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    Former co-founder of the Virtual Emergency Response Team - VERT, a virtual airline group that specialized in flying emergency rescue and medical missions with Flight Sim. VERT was founded in 2004 and disbanded in 2009. My callsign was VERT002.

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  1. Some said it would never happen in our lifetimes - http://www.carenado.com/CarSite/Portal/index.php
  2. Thank you for those beautiful shots of a beautiful aircraft. I have flown twice in the last couple of weeks on AA 757's (LAX-HNL and back). Thankfully, the aircraft that I flew on had the traditional AA livery. While the aircraft is nice to fly on, I must admit it is a little strange to still see old CRT TV screens mounted on the aisle ceiling instead of the smaller digital screens in the seat backs. All of the passengers have to watch the same program during the flight.
  3. The inaugural Denver to Tokyo nonstop flight takes off today when a United Airlines 787 departs DIA at 12:35 MDT. I wish that I was on board.
  4. I can't take credit for noticing this first as I read it another post. Carenado posted new pics of the 206 in progress. On one exterior pic, if you look through the pilots side window, the 206 has steam gauges on the panel so it looks like the 206 will have a steam panel. I don't know if it will have a G1000 panel also.
  5. Part time Dispatchers get scheduled to the graveyard shift so you would still be up at 0215! LOL Thoughts and prayers to the brothers we lost in West last week. Bill
  6. Chase,That's hilarious. I know that feeling. Whenever I get a caller like that, I smile because they allow me to make my house payment every month. I am an EMD also. One aspect of flight sim that I have never been interested is VATSIM. I already spend forty hours a week with headset on telling people where to go. I don't feel like doing it in my spare time also. I am not knocking VATSIM. It just doesn't appeal to me personally. Bill
  7. Well, I wouldn't call mine a "odd" job other than I deal with a lot of odd things and people as a 911 Dispatcher. Somedays can be very stressful. After a bad day, coming home, flipping on FSX and taking a flight that requires my full concentration to complete helps get my mind off of the stressful sitiuations I dealt with at work. Bill
  8. Another amazing piece of work from ORBX. While the ability to run this scenery smoothly may be outside the reach of many simmers, including me, if ORBX didn't try pushing the envelope with new products, we would not have the awesome products we have from them currently. Now if I only had the computer that ORBX has to run it.
  9. If you are refering to my motto- " Flying Virtually Anywhere, Anytime", it used to be the motto of the now defunct Virtual Emergency Response Team or VERT. I was one of the cofounders. The motto was a play on words that we would fly virtually (or just about) anywhere to rescue someone and the fact that we did it virtually on the computer. I still use it as it reflects my style of flying. Thanks for asking. Bill
  10. The 182Q is a nice airplane. Simple to fly, no fancy avionics, and a beautiful exterior model that has quite a few repaints available for it. The only only drawback I see is it's age. It is a FS9 model that was ported over to FSX. A newer version of this classic aircraft for FSX by Carenado would be most welcome. Bill
  11. Maybe the flight model from a Harrier would work. It would provide vertical thrust for take off and then you could transition to hih speed forward flight. Too bad the interior doesn't include the Robot to fly it.
  12. If they release the new CT206H with steam gauges, they will face the inevitable complaints that it is just an update of an existing product, the FS9 U206G, not an all new aircraft model, which it is. If they are going to release a new FSX Cessna with steam gauges, I would prefer they model a 207 instead of a 206, which has already been done. Make no mistake, I really liked the 206 when it came out in FS9 and gladly added it to my FSX, but I would like to see something new, like a 207 instead. But since they have already started on the CT206H already, that is what we will get. I'm sure that Carenado has spent a lot of money developing their glass instruments, so they will include them in the new version of the Stationair also. What I would like to see is for Carenado to release the CT206H in one version (steam) and allow us to buy (not at full price) an add-on glass version to the original package if we want.
  13. It's good to see that there is at least one airline employee who still tries to make flying enjoyable these days. Bill
  14. I think you are right,Andy. Given Carenado's last few releases (A36, PA-46T, B200,etc.), the new CT206H will have a glass cockpit, most likely a G1000. I loved the U206H in FS9, but it didn't seem as nice to me when it was ported over to FSX, so I would welcome an FSX native version. Hopefully, the new 206 will have the same features such as the cargo pod, removable wheel pants, and a float version. I really hope that Carenado hires a couple of new pilots to replace Hans and Franz that fly their aircraft now. Carenado does make the best looking pilot figures in the payware world, but a change would be nice. Bill
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