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  1. Would anyone be able to paint an Air France retro 600/700 or with the current livery.thanking you in advance.AlainV
  2. HI,If you click on global setting you will see all the games list, just scroll down to MS flight sim X that's all.Alainv
  3. Il s'agit d'Henri Salvador. Une vois de rêve , toujours le sourire et un rire à tout casser!!! On était sur de bien s'amuser à l'entendre chanter ses chansons douces et les autres comme Juanita Banana et le blues du dentiste avec Ray charles!!!Un vrai artiste, tu vas nous manquer.Alain
  4. landing out? Yes I had the same problem, but if you downloaded Sp1, the bug is cured and you will get your reward!
  5. I upgraded my old system with a 256mb AGP Geeforce 5500. The only problem I have with FSX when I am on outside view the tinted glass cockpit seems to disapear, like they forgot to put it on. When I use the VC all reflections are there and everything else is fine.What is the problem?
  6. Thanks ,you are right I will update everything.Alain
  7. I have been using the 737 for quite a while without any problem. I tried different airport : LFPGENGM on the Acars page and the response is : ENGM error D195C unknown. No sid and star shown yet they are in as I have checked. I tried EHAM,same story, different number error but the sid and star appear correctly!!!What is the problem?Thanking you in advance.Alain
  8. Well this is certainly challenging compared to number two!I managed 1:33:44 on my first flight, the most difficult is between waypoint 2 and 3. A fair amount of lift but a lot of sink too!I did it all on ridge lift , no thermal used. The funny thing is I saved position on the demo which shows in FSX but nothing on the other one,very strange!Well, now more training for the record to fall !See you up there,Alain
  9. You take the same south ridge as you came in and stay real close. You will get lift. My height was between 5600 feet and 8900 feet using speed not to get higher. I did not circle once !See you up there!!Alain
  10. Leisurely stroll without any turn ,all on ridge lift 1h21:34a walk in the park!Alain
  11. The fun starts again!I love the setting, time to get going, the view is superb!See you up there!Alain
  12. How High the moon?I think the course is supberb no need to change anything. What I would like to see ( if it is possible) is an AI glider which is doing the club time and is triggered by your own start or an AI shadow glider which will be using the last record you set yourself! Chasing it would be tremendous fun and incentive to improve your own record!I tried to see what use the on board computer could be, but the distance shown seems to be different from the pointer and the relative wind is ok but does not help much. This mission is very addictive, everytime I just go along for the ride, I always end up chasing the sun!
  13. I agree with you and I will try from the standard start. How do you get to insert the picture? I tried to reduce it but looks awful and messy. The original from fsx is 3 mega in bmp, I followed the instructions but nothing doing. Well a bit of Xmas pud will make the gliding better!!!Merry Xmall to all sailors of the Sky!Alain
  14. Yes records are made to be broken!The usual start at 10000 feet and I went for broke @ 100 knots, got into the boomer south of WPT4, out 13500 feet! It is important to get some speed coming out as the downdraft is severe. The less time spent the better. Straight to Wpt 6, negative flaps trim the glider and cruise @100 kts. Keep the wpt6 on your right then direct on to the Hot rock when I got out @13500 feet and then straight to WPT8. I dolphined through the thermal before the turn. Here is how it goes : you enter it, flaps to normal keep 80 kts , sink then lift you gain 500 feet but when you come out you lose it all , at least you are the same altitude. By now you are practically at WPt 8. I turned to the ridge and managed to scrape in. Wonderful lift and soon I was climbing like a rocket. Those who want to know about negative flap here it is : I started to climb @ 90kts and I realised I was safe, negative flap the speed increase to 110 kts still climbing like a rocket. This is where you must take all the risk if you want to break the record. There is no need to go beyond 13000 feet. Even when there is no lift you must cruise @ 110 kts. Your pointer should be straight to Wpt 9. Once you are up and safe save the game , Go wild with the speed , amaze yourself try everything possible. On the third wave I was about 400 feet above the ridge floor but I know where they start so I take risk. Use the fourth wave to climb to 13000 feet but be careful because it does not last very long . Now it
  15. I did it!!! 59:56 I will get the picture reduced and show it tomorrow.The hardest is the finishing. It's late now I will explain later.
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