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    The problem I have is with you saying it is my use of cAPitAlIZaTions and accusing me of providing incorrect information as if I am a newcomer to computers. Right off you sound condescending. In customer support it is YOUR responsibility to nurture your relationship with every customer. You very quickly put all of the blame on me, as if I was stupid or something and offered no advice as to how to rectify the situation. This is not going to go well for you in business if the first thing you do is point out its someone elses STUPIDITY. cAPitAlIZaTions make no difference when writing to my email.On my own initiative I investigated the problem and I discovered that AT&T is using yahoo as a temporary mail service, while they modify their own and upgrade it. Probably it is your paranoia in dealing with internet aliases that is causing the problem. I have used this same account and cAPitAlIZaTions for much longer than you have been in business, and you are the very first problem like this I have experienced.I am far more inclined to blame you, since in my experience there has never been a problem (and I do a lot of business especially with your competitors). I, the customer, suggest you sort out your problems before you lose anymore customers. That would include filtering cAPitAlIZaTions to lower case on your own system, if it truly can not handle that problem. If you have no appreciation for customers then you are free to keep right on trucking as you are.Your support engine does not reach my account, yet I can receive emails from you directly. That seems very odd.
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    Thank you I will.
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    Does anyone know any of the group at FSD International? I recently purchased the P-38 Lightning for FSX, which I really enjoy, but it has a few problems I would like to report. Unfortunately, my registration on their forum system didn't work right or there is a problem with the automation, because I never received a password confirmation. When I contacted them they told me my account was confirmed and I was free to use the forums. Again, no password via email. So, I fire off a second email and the response was very visceral, as if it was my fault the system wasn't working and I, the customer, are the party that is doing it wrong. Okay, I know that the guys are busy and have limited time, but this is no way to run a business and I just want the plane (that I paid premium dollars for) to work right.So technical support is unresponsive and I have no where else to go. Where do I turn next? So, I'm here looking for answers on who to contact and get this sorted out. Anyone?
  4. Radeon performance in graphically intense weather is far below that of nVidia which is why most are preferring nVidia today.
  5. (Responding to an old thread because I discovered the bug also)This is by design on this aircraft, though why it acts like this on a perfect approach (and I have tried it) is beyond me. I just tried it to confirm the problem. As you approach the runway with perhaps 500 feet remaining the auto-throttle kicks in because of an AFLOOR warning (I believe this aircraft acts like that in real life to keep accidents from happening). It is possible to get beyond this point in the mission by mapping a key to defeat auto-throttle (please don't ask me to explain that statement if you don't understand it) or by resting your mouse on the ATHR button and defeating ATHR every time it kicks on. The autopilot on this airplane is not fully functional I think, but it can be used somewhat. If you engage ATHR at all it will give you problems, or so it seems.