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  1. Well, you're partially right.Most of the real world ops has been moved to White Sands.But, don't tell Microsoft - have you tried the Acceleration Mission?It's still alive & well in FSX Accel.Glen
  2. Thanks, Jean-Paul, for the info.I am going to try more of Guy's great sceneries when I get the chance.I can surely see why his site is popular.I'd guess that with the recent posts here, it will probably get more "universally" popular.If that windsock can be believed at LFLJ, I guess landings really have to be made from the upper end, no wonder I was having such a hard time coming in from the valley end, runway sloping uphill. Wow, wonder how to stop if I approach from the other (lodge side) end with that huge downhill slope? Sorry, forgot the runway numbers, so did not know how else to explain it.
  3. Hi, just realized that you, too, had posted about the Courcheval freeware site -, that LFLJ scenery is nice and the runway is sure an experience.That website is a little difficult to traverse through if you don't understand French at least a little bit, but well worth trying.So, many thanks to you as well for the info.Glen
  4. Well, friendly and "froggy" guy, thanks so much for telling us about the website there and downloaded Courecheval & had a little bit of a problem getting past the French descriptions, but the scenery is great and it was a blast not just landing there, but taking off was sure an experience as well!Merci, merci, merci -Some really nice pictures on that website also.GlenTexas, USA
  5. David, I am sorry for probably being the one responsible for corrupting Manny's post.I truly apologize to all, especially to Manny.What a fab job he did (even if he is also a Texan like me)!I was one of the very fortunate ones to be involved in beta-testing his progression on this software. So, Manny, if you read this - my apologies.And this is my last post on this subject -I'm outa here y'all!
  6. Yup!No replies.This goes back to early-Dec.One poster with the same problem as mine actually lives in Australia.He even called their offices, just got voice mail, they never responded.The only email address that replied to me was Robert Ferraro at pcaviator, which is where I purchased the software and lots of other software as well - plus I am a charter subscriber to their magazine "Computer Pilot". A great publication by the way.This is the reply I got from him ( on 12/10/07:---------------------------------------Glen - megascenery support e-mail is . I am not surewhere you found All e-mails to support@megasceneryare received and replied to.Robert FerraroPC Aviator, I emailed him back a few days later with this message:-----------------------------------------------Robert, I did appreciate your reply, but it has done no good either.You stated:All e-mails to support@megascenery.comare received and replied to.Well, that's where I sent it.Also, I got that original email address from an old email I had received a long time ago.I also have sent emails to other old addresses ( and without getting any response.I sent an email to the email address you mentioned on Monday. I still have not received a response, not even a "canned" autoresponder!I also posted again my frustration on the Megascenery Support Forum, under "Technical Issues FSX".------------------------------------------------Subsequently I got a reply from him (12/14/07) that stated:-------------------------------------------------Glen
  7. Do you also have the FSX 10m mesh by Raimondo Taburet for Hawaii?Just curious, 'cause all I have for the base is Megascenery Hawaii, plus the 10m mesh.Oh, and now Manny's FABULOUS add-on - boy what a job he has done!It works fine without SP2 also.But, seems no one with SP2 is having any problems with his add-on either.I do have some add-on stuff for PHNL and for Waikiki. However, with or without the PHNL airport scenery, I still get the photoscenery bleeding through runways, taxiways & some other scenery areas at not only PHNL, but at various Oahu large & small airports - including Dillingham!I had no problems before, until I installed Accel/SP2.Uninstalling SP2 fixed it - so cannot run SP2 w/Megas. Hawaii - period.And, seems like people w/So. Cal. Megas. also have the same probs!Plus - NO SUPPORT on their SUPPORT forum (which is the ONLY place to seek support for their software!Yeah, I'm mad.But, I just won't buy anything else from them.
  8. Yeah - hmmmmmm!Well, I for one DO have Megascenery Hawaii.Granted, I do like it - mostly. However, it is totally screwed up on MY configuration when I try to use Acceleration/SP2. So, I choose to go without Accel/SP2 and know I have wasted $30 on something I can't use as long as those people DO NOT WANT to support their product! I will NEVER purchase anything else from Megascenery, and I surely will warn everyone else about their total non-support of their products!! 1. Find a RECENT reply by them to ANY of the posts on their so-called "support" forum!2. Take a look at all the posts there - there are TONS of problems, especially since SP2 came out!Some problems to which they responded way back in July or so LAST YEAR (long past their last patch) even made admission to "bleed through" of photoscenery due to using 10m mesh and how they had to MAKE A PATCH like they had done in the past to So. Cal. 3. Your opinion is just that - yours!Definitely NOT mine nor lots of others out there who NEVER get any response from developers/support!Sorry, but I totally disagree with you - my perrogative of course, but I'm quite sure I am not alone!
  9. Try landing at Edwards in Calif.There are several long runways there -it is an alternate shuttle landing spot.Real flat all around, no AI stuff flying around you.Think it's KEDW, else just select United States, California, Edwards.
  10. gaosys

