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  1. That looks great, almost real! Is this from the 2D or VC panel? I'm definitely looking forward to this release, although I'm glad I don't have an FS computer here at school because I'd never get any homework done when this gets released!:)
  2. Okay sounds good, thanks for the help. Now I just have to locate my old files and order numbers when I get home from school. Thanks again!
  3. I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but my search didn't turn anything up. I'm looking to purchase the 747X and I know about the update for the FS9 version of the aircraft. My question is whether the FS9 aircraft has to be installed in order for the upgrade to work, or is the upgrade included in the 747X installer. The reason I ask is because I suffered a system crash not too long ago and I'm not 100% sure whether or not I have the old installer, and I want to know whether or not I need to reinstall the original aircraft or if the new version will work. I hope this all makes sense, and I appreciate the help. Thanks.
  4. When I was finishing my commercial cross countries last semester, I flew into Midway a lot, and when I was on with Chicago Approach, I would sometimes have ORD tower tuned into COM2 just for the heck of it, and when the weather was clear just about every airplane that took off was told to "contact departure, speed restriction lifted go fast." I'm assuming that they were just busy and wanted the airplanes to get the heck out of the airspace, especially since it was good visibility. I heard that on more than one occasion, though, so I don't really know how common it is.
  5. At first I was skeptical about the MD-11, but after seeing the development shots I'm becoming more excited. I love the MD-11 and am looking forward to it, but just like most I don't want you to push it. It'd be nice if it was out during my winter break from college, but if not at least I've got some real planes I can fly. ;)
  6. I have a whole new respect for PMDG after this decision. I will admit that I was a little angry, and didn't visit the forums hardly at all. I actually found out about this from an entirely separate forum. Anyway, I'm glad I did and I look forward to all of your upcoming releases.
  7. UDflyer

    Whats coming next?

    I've wanted a 717 for many years. The DC-9 series is my favorite airplane, and I would love to fly the 717 for AirTran when I get out of school. I would definitely be a happy camper if you decided to do this aircraft!!!
  8. UDflyer

    Whats coming next?

    I really hope this is true because I've been looking forward to your next release for a while now.
  9. Looks great! I look forward to downloading this weekend when I get home from school. :)
  10. I've never flown into ORD, but I've flown into MDW numerous times for commercial cross countries, and I will also attest that Chicago controllers in general are pretty darn good. Every now and then you'll get a grumpy one, but who knows, maybe it's just not their day. One guy in particular that works Center over Dubuque on 133.95 is a really great guy. Anyway, I had to throw in my $.02 while you guys are talking about it.
  11. I was looking through some of my Jeppesen approach plates, and I saw that O'Hare, Des Moines, Minneapolis, St. Louis, and Rockford, IL have CAT IIIc approaches. It looks like most of the airports with a large amount of cargo flights, as in the case of Rockford and Des Moines, have a CAT IIIc ILS.
  12. I think he's probably just kidding. I had to watch those same videos for my instrument ground school last semester, and wouldn't be surprised if they come up again this semester in my commercial ground school.
  13. UDflyer

    Good News

    Yep, but meeting the right people is unfortunately the hardest part! ;)
  14. UDflyer

    Good News

    After an email and a few days of waiting, I was just given an invitation to tour the John Deere aviation facilities in my hometown, the Quad Cities. Flying for JD is a lifelong goal I've had ever since I got into aviation. The best part is, they fly Citation Xs, which is my favorite business jet. They also have a BRAND NEW '06 Citation Sovreign, and a few Citation IIIs. I am going to do all I can to get a job with them after I get enough hours. Anyway, just thought I'd share. I'll let you know how things go next week! On top of that, I met a Delta 737-800 pilot today at work and we talked about flying and even Flight Sim for almost 2 hours today. He said his girlfriend's son is about 15 and loves flying and that he's big into FS. I told him that I have been for quite some time, and that I use it as a cheap alternative to flying when I don't understand some instrument procedures. He gave me his phone number and told me to call him whenever I want, even if I just want to talk about planes. He even told me if I'm ever in ATL and want a place to stay, he'd gladly let me stay in his house! He was a really nice guy, and I'm actually going to be in ATL for the day next Thursday, so I think I'll give him a call and see if I can meet up with him somewhere. Anyway, sorry for the long post, but I'm pretty excited. I'll make sure to take pictures!
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