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  1. OZx is proud to share with you Rays Field, created by Elias Smith. YZRF is a small dirt strip located in a paddock on the eastern edge of the Darling Downs in Queensland, Australia. Elias and some fellow developers and modelers were inspired to create this scenery after a forum thread started by Ray Baines who used to own the farm "Eden". Contents include a readme document with installation procedures and a pdf with information about the field and surrounds. Also included is a replacement landclass file to move into your OZx_AUS/Scenery folder that will update landclass on the eastern Downs. By Elias Smith. YZRF Rays Field
  2. OZx is proud to introduce OZx_AUS 3.5, their latest free upgrade to the Australian virtual bush flying experience! This package includes over 18 new airstrips, a heliport, a 2016 listing of oilrigs and over 20 points of interest around Australia, from the harsh, sun burnt inland areas of Queensland and New South Wales, to the scattering of many Visual Reference Points (VRP) and airstrips around Sydney, South to Strahan in lush Tasmania, and right across to picturesque salt lakes in Western Australia. From small bush strips like Quilpie and Marulan to regional airports such as Bourke and Hay, this package will suit whatever your taste is! OZx 3.5 is the result of many hours of effort from our developers and testers. This package is a testimony to each of their efforts, and they all hope you enjoy this new scenery as much as they did creating it!   Visit the OZx v3.5 1.00 Homepage for further information and download.The OZx Team, July 2016
  3. Good thing I have kept all the emails Mr Allensworth of the happenings back then, I knew they would come in handy some day, I posted something about VOZ when I was on duty one time and it got questioned and I got asked to let others post that. Which I agreed to, without any dramas.(refer emails of 16/01/2007 till 20/01/2007 )Then in April I put up an item of a developer whose only form of communication was via Simmarket and YOU did not like that because you have issues with Francois and Miquel, so I was told off not to do that anymore. I did not like that and THAT is why I left, nothing to do with VOZ or any of my other projects.(refer emails of 02/04/2007 and 04/04/2007)Anyway, it is obvious that everything I say will be taken out of context and used against me, so this will be my last post on AVSIM ever. Have a good one guys!
  4. >There was a thread made by someone with a history of breaking>the rule, it was deleted because of that, it was all handled>behind the scenes and now it's been explained to everyone.I sincerely hope you were NOT referring to me with that comment and as far as "handling" behind the scenes goes, I never even got as much as a private message about it let alone an explanation. As I have said before, I might be OrbX' and FTX' administrator, I do not get paid for my services, nor do I want to, I am an avid simfan and I do it for the love of it. I actually came on here to tell the community about a product which I thought the community should know about. I did not hide my name or create a dummy account ( which I KNOW certain developers have done over the years gone by & I know because they have told me so) to advertise something I shouldn't have. I could have asked one of the forum members to go and post it, I didn't, I came out here and posted it under my name.Do I deserve the post that Mr Allensworth has put up, crucifying my good name and treating me like a child by telling me to message him so that he can "spell it out" ? No, I do not. Messaging him does not help anyway because I have not had a reply, that is why I have gone public. Mr Allensworth has a short memory, he forgets that I for 1.5 years a newswriter here and I always got the job done. The reason I left was because of Mr Allensworth' behaviour towards news and the censorship towards certain things. So .. sour grapes Mr Allensworth? If you want an explanation of all of the above message me and I will "spell it out" to YOU!JayKae <-- soon to be banned for having an opinion and being an individual
  5. JayKae

    Mike Stone's Hangar

    Mike has given the hobby up unfortunately, however he did give me permission to put his plane up as a single file downloadhttp://fsfiles.org/PA/index.php?act=category&id=6
  6. JayKae

    Iris freeware base models?

    http://voz-ai.org/files/IRIS/iris_f22_freeware.ziphttp://voz-ai.org/files/IRIS/iris_tornadof3_freeware.ziphttp://voz-ai.org/files/IRIS/iris_tornado_freeware.zipThose are the official links taken from the IRIS forums. IRIS has them hosted on my servers.
  7. JayKae

    AI for 9D Kai Tak

    Page 36 of the manual will tell you :)
  8. JayKae

    9 Dragons Kai Tak

    With the permission of Clutch Cargo of MileHighProductions it is also hosted here --> http://fsfiles.org/PA/index.php?act=view&id=26 One download gets you the whole thing :)
  9. I will quote from the manual:"Troubleshooting
  10. All good :) Thanks for the explanation !
  11. I have a question please, why has the news about the Vista Australis screenshot competition not been posted on the main page but the news of the Classic British Flight Sim Screenshot Competition has? I put a thread in the forums a few weeks back that got deleted because you do not allow things like that there, fair enough and I did not have a problem with that but I posted the Vista Australis competition 2 days ago and yesterday the CBFS competition news appeared but ours did not, can someone please ellaborate as to the reason?
  12. JayKae

    Store Maintenance?

    Hey,I have been trying to purchase the Vulcan for two days now but the checkout button has this little banner on it that says "store closed" when I hover the mouse over it, it says to try again later and that the store is under maintenance. When can I purchase the Vulcan, can you tell me please?
  13. JayKae

    Donationware DC-2 Released

    Been waiting a long time for this one and DEFINATELY not disappointed, matter of fact, pleasantly surprised with some of the features !
  14. JayKae

    FS Passenger

    Indeed, there should not be a FPS loss at all, it is resource friendly and intuitive :) Then again I suppose I am biased huh ;)http://www.fspassengers.com/images/sigi/jay.jpg