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  1. RoyH

    FSX Re-Install on SSD

    thanks guys. Regards Roy
  2. Hi I have Windows 7 on my C:/drive and my D drive is an SSD which has all my flight sim software. This is FSX, REX; ORBX Global; ORBX England, Scotland, Wales, & Ireland plus 10 airports. Add on aircraft are PMDG 737NGX + 600/700 expansion pack, A2A Cessna 172 & Carenado B58. Due to a system crash I have had to re-format the C:/ drive and re-install Windows 7. I know I have to re-install FSX, will I have to re-install ORBX and REX or could I copy them first to an external drive and then back into FSX ? Is it okay to format an SSD ? Regards Roy
  3. Darren Would highly recommend the PMDG. It is as simple or as complex as you like. For example you can have it start with all engines running and ready for flight. Manually it flies really well, much better than default FS aircraft. The great thing with the PMDG 737NGX is that at the heart of the aircraft is an FMC which can be pre-programmed to fly to any 3D point in space - or you can switch the FMC off and it flies like a big Cessna 150. Keeping it simple, you would be in the air in 10 mins. If you learnt 2 new things each flight:- after 10 flights you would have a basic knowledge that would allow you to operate the aircraft anywhere in the world after 40 flights you would be competent after 100 flights you would be proficient but you never stop learning and that is why I like PMDG so much. Roy
  4. Kyle Many thanks. I was using Google Chrome and should have remembered this issue on Chrome. Once I switched to IE it all worked perfectly. Thank you. Regards Roy Higgins :rolleyes:
  5. Hi That makes sense. Thankyou. Regards Roy :rolleyes:
  6. Hi I get the following error message whether trying to pay by credit card or email. Get the same message if I try to Login Roy Higgins RoyH This webpage is not available Hide details The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. Error code: ERR_CONNECTION_ABORTED
  7. Hi I tried to purchase the 737NGX expansion pack but once the button is clicked to purchase, either via credit card or PayPal an error message occurs. Is the site temporarily down? RoyH
  8. Hi I am using the HUD more and more for ngx flight. It works really well and makes accurate hand flying much easier. I have noticed that when flying in strong winds the FPV drifts left and right of centre. Does anyone know why this is? Is it because the aircraft is left or right of track? Any help would be much appreciated . Regards RoyH
  9. Hello BryanThanks for the suggestion. It's the same with the keyboard. Spoilers always deploy but will not retract.CheersRoy
  10. HiA year after I bought the 747-400 ( what a great sim ) I now have the 737-800/900. If I deploy the spoilers they will not retract. Retraction can only be achieved via the VC.Is there any way around this ?I use a Saitek X52 Throttle and joystick. The throttle has a slide control on it. Would this be any good to raise / lower the spoilers.I fly online with VATSIM and PC works really well in 2D but not quite good enough in VC. On the approach it's busy enough already without switching views and using a mouse to retract the spoilers.Any ideas please ?TksRoyH
  11. RoyH

    FS Navigator

    Many thanks - that's greatBest regardsRoyH
  12. RoyH

    FS Navigator

    HiCan anyone help please ?I thought there was software that allowed the export of flight plans from FS Navigator into PMDG 744.Where can I find it ?Many thanksRoyH:-)
  13. :-)Hi allIs it possible to use FS Navigator to load flight plans into the FMC of the 747-400 ?Also, I am new to the 744 and have always navigated up until now using VOR's ( always flown old aircaft ). If I was doing a short hop from EGLL to EGPF how would I find what airways to use and how to enter and leave them.Any advice greatly appreciated.RegardsRoyHRoy Higgins
  14. RoyH

    New PMDG 747-400

    Received above as a great Christmas present. A couple of questions please:1. Cannot seem to open doors, eith by Shift E commands or numbers as per options tab. Any tips ?2. Where is the TCAS ? I always get yellow warning on EICSThanksRoyH