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  1. Attila


    I run the same CPU @4.5 HT ON, same GPU with ASUS p8p67 Deluxe boardRAM 2x4GB 1600 8-8-8-24-2TFSX is on an SSDI get 39 fps, which is still lower than what I would expectSome people are getting ~42fps @4.5GHz, but have better RAM timing and/or a 580 or 570 OCI don't know how many fps 7-8-7-24-1T might bring in, but one day I will try it.
  2. Attila

    FSX Instrument Checkride

    This part of the checkride is tricky and I had to look into the script to see what the instructor wanted when I passed this ride a few months back.I found some of my notes on this and it seems that in some previous version of FS, there was a requirement to approach the VOR on the 160 radial, which was later changed to ANY radial. So, people assume they can set course to 140 and all will be well.Not so. The key is that you must enter the hold such that after you cross the VOR on your ANY radial, you must set course to 320 and perform a parallel or teardrop entry. The 320 course must be set by the time you get to within 0.4 miles of passing the VOR the second time.The easiest way to perform this part is to set course to your ANY radial as you approach the VOR. When you cross the VOR as indicated by the TO/FROM flag, set course to 320 and change heading to 140 and fly for 1 minute or so and then make a U-turn and intercept the already set 320 radial. Cross the VOR and make a standard right turn and fly a complete hold pattern.You have 5 minutes to cross the VOR on the 320 course after you crossed the VOR on your ANY course approach. You must fly the outbound leg for at least 55 seconds, but not more than 90 seconds.Have fun.
  3. Attila

    Cant move windows

    It sounds like you switched from windowed mode to fullscreen mode via ALT+ENTER.Along the same lines, in fullscreen mode you can move the kneeboard to another monitor, but not the ATC window. Is there a way to move the ATC window to another monitor in fullscreen mode?
  4. From what I can tell about Vista, it is the least inspiring Windows OS to come along. I certainly do not see big reasons to upgrade to it unless I am forced to, because of new hardware or software support.Let's see why I upgraded before:DOS to Win 3.1 - Windows GUIWin 3.1 to Win 95 - Not sure now, but I think it was needed to use more than 2MB of RAM and a host of new features.Win 95 to Win 98 - Move to 32-bit environment and support for larger disk drives.Win 98 to Win XP pro - More professional OS, NTFS. I must say that I have stayed with Win 98 for three years for gaming reasons.All of the above upgrades had much better reasons than Vista's 3D UI, indexed search and features that I already get from 3rd party vendors.I also agree with the poster above that after seeing the sales figures for Vista, MS will be pressured to release DX10 for XP.And finally, I'll let others have all the fun of being a beta tester for at least the next two years. I am also curious to see just how far MS went on being a Big Brother. Time will tell.
  5. Attila

    From tower height to AI light

    Yes, apparently that line was not there, probably because the default values are 0,0,0. So I must have inserted that one.I also inserted ZoomPanScalar = 1 which is supposed to make panning easier at high zoom levels. This is what I have:[CameraDefinition.007]Title = Nearest TowerGuid = {60BC0819-BD04-4AF6-8954-8FC8AA3545FF}Description = This is the description of the tower view.Origin = TowerInitialXYZ = 0.0, 200.0, 0.0SnapPbhAdjust = SwivelSnapPbhReturn = FalsePanPbhAdjust = SwivelPanPbhReturn = FalseTrack = TrackShowAxis = NoAllowZoom = YesInitialZoom = 8.0SmoothZoomTime = 2.0ZoomPanScalar = 1ShowWeather = YesXyzAdjust = FALSETransition = NoShowLensFlare=FALSECategory = TowerClipMode = TowerNoSortTitle = True
  6. Attila

    From tower height to AI light

    You can adjust the tower view height by editing the fileDocuments and SettingsUSERNAMEApplication DataMicrosoftFSXCameras.cfgwhere USERNAME is your user account name on your machine.Find the entry where Title = Nearest TowerChange the 2nd value (Y) in the InitialXYZ line to something higher than it says now. I don't remember what it was but I have it set to 200, which puts it 200 meters above the normal tower level.Also, from the SDK:Track/Pan Toggling
  7. Attila

    PC reboot

    Instead of setting the shader version to 2.0 - which did not work on my X1800 - try setting aircraft_reflections to 0 in fsx.cfg.
  8. Attila

    Please explain FPS

    > Not true. It's well-documented that there is a problem>with the ATI tools FPS display. The FSX counter is correct.>>DougYou say this with great authority, yet I can find no reference to this "well-documented" problem.Many people, including me, find that FSX performs far better than the FPS counter would indicate. This is purely subjective, however.The real proof is in the fact that the ATI Tray tools FPS counter matches the FS9 counter perfectly.I have yet to see any indication, let alone proof, that the FSX counter is correct.
  9. Attila

    Please explain FPS

    Since you have an ATI card, you should download ATI Tray Tools. This excellent utility has a feature, On-Screen Display, that can show information about the card while the game is running. Among heat and memory usage, FPS can be displayed as well.According to this FPS counter, the FSX counter shows only about half the rate. So, as long as FSX shows 8 FPS or more, it is still playable, because we are really getting 15+ FPS.
  10. I have seen AI planes disappear right in front of me on the taxiway while waiting at the runway to take off. We were there a good 10+ minutes as planes were landing one after the other. The plane that disappeared was next in line and I never got the clearance to use the runway after that.
  11. I think I may have found an answer to this problem.I have an ATI X1800 card and I can reproduce the fog problem at KLAXjust sitting on the runway in fogged-in conditions. Interestingly, the crash (system restart) happens only in 2-d cockpit view.I suspected heat at first, but I downloaded ATI Tray Tools and adjusting frequencies and fan speed to run the card cooler had no effect on this problem. In fact, I found that I can OC the card just fine and gain about 20% by doing this.Anyhow, after days of fooling with this, it occurred to me to try FS9 under the same conditions. No crash. So it is something that FSX does and not an ATI driver issue or something that FS9 does not use in the current drivers.This lead me to "tweak" the pixel shader version down to 1.4, which solved the problem. However, I remembered seeing an "aircraft reflections=1" line in the config file and shader 2.1 is mostly used for such things. I decided to turn ac reflections off and run with the normal shader version, 2.1. This also works.So, just edit the fsx.cfg file, find the aircraft_reflections=1 statement and change the 1 to a 0. Start FSX, go to KLAX and set fogged in conditions. Taxi around, change views and see if this fixes your problem.