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  1. Looking for a weather engine that can let 2 persons sharing the same cockpit experience real world weather, Most likely Active Sky Next on Steam. Do we both have to have the same addon or will it just be able to work from the hosts computer and my friend sees what I see?
  2. Jacobs Field is a baseball stadium. The stadium by the lake was torn down and they built a new football stadium(First called Cleveland Browns Stadium, now its First Energy Stadium) on the same location, as for the Amtrak station, it is located pretty much right across the highway from First Energy Stadium, There are no provisions for having an Amtrak station in tower city, the entire public part of the building shuts down at the end of the last evening movie at the theater in Tower City and Amtraks daily arrivals are around 3AM-5AM each night. RTA does have a First Energy Stadium stop along the Waterfront line, This is also the same line that you can use to get from Tower City to East 9th to walk to Burke Lakefront to get to the air show.
  3. hi, im a fixed spot view pilot, dont know why, but when flying, i would like to open the gps window without clicking on the button in the cockpit, which key should i use to open the GPS? i looked in the controls settings, but i saw way too many gps functions in there.also, some addon planes i downloaded, when i go into fixed spot, the view is wat too close to the plane to see whats around the plane and whats on the other side of the plane, in FS9, i remember a view options window, but i cannot find it in FSX, when i just press [-] and [+], it zooms out and makes it look like fisheye or something, i searched here, found something about this that i could use crtl+enter and ctrl+backspace to zoom in and out, will this make the plane look like its in a fisheye lens of a camera?
  4. yes, it too me a while to figure this one out myself, for my screenshots, i had to make a border to cover it up, but i dont have to do that anymore.
  5. i was able to get the object placement tool to work in-game, but i keep getting ctd's when i delete an object. also, i cant seem to get the new scenery to show up outside of object placement tool...but, i was able to get the traffic tool to run in-game, added some planes to the airport i wanted to use, and didnt get much of a frame rate drop.
  6. i got the deluxe edition(anything else would be uncivilized). and i installed the SDK, but i cant get any of the .exe's to run they will pop open, then immediately close
  7. what program can i use to make them ai(or i could use analready ai aircraft) and what do i use to make a flight plan?
  8. is this possible?i wish to use download aircraft to be placed as static objects parked around an airport. i want to make an airport look like theres an airshow with all kinds of aircraft parked in specific locations.if its possible, how would i go about doing this?
  9. Bromster, thanks for the advice.lets say i have 2 512MB sticks, would i have to get 2 more 512's, or can i get a 1gb with room to add an extra 1gb in the future?(i have 4 slots)i heard something about how the sticks of memory have to match for better performance, would this matter?
  10. i am currently using high settings, but would love to max out everything.i cant have very detailed airports and i have my autogen set to sparse, also, i cannot have alot of aircraft traffic, cars on the highways are at none, no boats, low weather and all this gives me about 15 frames per second.if i change anything else to go up in settings, my frame rate drops significantly to less than 10 frames per second. my specs are:Gateway GT5056Windows XPAMD 64 X2 3800+(im told this is 2 1 ghz cores)1 gigabyte of ram(onboard video disabled)Leadtek Nvidia 7600GS250GB PATA HDDrecently defragged.do i need more ram?maybe a better CPU?i dont know, i know very little about upgrading, all i know how to do is put the hardware in, but not how to tweak the hardware.thanks for taking the time to read this
  11. the FSX ran almost great when i had the demo installed.I reformated after deleting files i shouldnt have deleted.the same thing happened after reinstalling everything except for addon stuff for fs9.now, i downloaded the latest driver from the Nvidia site, but im being FORCED to use a smaller resolution to get 32 bit color quality, the nvidia driver hates this machine, wouldnt let me have my usual res of 1280x1024, now im on 1024x768, but flight sim looks better now.but my desktop and browser seem so cramped.i dont know who to contact to get this sorted out....
  12. im attempting to reinstall, is there any way to make sure that all files associated with FS9 are gone?
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