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  1. Again thanks Jay, I think I will use the USB Headset for FSX, once I'm up and running will consider VOX 7 I think. Use the Other Headset for DCS.
  2. Hi Jay Many thanks for your assistance, it appears all is well if, I use my USB Headset the front panel in and out have a low Impedance so thinking that may be the cause, however still have the Greyed out Settings box, Sorry for late reply have had issues with changing my email address on Avsim Account.
  3. Hi all After reinstalling on admin rights VOXAtc 6 on my new Win10 Home 64Bit computer, I am recieving this message "Cannot inilialise voice recognition. Ensure that you have a us english compatiable recogniser selected." in Control panel, Ease of Access, Advanced Speech Options I Have, Microsoft Speech Recognizer 8.0 for Windows (English - US) selected, However the "Settings Tab", is greyed out. I have also changed the Computer input Language and Keyboard layout to US, and i still have the error message, Microphone is connected to the front panel, Any help greatly appreciated. Carl Renshaw EGCC
  4. Thanks Phillip Just bought with the code and used my points that I forgot I had, cost £6.50 bargain, and they gave me an extra 250 points Bargain!! Regards Bluemoon
  5. Hi RWF Can see where you are coming from, However this particular Aircraft has the Main Cargo door, but with all the windows, so is very quickly adaptable to Any version, mainly because of the Main Cargo Door, the 737-700C is also the 737 Main Body, fitted with BBJ Wings. Would of posted a picture however, I would be in Breach of Copyright. Regards Carl @ EGDM
  6. Airliners.net Heres one of them, Boeing 737-7HJ© BBJ Reg N529PP Carl "Bluemoon" Renshaw EGDM
  7. Mark The 737-700C is on Boeings Website, mainly used by the US Naval Reserve as the "Clipper", There was also the 737-200 which was a converted Pax to Cargo, I have done a PMDG 737-700 a few years ago, however the Main Cargo Door was simply Pasted on the model, and was not operable. Hope this helps Carl "Bluemoon" Renshaw EGDM
  8. bluemoon

    PMDG 777!

    Hi folks havn't posted for ages and not often enough, I must say PMDG Products are excellent have 737, 744, md11 for FS9 and FSX, also have an ATR, 767, 146 and Airbus, So lets forget the 777, as discussed same as all the other widebody A/C.So go for something completely different, Quite old but still flying, short hops Freight and PAX, and a twin engine turboprop, Any chance of Considering the British Aerospace HS748/ATP :( Just a thought !!Thanks for the many hours of Enjoyment in learning and Fun PMDGCarl Renshaw
  9. GavinReceived mine this morning was here in the UK within a week of the order, I've only skimmed through the three discs as I am flying down to Spain for a week, I own the Level D 763AOA DVD that was good, this one has without doubt excelled and surpassed that one, it has a very Professional feel to itCarl Renshaw EGHD
  10. RichardI recommend the use of MGrab from Martin Wrights website at http://www.mnwright.btinternet.co.uk/, never had a problem with it and it can be configured to use a paint editor, hope this is useful to you.Carl Renshaw EGHD
  11. Matt I have a TrackIr, However a friend of mine just advised me of the following, search for "FreeTrack", you may be pleasently surprised.Happy Flying Carl Renshaw EGHD
  12. The MD-11 has been recently been advertised by Flightstore here in the UK at
  13. Have been conducting a few flights recently between Prestwick and liege, with PMDG 744F (Polar Air Cargo) and PMGD 738 (Ryanair), have come across this aircraft every time I have flown that route.I know its wishful thinking, but it keeps me holding on.PMDG your products are excellent, the MD will I know live up to all expectations, carry on the good work.Carl Renshaw EGHD
  14. GerryFSbuild have profiles available for download at the website fsbuild/library/aircraft performance, for PMDG 747 and 737-600/700, but not the 744F, as you have done i simply edited a version with information extracted fron boeings website. hope this is of some use to you.Carl Renshaw
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