in 2017, will PMDG then support the 737 in the 64bit version as stated with the 777 ? Thank you in advance, and thank you for a great product line for the flight sim community. Merry xmas and happy new year. Best regards Morten Hansen
  8. Id like both but for now I would settle with stationary boats/rigs to get started on, thanks in advance
  9. I finally got the Traffic toolbx to work, but Im unsure how to use it ? and is there a posibility of placing any of the vessels at a desired location ? thanks in advance
  10. Hey Guys, Im new to VOXATC and just got the beta 7 version for testing it out. so far im impressed but I cant seem to get the program to accept a non US aircraft registration. it promts me to put in letters and numbers and letters, and non of the EU countries have it in that format. is there a way around it or am I stuck flying on a US registration lol ?? thanks in advance
  11. as mentioned on simviation Im available for beta testing when you get that far please pm me for details if relevant, and again awesome work guys
  12. Hey guys, Ive been googling like mad but to no avail so here goes. my aircraft seem to load miles of the parking line at airport. predominantly in the UK. how do I change it so they load on the mark ? I have tried SLEV but its not working for me im affraid so I need an alternative way to do this. thanks in advance Best regards
  13. tried a different port ( ie moved the receiver on to a usb3 port ) and that seems to make a difference.. FA still doesnt want to give me any coffee though :/ but Im sure Ill get it out of her one day... so until futher I will consider the issue resolved, Thanks Bryan