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  1. First here are my PC specs: Sim + Add-ons: My recommendations: Keep the high impact settings to a dull roar. - Level of Detail Radius - Keep it at Ultra - Autogen Draw Distance - Try running this setting one notch lower in big cities for large jets (FSL) - Very High for (GA) and High (Jets/Large Cities) - Autogen Building Density - run lower to prevent stutter with large areas of auto gen - Try Dense to start - Water Detail - High for (GA) - Medium (Jets/IFR) - Shadows - This was the largest impact for me and the fastest way to eat up GPU utilization, which tanks my frame rate. Start with these ... Casting (Internal/External/SimObjects) Top left 3 ... Receive (Internal/External) Top right 2 - PBR - Ultra for (GA) High for (Jets/Large Airports with PBR) Personal Thoughts; After hours of tuning, tweaking and testing, I agree with most in this thread, P3D is just an old dog with a fancy new dress. You can only update the old core FSX engine so much before you hit a wall. Everyone's "acceptable" level of performance is different and what's "great" for one may be awful for the next. I need 100% fluidity as to not break the immersion and even at 30 FPS it's tough. You'll never achieve a perfect experience with P3D when flying heavy jets (PMDG/FSL) and everyone glorious add-on around (ORBX, FSDT, FlyTamp, DD). It's just not possible. Good Luck moving forward, hopefully some of my settings helped you. Cheers!
  2. Just wanted to say thanks for the idea. I have a XBox 360 controller just lying around. I would have never thought to use it as a ChasePlane controller.
  3. I have this exact same problem. Just wanted to chime in. I recently upgraded ASN to thier beta version to support V3.4. I do not have any carenado products insalled, however, I have both those XML entries. This has to be a ASN error. What beta version of ASN are you using? P3D loads normally when you change "False" to "True" in this line.... What is it doing by changing it to "true"? <Launch.Addon> <Name>CMeteoXml</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Path>.\CMeteoXml.dll</Path> </Launch.Addon>
  4. Rob, I think you're misunderstanding what thermal throttling really is. Many users are reporting Boost clock variation due to high temperatures. It is 100% normal for boost clocks to lower at temps exceeding 82 degrees on the GTX 1080. I've yet to see a case where "throttling" really occurs. Throttling would occur only if the GPU under clocked below its factory base clock. What you are seeing is people complaining who bought FE cards and they cant achieve high overclocks on the core... greater than 2100MHZ without the chip "thermal throttling" below the user defined clock speed. They are not actually "throttling" below the factory base clock. https://youtu.be/wmfMfhRI6To?t=5m48s
  5. I have a ton more IMC to VMC cloud shots, when i return home from work I'll post more of them. Can I continue to post those images here or do they need to be in another thread becuase this one contains 10 images?
  6. A few pics from my flying adventures over the past 5 years. Hope everyone enjoys the pics.Scott CFII/ACommercial AMEL, ASEL: Instrumet
  7. I will try the voice dissable option later when I get home, however, I think that is for headset voice volume when using sim mulitplayer connect. Thanks for the suggestions. I have been on the hunt for an FSX version of a Saab 340 but cant seem to find one. It seems the only payware version that exsisted was the Flight Factory Simulations model and we all know what happened to them :( . Any sugestions on another company that makes a payware 340 for FSX?
