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  1. Radeon performance in graphically intense weather is far below that of nVidia which is why most are preferring nVidia today.
  2. (Responding to an old thread because I discovered the bug also)This is by design on this aircraft, though why it acts like this on a perfect approach (and I have tried it) is beyond me. I just tried it to confirm the problem. As you approach the runway with perhaps 500 feet remaining the auto-throttle kicks in because of an AFLOOR warning (I believe this aircraft acts like that in real life to keep accidents from happening). It is possible to get beyond this point in the mission by mapping a key to defeat auto-throttle (please don't ask me to explain that statement if you don't understand it) or by resting your mouse on the ATHR button and defeating ATHR every time it kicks on. The autopilot on this airplane is not fully functional I think, but it can be used somewhat. If you engage ATHR at all it will give you problems, or so it seems.
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