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  1. Hey Folks, I'm wondering if anyone on here is flying the new CT182T for X-Plane11. If so, do you see low fuel flow readings compared to what the POH says they should be for your given power settings? Sometimes, I can't achieve the fuel flows listed in the performance charts even with full rich mixture. As a secondary problem, which I think is directly related, the ITT (T.I.T. actually) readings are unusually high. Anyone? Thanks in advance.
  2. My gear lever wouldn't move either. It sounds like we're all experiencing the same issue. I will try to pay more attention to my scenario to hopefully provide more info about how to reproduce it. For me, it seems to be random. Random bugs are always fun, aren't they? Cheers, Tom
  3. I've had this exact same problem happen a few times. It's definitely a bug and it's a bit annoying.
  4. This is an older topic with a work-around already. But I just received the 1709 update yesterday, 12/2, and it didn't contain any patches to correct this flickering problem. But, yes, the uninstall/reinstall fixed the problem. This is just a heads up and a thanks for the support. Cheers, Tom
  5. BTW, the math adds up. If the pause is every 53 seconds, and the act of saving the data takes 7 seconds, there's your 60 second interval. And 7 seconds sounds about right for the time-to-save duration. At least that's what I experience.
  6. Are you using FSUIPC autosave? Does the pause coincide with the autosave interval? I had the same issue with the 777 P3Dv4. It seems that it now takes significantly longer to save the flight data than it used to. I had to disable autosave to clear my problem. Hope this helps, Tom
  7. Hey Folks, For the sake of record and to help the next guy in line, I'd like to report that I had a fairly predictable CTD with P3Dv4 and that I'm pretty sure I fixed it. I flew three flights with the PMDG 777: 1) KDEN->KIAD, 2) KDEN->KIAD, 3) KDEN->KIAH. All three flights crashed to desktop during the descent on the arrival. Typically around the FL240 mark, which for me is when I start mucking around a lot with things for landing -- particularly the FMC. For flights 1 & 2, it happened in almost the exact same spot over MGW VOR on the GIBBZ2 arrival. Flight 3 was almost the same except of course that I was in a different location. That eliminates a scenery issue. Using AppCrashView, I could see that all 3 CTDs were occurring in clr.dll which is associated with .NET framework. I upgraded my .NET framework from 4.5 to 4.7. I also cleaned out several versions of .NET 4.6. (I'm a SW developer by trade and had Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition installed which brought with it a whole host of .NET libraries. I uninstalled all of that too.) My fourth flight, from KDEN->KIAH was successful. My system setup: EVGA X99 w/ Intel 5930K CPU 8GB RAM 256GB Samsung EVO SSD for Win10 Anniv Ed. OS 256GB Samsung NVMe 950 M.2 SSD for P3D 4TB Western Digital HD for storage. EVGA GTX 970 Graphics Card P3Dv4 ASP4 w/ ASCA B6383 Orbx, all available base packages and NA regions PMDG 777 FSDreamTeam / FlightBeam KIAH, KIAD, KDEN A2A Commanche, A2A C182 I hope this helps. Also, I've only had one successful flight. But the crash was pretty repeatable, so my confidence is high that I got it. Cheers, Tom
  8. Thank you igneousrocklad! That makes sense. Running on the thought that it's a memory issue, I'll run some experiments to see if it's a particular livery or if it's the accumulation of several liveries. Sounds like something in these aircraft may have grown a bit with SP1c. Right now, it runs fine with just the PMDG house colors and one United livery. I read the other thread and just saw folks doing a bunch of gymnastics, like standing on one foot looking at the cieling with their finger touching their nose, without really understanding why. I've never had to do any of that ever with any sort of addon in all my years of simming. Thanks again, Tom
  9. Hi Folks, I encountered an issue the other night after the install of SP1c. I use FSInn to connect to VATSIM. When I tried to start the FSInn Control Panel, all of FSX freezes where I have to kill it with the task manager. This only occurs when I'm in the 777. If I start FSInn while in other aircraft, it's fine. I uninstalled all my liveries except for PMDG House through the operations center and things worked fine. I successfully re-installed the United livery. That worked fine as well. I have yet to reinstall the others. My setup: Win7, 64bit w/ AMD 6870 Vid, 12GB mem. FSX with 777-200LRX. The liveries I had were: United, Continental, Delta, Lufthansa, PanAm, and Aeroflot. My plans going forward are to install the liveries one at a time to zero in on the culprit. This will, however, take a little time as I'm a working man with two young kids. :rolleyes: I was just curious if anyone else had yet to run into this. Thanks Tom
  10. What problem are you looking to solve? I've got a similar triple-head display and didn't have any issues. I did, of course, have to enable the widescreen mode which I believe is in the FSX.cfg file.
  11. mtbparker

    escape routing

    Look up the term "Drift Down Procedure". Essentially, along every leg of a trip, they have to have routes planned for an engine out condition. But your own Google searching will result in better explanations that I can give in this short reply.
  12. At the gates at KEWR, preflight for a trip to KJFK.
  13. Andres, you've pointed me in an interesting direction I hadn't considered. It makes me think that, if a tablet app can do it, there might also be a PC-based PDF reader out there that might let me do it via a sidecar file as you're suggesting. Paul... I've got thousands of hours in the virtual air with all the airplanes we know and love. I did my intro flight with this bird the first night I got it. It gave me the fix I need. Now it's time to figure out how to use this thing.
  14. Why? These manuals become MUCH more difficult to use then. Another usable compromise would be to have PMDG provide the TOC bookmarks as they do with the Introduction and Tutorial #1. Is that an option?
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