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  1. I've tried only the German voice pack until now and I find it really good!! It could have been a bit more "german", meaning the usual "Veee are ready to start" but that's not typical for pilots. I find though that the FA dialogs could have been in german. Well done, well done indeed!!! itifonhom
  2. Hi everybody, I got FSX Deluxe and I would like to make a try to change these crappy "desert" textures. The problem I got is the following: I don
  3. Hi all, just started to use the FS2Crew for my LVLD767 and I have to say it
  4. Well, Cool n Quiet is disabled, I don
  5. Hi everybody, I play FSX SP1 Deluxe on a AMD X2 3800+, 2GB RAM (PC3200 DDR 400), Asus A8R-MVP 939 Motherboard and ATI 1900XT card with Windows XP fully updated. I had till today only 1024MB RAM (G.E.I.L. - 2 modules of 512MB PC3200 DDR400 CL=2,5-8-4-4). But today I got my new 2048MB (again GEIL 2 modules 1024MB PC3200 DDR400 with CL=2,5-6-4-4). I had my PC slightly overclocked (directly from BIOS options, +10%, so I had 2200MHz per core.) Before I installed the new RAM I reset the overclocking back to normal. After I installed the new RAM (the old is not installed so I got 2GB) I wanted to set the overclocking again and I see that my cores are at 1600Mhz!!! How can my cores under work?? Is this possible? If anybody knows why this happened and maybe a possible solution, please help me on this, thanks in advance, itifonhom. P.S. I will reinstall my old RAM to proof if it
  6. itifonhom


    Hi everybody, thanks for the replies! As it seems the problem was a corrupted logbook entry. I used the logrecovery tool and problem solved!!! Thanks for the help!!
  7. itifonhom


    Hi everybody, I just finished a free flight, everything went ok, wanted to get to the logbook and the FSX hangs up. I close it, started again and the following happens: Game starts loading for 10-15 seconds and then hangs up again!!! I opened the task manager and I saw this: My core number 0 runs at full when I start FSX, system at 51% and that
  8. itifonhom

    FSX Logbook problem...

    Just downloaded, thanks for the help!!! :D
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    FSX Logbook problem...

    Hi everybody, after 68 hours of registrating my logbook just doesn