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  1. Could you please tell me what the solution is. it is not possible to Register in their Forum at all. Not possible to make any contact there. Many thanks. Gerd
  2. The first Information i´ve got about this new installer was in the Ops Center and, as far as I can remember, there was no further Information about de-installing first. The second was the Read-me. Nada. Such an Information belongs to the product and it cannot be assumed that everybody is reading every posting in any Forum first. Most Freeware is better in this. But anyway. please excuse that I bothered all you experts with just a simple thing.
  3. Re-Installation did solve the problem. Thanks
  4. Did a repair cause this was the default Option. No Information that a complete re-install is needed. If this would be the solution would expect some Information upfront.
  5. According to the Information in the Operation Center have downloaded the latest FSX-Installer for the 777-200 and 747-400QOTSII. Got Feature Transfer error on Repair-Installation of both: Component: Ops Center File: <FOLDER_SIM2>\ Error: The filename, Directory Name , or volume Label synatx is incorrect. Any idea of problem yet? Thanks. Gerd
  6. Hello, does anybody have plans to develop driver for the Engavity CDU? Missing this one very much. Thanks
  7. Looks great! But please make sure that registration on fuselage and tail is the same. ;-)
  8. Have sorted it out now and created a new route with last version of PFPX. This one still remains after the situation reload. This means that formerly created older routes stored in PMDG/FLIGHTPLANS may have a different structure causing the loss after situation reload.
  9. Running as Administrator makes no difference. Also recognized the following: all my routes are in Folder /Flightplans. If I save one of those routes in FMC to subfolder /744 (with same name) it does not find this route anymore. Only after deleting the /744-route it does find the /Flightplans-route again. correction: mean "subfolder /747" of course...
  10. After a re-load of an FSX-saved situation most of the FMC data incl. complete route, are gone. No matter if on ground or mid-air. Have started FSX first with an MS-aircraft and loaded the saved situation after. Also deleted fsuipc.ini. I am using already existing routes (rte) from NG737. Who can help or knows what I am doing wrong? Thanks Gerhard Dresch
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