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  1. Hi, Thanks for the tip. Seeing that I'm not going to fly the space shuttle into orbit 😉, I'll change this setting immediately. Kind regards
  2. Hi, Has anyone any ideas as to how I can get rid of the jagged lines in my views (see the red line marking the jagged lines in the attached images). https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VhNB4dIAbRLsKyNOcfApYvLK6LaaJdWK https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mEwv5c4II6L7flXd6XL_dATmBxcpTVct Kind regards, Dave Antwerp, Belgium
  3. Hi Simbol, Thanks for all your work on this! Kind regards,
  4. Hi, I can confirm that I'm running a triple monitor setup and I'm having issues with a drop in frame rates after updating to v4.5. The rest of my hardware is listed in my signature. NVidia drivers are the latest (v419.67). Windows version is the latest build available here in Belgium (v1809 - build 17763.437 - KB4493509). Windows10 game mode has always been deactivated since using P3D v4.4. I checked in the registry and did not find the key "DisableHWAcceleration". I'm now in the process of completely reinstalling v4.4 as v4.5 would seem to be to hard for my hardware configuration running a triple monitor setup. Kind regards,
  5. Hi, I deleted shadows folder and even the sceneryindexes_64 folder to no avail. Still a drop in FPS in comparison with v4.4? I've also completely deleted PrePaR3D.cfg file and that did not help either. Dynamic 3D Autogen Vegetation (speedtrees?) has always been off on my setup. Kind regards,
  6. Yes I too have installed the v4.5 updated and I'm disappointed. I'm getting lower frame rates than in 4.4, especially when doing a VFR flight with a chopper over London. I am running a triple monitor setup and with 4.4 it was still flyable over London. Now with 4.5 frame rates are dropping down to 10. 😪 Will do some more testing, but I'm seriously contemplating in switching back to 4.4. Kind regards,
  7. Hi, In the meantime I've submitted a support ticket at HiFi and now they have updated the link. I've now downloaded B7035.25578 and will be testing this out later today. My first impression with P3Dv4.5 is that I'm getting lower frame rates than with v4.4, especially doing a VFR flight with a chopper over London. 😥 Has anyone else experienced this? Kind regards,
  8. Hi, Just for your information, the current open beta of Active Sky (ASP4) B7035 is not compatible with the latest v4.5 of P3D (see attached images). https://drive.google.com/open?id=1O5v2eQwIB3Cj3A9aTOqaXLwArvX8F_7d https://drive.google.com/open?id=14h8lfkdhlQBaFLszE3XkRWePuG-FQMay Kind regards,
  9. Hi, Just wondering, what have you set in your target frame rate and vsync settings? Since your monitor refresh rate is 30 hz, I would suggest trying with 28 or 29 as target frame rate setting with vsync = on. Kind regards,
  10. Hi Steve, This is when one is using a single display setup. What should you do when using a multi-display setup (say 3 monitors)? During my testing it seems that the maximum FPS that is being obtained in a single display configuration is being divided by the number of displays in a multi-display environment. Is that correct? Kind regards,
  11. Hi Bert, I think I'm getting just as confused as you are... 😄 Actually, I have seen a video on YouTube describe an issue with autogen rendering when using unlimited frame rates internally (Target Frame Rate or TFR). This was for version 4.3 and 4.2, so I'm not sure if this also applies to 4.4. Here is the link to the video: Kind regards,
  12. Hi Steve, First many thanks for the countless tips and technical information you're giving here on these forums! Since the internal P3D limiter is not a real limiter, is it adviseable to use both the internal and an external limiter (like RTSS)? So say you have a 60hz refresh rate (because the monitor does not support a lower rate), I would then use RTSS to lock at say 29 or 29,5 and in P3D I would set the limiter at 29 (no fractions) with Vsync on + TB off. Kind regards,
  13. Hi, Has anyone using the Milviz MD530 got the ADF radio working? If so, would like to know how you did it. Thanks! Kind regards,
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