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  1. Carenado A36 appears to work fine right out of the box. Dave
  2. I haven't used the FS ATC in many, many years. Too frustrating. IRL, if ATC gives you instructions you can't follow because of aircraft performance or crew comfort level, you just say "unable" and do something else. If you need a runway other than the one they're trying to use, you may have to go somewhere and hang out in a holding pattern until there's a space in the sequence for you to slip in the way you want. But, as PIC, you're in charge of your flight, and responsible for the safe outcome. The guy with the radar and the microphone isn't. For TNCM, if you want to land on 27, practice hand-flying the airplane until you can do the visual. Basic airmanship here... if it can't be done safely in the type of aircraft you're flying, then your airline, in the real world, would have a note somewhere in their policies/procedures/SOPs prohibiting visual approaches to runway 28 at TNCM. A "visual approach" is just a way for you to join a VFR traffic pattern and land the airplane on the runway in use without cancelling your IFR clearance. It frequently includes downwind and base legs on the way to final, and is not the same a "circle to land" maneuver at the end of an instrument approach. Dave
  3. Trying to pick an add-on or two to get myself for Christmas... Anybody tried the Carenado B200 or A36 yet? No previous FSX install- Steam only. Thanks, Dave
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