    Runaway Learjet

    Check that AutoThrottle is turned OFF.I even lower the IAS hold setting to zero and control speed myself after reaching around 1,000 feet on jets. Another thing to watch is the total loadout - full fuel load makes it hard to stop!
  11. gaosys

    FSx Acceleration

    I did find that to be true - I had done a frsh install of FSX prior to installing Acceleration.I had previously read postings on Avsim and on FSinsider about SP1 & SP2 being in Acceleration. After installing Accel, then adding my FSX Megascenery D/FW and Hawaii titles I experienced too many problems - most specifically being unable to run in full-screen mode - but also various CTD's, I decided to uninstall Acceleration. Well, it also REMOVED both SP1 AND SP2. Then I did have to re-install the SP1 download I had from an earlier time.I had also re-installed Accel. AFTER finding that NVidea had a new driver and it would fix the CTD problem, as long as I ran in "windowed" mode. So, I re-installed Accel. after updating my video driver to V.163.75. I still had various problems w/Accel. So, decided to get rid of Accel. - AGAIN. After so doing, checked my FSX version and it appeared to be right back to original - WITHOUT SP1. Removing Accel removed it! So, had to install SP1 all over again!Just my doggoned frustration showing again I guess!I do really appreciate all the postings on these forums, though, and have found LOTS of help & advice.Thanks much to all the posters out there!Glen
  12. gaosys

    Installing Just Edwards from Acceleration?

    Guess no one could answer your original question, huh?I'd like to know that as well.Edwards did look pretty cool, before I pulled the plug on Accel.Seems like ONE person that replied likes Accel! Well, goodie for that person - however it sure SCREWED UP my system!I had to do a fresh install of FSX before installing Accel.Then didn't put on SP1 'cause it is supposed to be included, along with SP2, on the Accel. DVD.Well, after I uninstalled Accel, it took off the service pack(s) TOO! So, then had to go back and reinstall SP1. Sure getting tired of all this install/uninstall/reinstall/register/register/register/defrag - endlessly!I have an AMD X2 4200+ and possibly what is most incompatible - the 7900GS nVidea card! I don't use Vista nor DX10. Well, I am not blaming my problems on nVidea, I blame it on MS$$$$ for not testing the lousy SP2 properly. Sure hope the SP2, when it does come out by itself, is much better than what is on the Accel DVD!
  13. gaosys

    CTD when changing views

    nVidia just came out with a new driver (V. 163.75) on the 7th.I downloaded it, uninstalled my old drivers (V. 163.71), then re-installed the new version. Besure to uninstall the old drivers first (also, save your nvidia settings first).Was able to run full screen, flying a couple of different A/C (incl. the FA/18) and didn't crash (so far).Anyway, I have a 7900GS card and seems like a lot of people reporting the same problems have a 79xx video card also.Sure hope this does the trick!I was sure beginning to hate that I spent money on Accel. and it wouldn't wotrk (properly)!
  14. I have seen posts in a couple of topics - especially the one about acessing the menu bar in full screen mode (the problem that really got me to hate the SP2 patch).I just finished the download for my 7900GS and will be trying it out tonight.Sure hope it works.
  15. Thanks for letting us know of the new driver.I have a 7900GS card and had driver version 163.71.Am downloading the latest driver (163.75) now.Sure hope it works for me too!