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  1. OZx is proud to share with you Rays Field, created by Elias Smith. YZRF is a small dirt strip located in a paddock on the eastern edge of the Darling Downs in Queensland, Australia. Elias and some fellow developers and modelers were inspired to create this scenery after a forum thread started by Ray Baines who used to own the farm "Eden". Contents include a readme document with installation procedures and a pdf with information about the field and surrounds. Also included is a replacement landclass file to move into your OZx_AUS/Scenery folder that will update landclass on the eastern Downs. By Elias Smith. YZRF Rays Field
  2. OZx is proud to introduce OZx_AUS 3.5, their latest free upgrade to the Australian virtual bush flying experience! This package includes over 18 new airstrips, a heliport, a 2016 listing of oilrigs and over 20 points of interest around Australia, from the harsh, sun burnt inland areas of Queensland and New South Wales, to the scattering of many Visual Reference Points (VRP) and airstrips around Sydney, South to Strahan in lush Tasmania, and right across to picturesque salt lakes in Western Australia. From small bush strips like Quilpie and Marulan to regional airports such as Bourke and Hay, this package will suit whatever your taste is! OZx 3.5 is the result of many hours of effort from our developers and testers. This package is a testimony to each of their efforts, and they all hope you enjoy this new scenery as much as they did creating it!   Visit the OZx v3.5 1.00 Homepage for further information and download.The OZx Team, July 2016
  3. No Rob, your email would have been answered and I would have fixed it up for you via email but you indeed are sorted now so all good
  4. Yeah, so you did not follow the instructions which were very specific in the welcome PM I sent you via my automatic system. Hence, you were locked out until I can verify the validity of your account. Also just to let you know, we do not ban people at Orbx, we limit the user at worst from accessing the main areas but leave one specific area open. So if you ever find yourself limited the above message would not show. This is another case where the error is with the user, not the company, had you watched the little 2 minute YouTube video about proper registration and followed the instructions properly, there would be no issue. Anyway, account validated manually, you can post again PS, I will not answer your email now of course, as you took it to AVSIM I found it appropriate to also reply via AVSIM PSPS The reason why you did not get a reply is because it is the weekend and turnaround is 48 hours which only just have passed. I was about to reply when I noticed this thread
  5. wow just wow, here I was expecting to see a nice thread about England, instead I find yet ANOTHER bashing session and deplorable behaviour by the usual suspects and a new one. Ever been to the Ubisoft forums Grumpy ? Geez buddy, go and spend half a day there and then say the same thing. Betcha ya can't Anyway, casting stones seems to be the flavour of this last and past year here, a little sport I will not participate in. The only reason I actually come here is to make sure there are no customers that are locked out or something like that and after the last little thread that was deleted last week, I would have thought the problems would have been taken care of but this thread proves otherwise.. yet again.
  6. Note the 24-48 hours in the automated message? That does not run out until another day from now, it IS the weekend and even though during the week I check every 2 hours, on the weekend only once a day. The unfortunate thing by posting here is that unlike other companies on the AVSIM forums, any 'glitch' or user error gets utilised to start another crusade against Orbx, so forgive my apprehension in my reply. I apologise for calling you a fibber if you had the best of intentions.
  7. Before you come here and tell little fibs, here is how it REALLY went down: You came to the Orbx forums to get some help, in the process you IGNORED the PM you got from my system with the proper registration procedure, you did NOT go to the validation thread the PM instructed you to go to, hence my system made your account inactive until I could verify you manually. No banning, no ulterior motives, no evil Orbx. To be frank, I am appalled and disgusted with the deplorable stance of a few people in this thread. Any opportunity to attack Orbx hey? Maybe I should leave the sim business and start selling oil to you lot. Oh hang on, I cannot leave the sim business because I am a volunteer for EVERYTHING I do in the sim world, forgot about that Oh and Chase.. here is your example of bitterness The above coming from an admin? Did you REALLy still have to ask where the bitterness comment came from ? HA!
  8. @Alain, there was a myriad of circumstances at the time, I am not here to have an argument, I was just here to explain the situation of my post over at Orbx. Look, ultimately we are all in this for the love of the hobby and if I did not care about you I would not have suggested and created the limited user forum and I would have said 'bugger you all'. It took a lot of time and effort to at least give you that limited user forum so you can at least ask us questions if you have to. All forums have rules we might not necessarily like but such is life, not everything goes our way. As far as Paul's comment goes, I will leave it alone for peace sake. All forums that I am an admin for are run a different way and like it or not, even I have to abide by the rules and parameters those forums set. I am deeply saddened that some people feel the need to have a go at me on a personal basis, not necessarily on here but in email, PM with false user accounts and other means. You would gringe at the rubbish I get thrown at me for enforcing rules or said parameters. After my first death threat a couple of years ago I have taken all personal photos and the likes of the net because frankly it scared the living daylights out of me. The worst one being an email sent with a picture of Batman having his throat cut by a really bad dude and the background being a Swastika. Situations come and go but human behaviour seems to be the most unpredictable factor of all situations especially in this little niche hobby of ours. People get passionate and take things too far at times. I have no quarrel with any of you, not even Hendo and I like to keep it that way. Now, can you please go back to just having a good time? :)
  9. Yes I do realise it was ironic and I acknowledged that in that post too, the reason why I do not use it is because it would also get rid of proper ICAO code, so YMML would become ymml and people do not like that :) Thanks mate, I appreciate the sentiment. As far as fascist-like goes, maybe you should think before you write, I will just say that I am Jewish and I am highly offended by that comment
  10. lol seriously? Have you not anything better to do ? God .. Just FYI, all major forum software has a function inbuilt to make your caps go lower case, most forums enforce it automatically without users knowing, I however do not use that function but every once in a while I let people know to stop trying to be attention seekers ;)
  11. You are most welcome Kerry, I am glad I was able to help you out. Thank you bliksempie and others who said it could be a glitch because I did do major work on the forum and some things were indeed broken for a while, not in this case though but it was sorted out anyway.
  12. Ok, you should have full access now ... the problem was that you did not follow the instructions in the welcome PM that's all :)
  13. Thank you for that Stephen @GAC are you getting error messages or anything ? Also I cannot seem to find you in my database what is the username that you registered ? If I have to take a guess your account has not been properly verified so I will have to fix that manually and for me to be able to do that I would need your account username please.
  14. WOW, that is awesome AliB, I come here to give a hand and I get insulted. See ya
  15. I have just had a look with my test account, all functions as intended If you have a problem GAC email me at admin(at)orbxsystems.com with the exact error message and I will have a look at your individual issue
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