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  1. Is there any plans for a service pack to incorporate a multi-crew environment with the NGX?
  2. I had the same problem until I found the solution somewhere out there. Can't for the life of me remember where. My speakers were set up for 5.1 surround sound, and I have 2 desktop speakers and subwoofer. Changed to 2 speaker stereo, and voila, ATC voice again. Hope this helps you.Pastor JerryDell Quad core 2.663MB2TBGeforce 8800dual monitorsSaitek yoke and quads
  3. I installed the yoke and 2nd quadrant about a week ago, and have had zero problems with it. The whiteboard frame mounts easily to the top of the yoke and makes it easy to write down freq's or airport info for the flight. I've also used it with a binder clip to attach flight plans. The yoke is very smooth, and the clock/timer is a great feature. The throttles work very smoothly and IMO look a lot better than the CH throttle quadrant. Overall - great value for the money.
  4. >ATI ver 7.4 has problems.>I wrote to ATI (catalyst) and told them AA inop... who knows>what else.>Go back to ver 7.3 and try again.You're seeing two items on the task bar because you have two FS windows open. One for FS9 and one for the windowed part i.e. GPS Radio stack, etc.Jerry
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