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  1. Just something i'm working on. Fictional Scandinavian Airlines. :) Still need some tuning,
  2. Hello. How do i add the aircraft profile, that is included in the documentation folder, to PFPX. I've never added an aircraft before.
  3. Hi Camilo. I'm working on the new Avianca livery. Still tweaking the colors, and lining up the tail. :smile:
  4. I could look at it, but not sure how it looks. maybe you have a link?
  5. Avianca (fictional) soon to be released Just doing the finishing touches.
  6. Just for the kicks of it, i now present to you. The Scandinavian Airlines Retro livery Just finishing up, and it should be available soon.
  7. Thanks Richard, but i got it fixed . Just needed to create the alpha channel again. Scandinavian Airlines is on its way to the library
  8. I use a program called x-mouse. There i can map the middelmouse button to simulate pressing the enter key. Then just map the enter-key in fsx to panview. works the same way as using the spacebar.
  9. Can any of you tell me how to make the windows transparent. The manuel says i dont need to touch the alpha channel. But in my fuse1, 2,3. the alpha is just a white color. is that normal? or is it some layer in the master_fuse i need to hide or show. Best regards
  10. I am working on a fictional Scandinavian Airlines livery Stil need some more work..
  11. Hi Ben. I've now uploaded the 737-prototype Hope you like it.
  12. Hi Ben. I did that some months ago. But couldn't get the chrome belly the way i wanted. I never released it becourse of it. I can try to complete it with a greyish belly on one of the next couple of days.
  13. Thanks Steve, Bob and Marcelo What i have done is to make a chrome look from a large landscape picture, with some gaussian blur and a glass distord effect. Then make it fit the fuselage and have the opacity at around 75% And then make it so the bottom of the fusalage in only reflecting the "ground".
  14. Hi Bob Glad you like it. I'm still working on it. Trying to make a chrome look on the lower part of the plane. Not sure if i like it just jet.
  15. What you need is a new Alpha Channel. Just CTRL click on the thumbnail of your new VC number in the layers panel to make a selection. Then go to your channel panel and click on the white square with the cirkel in it called "Save selection as Channel". Now you got a new Alpha channel (alpha 2). Then you just delete the old alpha channel (alpha 1). Then you go Image - Image rotation - Flip canvas vertical.. And safe as DDS. The same for the equipment_decal. and if i remember, the wing decals too. Hope that helps
  16. Thanks Steve Yes i like that name. The small parachute is the flight test package, i believe its called. You can select it from the FMC.
  17. Hello I've made this livery, from the 737-100 in boeing House colors. But im not sure what to call it. Any ideas?
  18. Another bird hit the skies Globus The silhouette people is not the same as the real plane. So you can call it fictional or artist interpretation Hope you like it..
  19. Hello all Been a while since my last repaint. I've just made this, Titan Airways. Hope you like it. Should be on its way to the library And to Chris' post above, i can only agree. Still not that good at the transition from top to side, and side to bottom. I can only imagine how hard, the Lone star one is to make - phew.
  20. Thanks Steve :-) And really glad you like it Ralf. Just glad i could help. I could also make the 600 and 800 sure. Just tell me the names you like on them.
  21. Hi again :) I am now finished with you livery-request. Hope you like it :) The file is on its way to the avsim file library.
  22. Hi Ralf. I thought i would give your livery-request a try :) It is not quite ready yet. Can you tell me if what it says under the flightdeck windows. I bit hard to read :) And the i want to change the red tail a bit. maybe a little bit lighter. Well hope you like it.
  23. "New" Britannia on its way to the library :-) The font is't perfect, but if someone have font closer to the real one, please let me know, and i'm happy to correct it :) Happy Flying.
  24. The Britannia non-winglets edition is now ready :) And thanks :) hope you like it.
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