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  1. Merry Christmas,Suddenly, every plane in my fs9 installation veers spontaneously in flight to left (abt 15-20
  2. Hi, Patrick, thank you for the quick answer.>Messing with the VC is harder ...>I see the actual implementation is in the best of cases awkward, but I am rather sure that there is a good reason to be this way. So it seems that acceptable results can only obtained by replacing a gauge with another of similar shape and or size.>FS Panel Studio does allow you to edit existing VC's, but you>must have the sections in the panel.cfg already (even if you>have to manually add an empty section).>Didn't know that it can do that, but anyway it's of little help to overcome the limitations of the implementation>You might consider reading the related parts of the SDK.>I'll do, sure. Again thanks for the hints and advice.JAMM
  3. HiI'd like to use some commercial third party gauges in my aircrafts.Putting them into the 2d panel is straightforward, as far as they use to include some tool for this. Anyway, by using FS Panel Studio it's piece of cake to get this done.But inserting the gauges into the Virtual Cockpit panel seems to be a rather different subject. I've seen that the panel.cfg files include some section related to VCs and the gauges in it, but I'm not rather sure how to get this done.Can anybody please give me some hint/advice about this?Thanks in advance,JAMM
  4. Hi, ReggieMany thanks for your valuable response. I will do as you advise. I have downloaded some airport mods by Jim Vile and will try to gather the info needed to insert the missing approach procedures.
  5. Hi,Thanks for your answer. You must be right, but the question is where are approaches defined and what tool can be used to implement those missing.Also, what is the strangest thing is that the new ILS frequencies are not listed in the info list for the airport, but they are there (you can tune them and gauges work when used).
  6. Hi,How to update FS9 in order to use new navaids and approach patterns? There is a freeware user-created add-on scenery (AirHispania SC) that updates these items for many Spanish airports. For example, it includes a new ILS for runway 27 of LEAB (Albacete), but:- it isn't shown in the frequency list for the airport in the default GPS (but it's shown in the FSNavigator map)- you are not given the option for an ILS approach, but just a visual approachThanks in advance,JAMM
  7. >yes, registered rc users, get a discount when it comes time>for a new major releaseFine. Then I'll jot an entry in my PDA for the next month (too bad, this month's budget is in the red numbers!)Thank you.JAMM
  8. >I used to run RC4 (via WideFS) on a Windows 2000 machine>before upgrading some of my hardware earlier this year. I>can't recall if the last version on that PC was 4.2 or 4.3...>so I know that 4.2 definitely worked on Windows 2000.>Hi, Bryan. Many thanks to confirm this.
  9. What is the upgrading policy of Radar Contact? I mean, if I purchase RC4, will I get some discount when v5 gets out?
  10. Hi, jd, glad to meet you and thanks for the quick answer. It's good to know there is no known issues with Win2k. Also, I have just read in the AVSIM Review that ground operations are implemented. Last question: What about VFR procedures? Are they been handled in any way or to some extent now? It was an entry in the to-do list, as stated in the reviewJAMM
  11. Hi, As stated in the subject, I am considering to purchase this fine addon for the FS9, but there are some questions I would like to know better before giving my money away:1) Does it run on Windows 2000? According to the requirementes in the home page it needs WinXP/Vista. In spite of this, is there any chance that it can be run on Win2000, even not officially supported?2) Somewhere I read RC doesn't manage ground operation. I don't know if this claim refers to an old version. Is it so or maybe I am wrong?Thanks in advance,JAMM
  12. Hi, JimMany thanks for the quick answer!>1. No, just one time.Now I realize this has to do with FSUIPC weather options, so if you don't mess with them, I guess there is no need to reset them again>2. Theme will be User Defined, Dynamic Change you need to set>to none.Great, I missed the latter, about Dynamic weather in FS>http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho..._id=24430&page=Good link, not to be lost. Saved.Again, many thanks for your help and this nice stuff of yours.JAMM
  13. Hi,Browsing the html guide included with Active Sky, I'm a bit confused about how to correctly setup FS9 to work with it:1) Do I need to press the "Weather settings off" in the FSUIPC main tab every time I'm going to start a flight?2) Further, about the weather options and themes in FS9, must be configured with any particular settings?Thanks in advance,JAMM
  14. Very simple question: can you direct ASv6 to generate random weather for a zone, provided some parameters? I couldn't find anything about this aspect, implemented in alternative products like Weather Maker Pro or Wetter 2004.Thanks in advance,JAMM
  15. HiMaybe this is a well known fact a thousand times asked and answered...The question is that in a recent flight over NE Spain mainland, as I was playing with the GPS I suddenly realized there were 2 or 3 duplicated entries in the "Nearest NDB" list (eg.: PL - Perpignan, 351.0 KHz, GRN - Girona, 412.0 KHz). For each pair of duplicated entries, the information was exactly the same, maybe the name of the facility was different. I blamed an add-on scenary I have installed recently, but disabling it was of no use. As the scenery made a modification in an original FS9 file (SceneryEurwSceneryNV9EURW0.BGL), I restored it from an installation in another PC, but it remained the same. Is this a feature or is there something wrong with my databases?Thanks in advance,JAMMPS - Is there any tool that can list the manifest or contents of each and every file in the sceneries databases?
  16. Wow! That's right, Henrik, a fine guess. The left tank read about 3/4 and the right one was full, so this must be the reason of this behaviour. Messing just a bit with the rudder trimmer solved the problem. I've learned the lesson: next time, I'll try to know better the plane I'm flying on. FS2004 maybe is not the most accurate flight simulator in the world but it has certainly become an amazingly complex one!So, again many thanks, Henrik, for your helpful advice.JAMM
  17. As stated in the subject, when I reload a flight previously saved in order to continue, I have found that some times the plane tends to veer to rigth, as soon the autopilot is turned off. The flights were saved in route, autopilot on. Actually I have observed this condition with the Mooney Bravo, but I can't discard it happens with other crafts. Also, disabling the joystick is of no use. It doesn't appear to be related with winds or weather conditions, as far as the plane keep turning all the time. Pressing Num-5 has no effect.Any hint, please?Thanks in advance,JAMM
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