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  1. >Well even though I've defeated the issue on my system I'm>just trying to help find solutions for those who do still have>to deal with it. Due to the lack of interest by both Microsoft and Nvidia to rectify this issue, I've given up with MS Flight Simulator completely and moved on. More time is wasted trying to tweak and keep the game stable than actually flying.However, I for one appreciate folks like yourself who keep coming back to these issues to help others, even though you're happy with the operation of your own setup. I sincerely hope you, or someone as equally benevolent as yourself finds the answer to this problem eventually.Good luck,Vox
  2. Yep, tried the beta 169.28 drivers... still the same old crashes. Yada, yada, yada. Unistall 'Acceleration' and use it as a doorstop is my suggestion.Vox
  3. Worth a try, didn't work. Sorry, but this isn't a confirmed fix I'm afraid.Vox
  4. >I have been told that this problem is a Nvidia driver problem.This is the general belief, yes. However, what I fail to see is how SP1 doesn't cause the same CTD that SP2/Acceleration does, with the same NVidia driver? MS changed something in SP2, but because they refuse to provide any further patches, they're happy to blame NVidia.It's all quite sad really.Vox
  5. Mmm... none of those settings appear in my BIOS. I'm using a dual core AMD CPU, so this might only be a fix for you Intel boys. Glad it works for you though - the battle is gradually being won!EDIT: Tried disabling the AMD equivalent - "Cool'n'Quiet" - in the BIOS and it made no difference. SP2/Acceleration is still the same crock of crap that it was before. Oh well, worth a try I guess.Vox
  6. In the end, the only solutions that have improved, but not eliminated this issue are:a) Install SP2. However, this causes a different CTD error (d3d9.dll) and has resulted in me uninstalling the worthless crock of s**t.:( Convert all FS9/FSX 'compatible' textures to 32bit. This elimiates most cases of the 'mvcr80.dll' CTD which I only seem to get on non-pure FSX aircraft (i.e. other than the defaults and RealAir aircraft). Unfortunately some transparent textures stop working when converted to 32bit.So it's swings and roundabouts... neither is a complete solution. Ho hum.Vox
  7. I've tried the display.cfg edit and so far things are looking good! Generally an fps increase, smoother play and best of all no apparent crashes as yet. I'll monitor the situation of course.Great suggestion, seems like a winner - thanks!Vox
  8. Hehe, yes I realise :) All I meant was that I had found out what was causing the slowdown. I intend to keep the line in there.Vox
  9. Thanks Phil, and I appreciate that you can't speak on behalf of their product, that's fine. It would be a question of detail loss then, that's all I wanted to know really and thanks for taking the time to reply in this thread.Cheers,Vox
  10. Phil, I know this has been covered before and you are probably blue in the face already from explaining it... but why is there a 4.5 tile setting? Can the engine not be tweaked to set this lower? And what affect would it have on Horizon's scenery if they authored it at a different QMID. They must have done it the way they did for a reason surely?Vox
  11. Sorry Phil if I implied that it was a 'general case' occurrence, it was my understanding that it was. My experience of the problem is limited to using Horizon Sim's Gen-X scenery where loading a flight thousands of miles away from the UK (i.e. Tokyo) seems to still lead to the unnecessary loading of Gen-X photoscenery data. As far as I am aware, the same problem exists with Just Flight's VFR data but it has had a smaller impact as they do not yet supply all volumes of their UK coverage.Vox
  12. JimIt's a known FSX phenomena that large photoscenery add-ons like the one you're referring to will slow down the load time from the 'Free Flight' screen to actually sitting on the tarmac. Just disable the entries in the 'Scenery' section and you can confirm this for yourself.It's also a known 'bug' that FSX loads textures from areas of the world even when you're not flying in that area. Hopefully, SP2 will do something about this problem.Vox
  13. Actually, I think I may have found my culprit... a single SimObjects line-entry in the FSX.CFG that was added by MyTrafficX when I installed it a couple of weeks ago. If I remove it, then initial load times are back to normal.Vox
  14. Agreed, it should.So, fluffy, slow falling snow and cockpit rain effect ftw!Vox
  15. I've had a similar thing happen. FSX used to load in around 30 secs from double-clicking the icon, but now for no reason it takes 2-3 mins. DisablePreload setting doesn't seem to make a difference. It's like an MS update caused FSX to load slowly... Big Brother tactics?Vox
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