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  1. Gchris


    Hi Ray, Same for me, no response after 30 hours. Christian
  2. Gchris

    777 Door Arm Bug?

    Hi, Same for me yesterday at ENGM, I discover if pressure is below 978 or 977 hpa I don't remember the exact value, doors can't open, if I change pressure above this level for example at 980hpa doors are working correctly... Strange...worth to try it. Regards Christian
  3. Hi, I have the same problem...Have you a solution for this behaviour? Thank you Christian
  4. Gchris

    B757 and outside view effect on Frames

    Hi,with these screen you can see my problem...At the beginning 840MOhttp://i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc130/Blue1308/test1.jpg20 minutes later up to 1577MO,and you can see the increase of the memory...http://i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc130/Blue1308/test2.jpgAnd if I continue I get a crash like fe.dll....Christian
  5. Gchris

    B757 and outside view effect on Frames

    Hi John,My test, change the view every 20 seconds and normally you'll will see the increase of the memory in the taskbar but it is not in one minute sometimes when I change the view the memory stay stable it depends on how many time you switch the view , I was at LSGG (at the gate) cold and dark cockpit (my add-on: fs navigator,fs global 2008, traffic 2005) that's all in activity).I try it with other add-on like the PSS77 here no problem the memory stay stable....My system AMD X2 4400, EGVA 8800 gtx 768 MB, 2GB CORSAIR.Christian
  6. Gchris

    B757 and outside view effect on Frames

    Hi,Yes I have the last version 1.3 and I have take the version without the virtual cockpit....And me too I can make long flight that's not the problem but if I switch too much outside view - cockpit during my flight the memory increase gently till the memory is full and if the airport at the end of my flight is complex the system has not enough memory to display and I get an error. (fe.dll for example or g3d.dll)Try it but it is not necessary to fly just stay at gate, watch the taskbar and switch view from 2d cockpit to outside view every 20, 30 seconds many times and see what happend. Maybe it's only me :( but it's very strange....Christian
  7. Gchris

    B757 and outside view effect on Frames

    Hi,I think I have found the problem of the 757. The memory increase every time I change view, cockpit 2d to view outside. I try it cold and dark without any other program at the gate, only I switch view inside outside and the memory in the taskbar increase progressively to 900Mo to 1,6Go and I get an fe.dll without do anything with the plane just changing view a lot of time, very strange!!!!I try other plane, and no problems with the others memory stay stable, so I think there is a problem with the texture of the plane or the loading of these texture...Christian
  8. Gchris

    B757 and outside view effect on Frames

    A question for you again, do you have this increase of memory usage during your flight with the 757 or is it stable all the times?I have to try an another flight to test if it's always like that.Thank youChristian
  9. Gchris

    B757 and outside view effect on Frames

    I can get an out of memory if I watch around the plane or change view often before landing. If I don't get an error memory I get an fe.dll or other dll effects... but only with this plane and sometimes with the pmdg 747, but the 757 is the worst.....If I stay in the cockpit and don't watch around me all work perfectly but I must stay quiet in my cockpit.I watch the task manager for the flight lsgg-egll at the beginning I had 1075Mb and progressively I obtain at the end of the flight 1535MB!!! It's too high if I did a replay the pc freeze and I must do a reset.Christian
  10. Gchris

    B757 and outside view effect on Frames

    Hi,Thank you, I have 2GB of memory but yes I know this aircraft "eat" too much memory, that's not correct PSS must think about that...RegardsChristian
  11. Gchris

    B757 and outside view effect on Frames

    Hi Chritian,I have the same problem, can you explain me your solution? I get oom error too when I land on a big airport sometimes. There is a problem with the memory I think. Thank youChristian
  12. Hi,So I'm alone with this problem????Thank youChristian
  13. Hi,I'm sorry but the error is always here with the update SP1.you can verify but only when the wind cross 360
  14. Hi, Juste a word to tell you that this error occurs always with the SP1 update every time I closed the ASX program....any solution?ThanksChristian
  15. Gchris

    RC4 and ASX

    Hi Andrew,I try it but now when I click on start rc I've got an error "IPC REQUEST CONTAINS BAD DATA"have you got a solution?Christian