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  1. Hi guys, Hope someone can help me but I am not able to show the airport on the ND. I have read the EFB manual, created the DB for the first time. When I am on an airfield I zoom in on the airfield like 1.0, but I never see a map... What am I missing here? Or maybe point me in some direction as I am totally clueless now... ooh yes, btw VIDEO does not work on FSX - EFB ? kind regards
  2. Positive rate is indication of a climb: Your VSI is positive indicating like 100, 200 ft or more + your Altitude indicator show you are gaining altitude...
  3. Don't worry. Neither can I. That's why I use yoke and peddals
  4. I had that too. What I did was I clicked on the spot where you can ARM the speedbrake in VC then again to disarm it. After that I could have my autobrake set to RTO (which before I couldn't and the knob would spring back to OFF) I was am happy again
  5. You can set the option for showing CLB resp. CRZ in the FMC (read introduction manual) and is truly a airline option FLCH = Flight Level Change where the autopilot will command a CLB thrust setting and tries to maintain the speed you have set (pitch for speed) IF you don't want to use FLCH then use VS mode
  6. Kevin, Tnx for the reply and clarification I thought the loading was similar to GSX and I started to doubt with the old 747 if one could see the container on the loader. Anyway, I do see the cargo inside the acft
  7. I had, but didn't see the cargo actually being loaded from the cargo vehicles...hence my question But sorry for asking
  8. Go into your CH configuration manager With the pedals select the axis that does the braking. Then you can set (by clicking the buttons) whether your axis is linear. But you can also make it more like a soft "S" line. By changing the values so the axis is more shaped like a stretched "S" the result is the following: gradually increasing the pressure. This means that if you accidentally put your feet on it or push the brakes for a second your hardware will ignore this input. With this I have had no problem: clue is to setup the hardware in the CH control manager. (I am at work so I can't show any pictures unfortunately) .. Let us know if you succeed
  9. Hi, I was wondering if the cargo loaders actually loads up the containers in to the airplane ? if so, I must have missed this part (doing the preflight). How do you trigger the loading then? simply by changing the cargo volume in FMC ? Dieter
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