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  1. I have just purchased Prepar3D v4 and tried the Carenado A36 Bonanza /default in Prepar3d v4). I was expecting to find it with the Aspen EFD1000 but instead the airplane is equiped with analogic ADI ad HSI. Can somebody tell me how can I get the Aspen EDF1000 version into Prepar3D v4? Shouldl I buy and install the Carenado A36 separately for that? Thanks
  2. Hi.I have a trouble with the VC of the 737 600-700 series.As you can see on the picture the cockpit is messed upSeems I did something wrong whie I was installing the merge for the Reality XP radar.All works good for the 800-900 series but for some reason the panel.cfg file I saved was corrupted or damaged while moving it around.Can somebody mail me that file? Just for the 600-700 series.By the way, I have some questions that I would be really happy if somebody could answer.Is it possible to make the TOGA command work in a Joystick?Somoe of the liveries avalaible on PMDG are listed as Air Berlin/winglets Air Berlin/Stairs.While I know what the winglets are and the models are just great, I wonder what is this about stairs. I thought the model may deploy some stairs but I have been able to make that happen if that feature is really included.Can anyone bring light into it?Thanks in advance
  3. Will ask support then.Forgot about the name thing, sorry.By the way just discovered how to extend and retract the stair so disregard my previous question about it.Do you happen by chance to know a way to make the TOGA work in a Joystick?ThanksRaul Ortiz
  4. I have exactly the same trouble. For some strange reason, just those two functions cannot be assigned to a Joystick.The Go Around still works if I press CRT+Shift+G but does not work with the Joystik. Rest of airplanes have no such trouble and same joystick command works nice but not on this plane.Any ideas?
  5. Hi thanks for the answer. However I am confused a bit.To have the Reality XP WX 500 on the cockpit I know I only have to run the installer but what I am looking for is for a way to "integrate" the weather data into the Navigation Display that is merging the gauges.I am not sure if with this fix you post here this is accomplished, can you please confirm that?Have any screenshoot about how it looks like?Thanks alot in advance!!Ciao.
  6. Hi.Just bought the 737 800 and 900 and I have the Reality XP WX500 since some months and I would like to merge the radar on the EFIS and I would appreciate any help and guidance on that sense.I cannot image such a nice plane with a working weather radar.Thanks in advance!!
  7. Thanks for the tips:After tweaking the cfg file I get a good perfomance around 20 to 30 fps however something strange is happening since if I log into VATSIm with the SQUAKBOX , when I load the SQUAKBOX then my perfomance is reduced by 50%. I guess is something related to have "extra windows".I will try to get some guidance about this. Thanks
  8. I finally found it although well hidded on a different folder name on my Spanish Windows.I will try to "finnetune" FS. Thanks a lot!!!!Anyway any other tips about perfomance for my case?
  9. I have a nice FS9 set up with plenty of sceneries and add ons, mostly payware airplanes and avionics and some weather tools.For some unknown reason the FS9.cfg file is missing from my computer.I searched on the usual folders and then I performed a full hard drive search. Nope. I searched several times but not to avail, it is not here.I have fs2000.cfg but not the FS9.cfgI detected this one year ago but my flight simulator was simply working fine so I saw no need to insist on this.However recently I am sufferent a fps perfomance on FS, I belive it has nothing to do with the missing FS9.cfg since this file was missing long ago before the pooor perfomance begun.I have read in some forums about a way to improve perfomance via the FS9.cfg.Any of you is missing as well that file and have a good working system? Any tip how to sort this out other than reinstalling FS2004?Anyway most of my troubles with FS came last weeks when I installed the new Forceware drivers for my GEFORCE 7800 GS-OC. Months ago I was having a regular 15 to 30 fps on FS2004.Now perfomance is fluctuating a lot going from moments of 50 to 60 fps to a bare 4 or 5 fps while landing.I have deteted that perfomance lowers when I load the VATSIM SQUAKBOX. However it is curious that when I am about to Take off the fps are still around 10 to 20 but they degrade after some flying time for a regular 8 to 9 while on 2D Cockpit while on cruise and some poor 4 to 6 fps when landing, that makes life very complicated.The latest Add on I installed was the Reality XP WX 500 Radar and the airplanes I do regularly fly are Flight 1 ATR 72-500, Dreamfleet 727, B-58, A-36, Wilco PIC 737 and Airbus Pack 1 plus Captain Sim C-130.I also use Active Sky.My system is a Pentium 4 2,8Mhz with 1 Giga RAM and the GEFORCE 7800 GS-OC of 256 mg.Any guidance, tips or suggestions would be truly welcomed
  10. >I know I am a nobody around here but I still want to voice my>opinion on the Dreamfleet 727.>>It is the most underrated add-on aircraft for FS9. This plane>is a winner !I cannot agree more. I have my hard drive full of payware add ons and the dreamfleet 727 is still one of my favourites.It is a pilot's plane that if properly flow is just a pleasure in all aspects. I am flying it regularly.I do fly it on FS9 1 patched and XP and I have to say this is one of the best "plug and play" add ons ever. No complicated install instructions or complex steps, just install it configure it and fly it.No a single trouble on FS9 and XP on my side.With this add on Dreamfleet can surely use a marketing campaing about "if you are not pleased they reimburse you the money". Lol it will cost them 0 dollars. ;)Surely a winner.
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