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  1. Well, repeating a wrong fact over and over again does not make in correct. Where is the proof that people who use illegal copies would have bought them if there would be a perfect copy protection?RegardsJörn
  2. Taking off with active autopilot and / or autothrottle is a No-No.Autopilot should be enabled at 1000 ft AGL (at least when flying a 737)J
  3. I've just checked out your gauge fix and it looks pretty good. Thanks a lot!J
  4. Hi Dirk,thanks for the info, I'll check the gauges out ASAP.As requested, here are two screenshotsRegards,J
  5. Hi Dirk,could you please specify what you've meant by "with a few recent tweaks"? I do like the CRJ7, too, but I'm missing the NAV2-DME feature, for example.Thanks in advance,J
  6. Objection,http://blogs.msdn.com/ptaylor/"a)we are not toning down the experience and b)we are aiming at a targetted set of perf and content fixes"Note the words "content fixes"?!
  7. Hi Jack,I had similar problems with the Maule on a "mountain mission". IMHO it's a bug with the mixture. I'd try to enable the "automixture" feature in the realism settings.I know that's not what you want, but it would be a start...Regards,J
  8. What about4GEAR_UP5GEAR_DOWNthis worked for me w/ the 1st demo.Regards,J
  9. >SimWare has FSX for 74.95 Euros (plus a pen :().>plus 9.9 shipping...
  10. :-)Scott, you're my hero! Works fine, thank you very much!BTW: Is there a full list of "keywords" (i.e. GEAR_DOWN, GEAR_UP, ...) available on the web?J
  11. Crosswinds:I've tried to takeoff with the Baron on RW 27 with winds from 0 with 16 knots and noticed that the aircraft tends to turn into the wind. I'm not an aircraft engineer, but I doubt that this is really realistic.ATC:I'd like the simulation to automatically fall back to 1x speed each time ATC contacts me (_not_ AI planes).Gear:Although this has been addressed before: I'd like to have additional commands for "gear up" / "gear down" (using CH yoke).Hope it's not too late for this... ;-)Thanks,J
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