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  1. Yes, Acceleration really added some strange gremlins. I had 169.04 but my FSX crashed with strange DXDIAG error reports. I use an 8800GTX and run 1920x1200. I was perpetually stuck with the mission dialog from the carrier landing no matter how I set up free flight. I went back redid the mission but the mission dialog was still there in free flight. I finally deleted the fsx.cfg and put the 163.69 drivers back on. I left the DX10 preview off and everything seems to be working correctly now. Time will tell but I think the Commanche will work out very well.
  2. For 20$ this is a great product. Unlike the C400 which I really liked but always crashed my FSX under VISTA this Piper has run very well.I have only had two issues and both of them seem to be solved by reverting back to the latest WHQL Nvidia driver. On my first IFR flight after 20 minutes the plane went transparent. Looking from the outside, or out the window from the inside, the exterior was transparent. The other problem was with the autopilot. The VS could be selected but no +/- fpm would indicate on the autopilot. I reverted back to the older Nvidia driver and so far all is well and neither problem has returned. Looking at night from the outside into the interior is very special. All of the inside guages are beautifully lit up and the exterior is gorgeous.Now, if I could only put the Avidyne's in this plane.Kudo's to Eaglesoft for a well done product.
  3. I have had off and on problems with OOM errors ever since putting on SP1. With a core 2 duo and 8800GTX along with 2gig running vista-32 I have seen other posts with no solution to this problem.A few days ago I left my computer on with the FSX splash screen showing where you select free flight or do settings and missions on the desktop. Nothing was selected just the screen where you make selections. After coming back from outside after 2 hours there were two OOM boxes on my desktop. No flying or scenery complexity or plane issues just the intro screen to make my selections with the 2 OOM boxes showingWhat gives? I have never in more than a hundred hours of NW2 with everything maxed had a hang up or freeze or crash. Only FSX has crashed me to the desktop with these OOM errors. I believe that FSX has a memory leak issue. Can anyone else verify this? Would adding 2 more gig help?This is extremely frustrating.
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