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  1. OK guys, I got it working. I deleted cameras.cfg, started P3D without Chaseplane (to build up a vanilla cfg), closed the sim and restarted Chaseplane from within OrbX Manager. And the last one did the trick: although the Orbx Manager updated everything and shows Chaseplane with version 1.69, when re-modifying the cameras.cfg, Chaseplane was again updated to version 1.78. In this version, Chaseplane works as before (but hey, I word not allowed miss the community feature...). But still OrbX Manager shows me version 1.69 - strange, uh? Thanks for reading and perhaps my explanation might be useful for someone running into corruptive files after migration to OrbX.
  2. Hi, I updated Prepar3D 4.5 to Hotfix 3 and get the following message: "Your P3D version (v4.5.14.34698) is not supported with this version of ChasePlane." I alreadey migrated Chaseplane to the Orbx Store and validated the files. Chaseplane seems to jump in on start of Prepar3D, but my views and keyboard assignments are totally screwed up. As I found nothing in the forums about this: does anybody know whether this is a known issue and perhaps Chaseplane will get updated in the near future? Thanks a lot, Christian
  3. Ryan,thank you for your clear statement. Seems I have to wait for the boxed version from Aerosoft.But one additional question: you say you "have absolutely no way of tracking customers from it". Why was Flight1 able to handle boxed products from Aerosoft to grant a reduced FSX version? I own both LevelD 767 and ATR72 boxed from Aerosoft and updated both via coupon from Flight1 by entering the serial. It worked flawlessly. Why isn't that an option for PMDG?Kind regards.Christian
  4. >Dear George->>the discount applies only to those customers who have>purchased the FS9 747-400 Passenger version from our web>site.>>Best regards,Could you please be so kind and explain this kind of policy as I don't understand it. I also bought the boxed passenger version and after release of the freighter version I ordered that online from PMDG. So I contributed to your FS9 work as a "full" customer. Why is a "boxed" customer not eligible for a discount? Flight1 shows that it works pretty good (I got massive discounts on my boxed LVD767 e.g.).I think I'm not the only one with a combination of PMDG 747 passenger boxed and freighter downloaded. So why don't you extend customer service and loyalty to those?Thanks for an answer.Christian
  5. Hi Carl,thanks for your answer. I think I fulfill all of your prerequisites: full network access to all mentioned folders for ASX and XG and full administrator rights under Vista without UAC on either PC. I already did several uninstalls and re-installs.But nevertheless I try to clean everything again and make a fresh install as you supposed in the next days. I will report to you as soon as I'm done with it.Thanks again.Christian
  6. Hi Carl and others,do you have any comments on my error descriptions? Any answers to my questions?Thank you so much.Christian
  7. Hi Carl,thank you for getting on this topic. Unfortunately I just read your message after coming back from the weekend... As I am working right now I cannot provide you with the log files from my home computer. But let me tell you about the problem.Like described above ASX didn't find the wxstationlist.bin file in my AppDataFSX folder. After searching for that file the only one that exists was in my FSX root folder (H:FSX). I copied it into my AppDataFSX folder and the errors were gone. Was that OK?When trying to create a wx-influenced texture set from within ASX it says that "object reference not set to an instance of an object" and "could not find file C:ProgramFilesHiFiXGraphicsDataAirportsairport_clutter136b2su1.bmp" although this file does exist in the specified folder. XG is not started and no texture copying process commends...When trying to create a wx-influenced texture set from within XGraphics the buttons are greyed out...When I try to create a wx-influenced texture set from within ASX with XG running in the background no errors appear but XG doesn't start either.I'm running ASX/XG in a network with all Simconnect related files up to date and working. ASX and XG are both updated with SP1 and each program runs OK with FSX seperately. Only the wx-influenced texture generating and reading seems to be the culprit.I should mention that I installed ASX/XG on my FSX computer yesterday and everything runs fine in not-network mode. Wx-influence is great. But I cannot get it to work in networked mode. Would be great if you could provide me with some help.If you still need my log files I have to look for them in the next days. Is it possible to attach them all here or should I email it to you? What address?Thanks for your help.Christian
  8. Please don't let the subject down. Is there any comment you can give me?Thank you.Christian
  9. Hi Carl and Gary,I just came across your discussions as I installed ASX yesterday on a network system and encountered exactly the same errors and problems as Gary did... I just logged in as a new forum member to tell you this.So unfortunately the problem doesn't seem to be "unique" as you both suppose.Could you please be so kind and tell me how you got that matter solved? Reading the last post I assume the problems are solved now, aren't they?As I am from Germany I'm not that good in describing all the details of my problem in English. So I'm glad Gary did a good job in describing the errors and posting all the logs and I can say that my errors seem to be exactly the same. So please let me know how you get it fixed.And BTW: thank you for that great product! Im a customer with ActiveSky since version 5 and it's always been a pleasure to fly in AS's weather. I never encountered any problems until now - perhaps ASX is my first network installation...Thank you very much.Kind regardsChristian
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