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  1. The ATR around the world, Airlines flying this aircraft: American Eagle Eurowings (D) ASA-Delta C 16 Air Dolomiti Binter Canarias Eurolot (SP) Olympic Aviat Tr Aeromar Alitalia Express Cimber Air Airlinair ANZL-Mount Cook Khalifa AW (7T) Air Tahiti Bangkok AL/Siem Reap AL CSA Transasia (B-Tai) ACES Danish AT Finnair Iran Aseman (EP) Jet AW (VT) Vietnam AL Aer Arann Express European Air Express (D) Pantanal L.A.(PT) TW-Trans States Air Littoral Corse Mediterranee L.A. IAACA (YV) Santa Barbara AL (YV) Total LA (PT) Air Nostrum Britair China Xinjiang Cityflyer (G) Israir (4X) TAROM Aerogaviota Air Caledonie Air Industria (I) Arkia Bradley-First Air Contact Air (D) Egyptair Europe Air Post (F) Farnair Europe (HB) KLM Exel Oman Air Solenta Avtn-DHL (ZS) Aegean Aero Caribbean (CU) Air Botswana Air Mandalay (XY) Air Mauritius Coast Air (LN) Croatia AL (9A) DHL-Venezuela Islena AL (HR) Italian AF TACV Tuninter Aero AL (OH) Air Antilles Express Air Atlantique Air Caraibes Air Lithuania Air Madagascar Air Srpska Air Wales Alliance Air Bonair Exel Italy First Lao Avtn Necon Air (9N) OriginPacific (ZK) Precisionair (5H) RAM Tassili AW Thai AW Int Titan AW (G) West Caribbean AW Yangon AW Air Austral Air Contractors (EI) Air Emilia (I) Air Kiribati (F-O) Air Malawi Air Martinique Air Sicilia Air St Pierre ASECNA (6V) ATR Avanti Air Avirex Gabon Capiteneria di Porto (I) City Air (D) City Connect (PH) Cubana (ls fr Aerogaviota) Falcon Air (SE) Gabon Gvmt Highland AW (G) Intermediacion Aerea (EC) Islas (EC) JAT Lufthansa CityLine Sec Civile-DGAC Silesian Air/Globus (SP) TAM Madagascar Trigana AS (PK) Trip (PP) Scandinavian (SK)
  2. Hello PMDG Staff and all PMDG Family, I have al most all aircrafts from PMDG and for that reason i am part of the PMDG family, i dont know if is the right place to post this one if not sorry for that. Flight1 have the ATR-72-500 initialy build for FS9 and then update for FSX, many bugs with this aircraft runing FSX with W7 64bits and problems to with FS9, whoever is fantastic aircraft but....not build by PMDG I wondred if with the new ATR-72-600, where the cockpit is completely diferent and many things the PMDG like to think about develope this fantastic aircraft Anyway congratulations to PMDG for the excelent work and let us join the excelent aircrafts. the link to real ATR 72-600: Farnborough Airshow 2012 http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=9sog1Ep8TfE All the best to all Luis note:sorry about my english i try my best.
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