  8. THanks for the repy, much appreciated. First mistake was mine, I checked NOTAMS box and it just so happens there was a NOTAM out for ODP's and Visual Clearance for the Prescott Area. RC then wanted my to report back on course, however, the way it had me report on course was wierd. The #3 selection was "req blah blah NOTAM". I thought that was "request NOTAMS for flight" .... DOH. Live and learn. Now if i could only get this RC ATC and FSX ATC Voice sorted out, its really a PITA to hear both at the same time. I have checked FSX for a "ATC Sound Level" but can't seem to find it. Maybe some FSX users will know how to disable ATC Sound. Good call on FSBuild thats exactly what im looking for, I dont need a moving map any just something to build structured flightplans!BTW, I see MSP as your base, do you fly for Mesaba or NWA?THanks Scott
  9. First let me say I love the idea of RC for advanced users. It finally gives me the ability and control to fly how I'm used to in the real world. A little background information to get started would be good, ehh. Currently runing FSX SP1 w/ Vista 32 bit while ASX/UTX are taking care of the graphics. System specs are listed below. Now onto the problems. Program loads fine but I still hear FSX ATC in the background. For example, If I'm checking ATIS via RC, I still hear FSX ATC announce the ATIS ontop of RC's auido. This problem presists during the flight as well, I still hear FSX's ATC blaber, is there a way to fix this problem? Currently I'm using FSX's flight planner and it is horrible, no ability to enter STARS or DP's, can someone suggest a good Flight planning program? Payware or freeware, dosen't matter to me. Last question, I was flying a short Beech 1900 hop from Prescott, Az to Phoenix Sky Harbor to test out RC and I'm just not 100% sure I'm setting RC up correctly. After departure I was handed off to ABQ Center and then from that point on I never herd for a soul again. Something isn't right here, I wasn't handed off to Phoenix Approach, never told to contact tower, no landing clearance, ect....... Here is the route that I flew.KPRC.DRK.MAIER.V257.BANYO.PXR.KPHXAround BANYO (30DME)PHoenix Class B, I was expecting to be handed off to Phoenix Approach, get clearance into class B, then I could request specific approaches into PHX. Could someone help me and letme know what im doing wrong.ThanksScott
  10. Like many have said the FSX G1000 is not 100% accurate to the real Aircraft but I can tell you this from a pilots perspective having over 50 hours in a Cessna 172S Nav III. The real G1000 system, at least the aircraft I have flown DO NOT have ADF/NDB functionality. You can still use the same principles of ADF navigation w/ a RMI which it is equipped with. I know its a far stretch to say its the same principles but essentially an RMI is just a movable card ADF w/ out the NDB station. RMI obviously uses VOR orientation. Cheers, Scott Comercial Pilot AMEL & ASEL Instrument Rating ------------------------------------
  11. Why are you lowering the multiplier? Tests show by doing that you really only increase synthetic benchmarks, ie (super pi, pc mark, ect.) Why not just run a ram divider if your try to squeeze the extra little bit outa the ram? The temps look fine, what are you using to load the processor, Prime Small FTT Torture test? If it were my processor i would go NO MORE than 70C but 65C is a comfort zone. I have seen guys go all the way up to 80+C and thats just pure insanity. I'll play around a little and see what performance difference there is in running (400x8) vrs (355x9). Right now the max overclock on my chip is around 3.9ghz, temps are not holding me back but the vdrop on the mobo is. I cant stand setting 1.59 volts in the bios and havin the board drop .08-.1 volts under full load. BTW how is fsx running for you and what settings are you using? Im having a hard time finding good medium between a OC'ing and FSX settings.scott
  12. When you lape you need to make sure and lape the base of the HSF as well. Most times the basses of the HSF aren't 100% flat either. I'm assuming when you lapped the processor you used a piece of glass with the specific grit sand paper. Post some pics of the lapped processor. One thing you can do to check if it is 100% flat is to use a razor blade and light source (flash light). On a side note I feel you pain w/ ambient temps, I live in phoneix and it's still in the 100's right now. If you need any help OC'ing w/ the IP35Pro visit XS forums, there is an entire thread dedicated to the mobo. Scott
  13. Nice build, Enjoy the new computer! You can see the specs of my rig in my signature. What kinda of temps are you looking at w/ your HSF under full load?Cheers,Scott
  14. Seems ASX started working again. I am now only opening ASX and the textures load fine. It seems when i have both ASX and XG open the error occurs. Crossing my fingers I didnt just jinx myself here.Thanks for the help, Scott
  15. Would someone mind helping me out w/ the install of this A/C. Im a little daft when it comes to installing FS9 A/C in FSX. Do i just click and drag the appropriate files into the respective folders?Thanks Scott
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