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  1. Good evening Bill,

    Hope you and yours are staying safe and sound.

    Any change of getting a link to the C340 mod?

    Email is HomerJ580@gmail.com


    Thanks much.


  2. Bert, Hope you can be of assistance. For some reasons the mod doesn't work. My mouse on both the EHSI and the AP won't work. I have tried to install a install a pop up AP, but the heading will not show a left cursor. I do have SP1 and FSUIP registered...wheel mouse is deactivated I think...not checked in the trim box. Cheers Gmac
  3. Thanks Jan. If I ever upload I will certainly give you the credit.CheersGmac
  4. Yankeeromeo.....I could change the reg number for you if Jan says that is ok to do so. I have changed several of Jan' excellent repaints to the N registration I had when I soloed in '85. I have never uploaded these as I cannot take credit for the excellent repaints. However, if Jan say's its ok...I could change the registration and send to you. Jan......what do you think? Yankeeromeo......PM me with your email and if Jan says its ok I can work on the reg change. Just let me know the aircraft you would like with the new reg and if you have a personal reg number you would like.....include that also.Cheers,Gmac
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