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  1. Again thanks Jay, I think I will use the USB Headset for FSX, once I'm up and running will consider VOX 7 I think. Use the Other Headset for DCS.
  2. Hi Jay Many thanks for your assistance, it appears all is well if, I use my USB Headset the front panel in and out have a low Impedance so thinking that may be the cause, however still have the Greyed out Settings box, Sorry for late reply have had issues with changing my email address on Avsim Account.
  3. Hi all After reinstalling on admin rights VOXAtc 6 on my new Win10 Home 64Bit computer, I am recieving this message "Cannot inilialise voice recognition. Ensure that you have a us english compatiable recogniser selected." in Control panel, Ease of Access, Advanced Speech Options I Have, Microsoft Speech Recognizer 8.0 for Windows (English - US) selected, However the "Settings Tab", is greyed out. I have also changed the Computer input Language and Keyboard layout to US, and i still have the error message, Microphone is connected to the front panel, Any help greatly appreciated. Carl Renshaw EGCC
  4. GerryFSbuild have profiles available for download at the website fsbuild/library/aircraft performance, for PMDG 747 and 737-600/700, but not the 744F, as you have done i simply edited a version with information extracted fron boeings website. hope this is of some use to you.Carl Renshaw
  5. Hi Jim cracked It, i had a problem with my Level D load config this afternoon, Error 429 so checked on there forum, and was given a link to flight one's website, it appears that my spyware program deleted a dll file when scanning. all i need to do now is exclude those vital FS9 folders from the scan, so ASv6 is running as i typeIf you need it anytime the link is http://www.simforums.com/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=16664Many thanks for your patience and assistance, your program is Excellent have missed it's usefulness.Carl EGHD
  6. Hi MichaelHave just read your thread on lockups within FS2004 as i am experiencing the same lockup problems, however mine are as i am programming the FMC at the gate, just as i pushback, starting the roll or anytime within my route, they are totally indiscriminant.I have Installed Level D 767, PMDG 747-400/747-400F, FSbuild, ASv6, Central England British Airports & Eurowings Pro.Over the past couple of days i have used Various Aircraft over the same route built using FSBuild, KBFI-CYYZ with with varying results,PMDG & Level D completed 50-60% of the route then Froze the system, before the freeze i had managed to set failures from the drop down menus and the aircraft remained in the air and system working.This morning in desperation i set off on the same route loaded from within FS9 using the stock Triple 7, before i managed to move throttles forward Total freeze, however on reboot and what appears to be a failure of my sounblaster card, the same aircraft was reloaded and is at this point, is 1 hour away from toronto, so could all this be an issue with the sound card.I hope this in some way helps youWith Regards Carl Renshaw EGHD Plymouth UK(Too Small For A Heavy):-(My System SpecAthlon 3200+ BartonMSI KT-6 Delta Motherboard1 GB Crucial DDR RamSoundblaster X-Fi Sound CardSapphire Ati radeon 9600XT 256Mb Graphics Card
  7. Hi JimJust tried your suggestion, no luck i'm afraid, still get the unexpected error Run-Time error 50003thanks Carl EGHD
  8. Have recieved the following message when trying to re install then run ASV6, as with the previous thread on the same subject have tried reinstall, etc still no ASV6, is there anyone out there that can help pleasemany thanksCarl Renshaw EGHD
  9. I've found some PMDG747 files and a cab file in the gauges folder, however iv'e resigned myself to re-installing everything, and hopefully upgrading my system at some stage, as the more i think about it that could be where the problem lies.Many thanksCarl
  10. No it was another well known Boeing, hopefully i will be able to work aroung the issue.Carl
  11. Just need some help please, have recently experienced, CTD, computer freeze, etc so went to many forums and have possibly narrowed down my problem, however after deinstalling the possible offending add-on, i now recieve the following message when trying to load my PMDG 744/744F.Do i have to Uninstall then reinstall my PMDG or can i, simply overwrite.Many Thanks Carl Renshaw EGHD
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