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  1. but the model was under the ground, static_cg_height=in the aircraft.cfg might solve this
  2. >I have just downloaded and installed software for a Hawker>Hunter aircraft in FS 2004.Which Hawker Hunter are we talking about. ??
  3. Wait and then buy a 1920x1080 HD Monitor I think you are just wasting your money otherwise.At the moment I use 2 19inch 1024 x 768 monitors .From about 450mm (18 inches) I get a very good image.My plan is to get a 40" 1920x1080 HDTV/Monitor and use the current monitors for the throttle and for the overhead.
  4. HiYou could have a look at this panel which was designed for a wide screen monitor and an optional 2nd monitorSearch for _wdw_a380.zip in AVSIM Files Flight Simulator 2004 Original Aircraft.
  5. .Start with AFCAD 2.21If you can't come to grips with this great free programthen I would advise you to go no further.
  6. I have cleaned up a couple of faultsYou will need to get Taxiway lines / widths etc cleaned up.I suppose you could put in another Taxiway to alleviate a Traffic Jam. Airports are always updating infrastructure;)
  7. >Tileproxy! A totally unrelated project.>>So... should I rename my project now? ;-)PilePoxy :-)
  8. HiFS9 Battery and Avionics Switches don't work at 2 new Airports.Not sure what causes this but a new panel I have constructed for dual monitors or a Widescreen monitor suffers from this problem.This Panel for A380's has worked at these Airports but I reloaded Fs9 to check for any errors before releasing this Panel and this is the last of 3 problems.The 2 Airports have Flattens and the A380 drops about a foot on loading at these Airports and most gauges/autopilot/ are on even though the switches are off. Autopilot etc can also be switched on.At stock Airports the plane loads up O.K. and is "Dead as a Dodo" in regards to the gauges,Gps500, autopilot etc which is what I want.I have noticed that you can not switch off the Battery/Avionics while flying.Any ideas how to fix this ??Thanks in advanceSteve
  9. http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=65
  10. You might get an answer herehttp://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=83
  11. If you have a truckload of cash you could buy this.http://www.3dsom.com/I used something similar about 5 years ago and it did a reasonable job on a mobile phone.
  12. Toms hardware now has FSX benchmarkshttp://www23.tomshardware.com/graphics_2007.html
  13. >Given the precarious>position AMD is in,What precarious position is AMD in ???
  14. Are you .........??We don't allow name calling on these forums-first warning..
  15. > The "FSX performance dependancy" has never been on the>graphics card (nor was it so with any other version of MSFS).>Nor will it be so after SP1. As always, the CPU-bound nature>of the sim will continue to be the issue.>>DougI think the proof of this often stated fact is that there isvirtually no difference between thefastest bigger dearest SLI 8800's at 1820 x 1200and the slower,smaller cheapest 8800 at 1024 x 768It was rather interesting to see Doom on SLI 8800's at 1600 x 1200achieving 171 FPS.
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