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  1. Just tried it and I concur, it's an excellent tip. Thank you Selcuk73.
  2. Ah, my memory isn't as poor as my wife tells me then :lol: Yes, Section 7 of the old Compuserve Flightsim Forum was where I was thinking of. Subsequently Simpilots hosted by Simon when Compuserve decided to kick us out and then ........ :mellow: I am still (infrequently) in touch with Steve although he has long since archived his flightsim interests. I'm keeping an eye on Hardy's PSX progress, but unlike Simon's AS3, I believe this will leave alpha, beta and come to market. Unfortunately at a price beyond my means though. It always had a professional feel to it. He can be found at http://www.aerowinx.com/forum/index.php also in Hangar 7 ! What is it with the number 7 and 'old flightsim' ???? Irrespective of it's progress, I still enjoy reading the discussion of the 744 systems between Hardy and pilots of the 744. Back on topic, .... I know what you mean about not wanting to introduce another layer of complexity simply to allow the Legacy to work 100%. I'm happy with the solution I discovered and trust that overtime I'll find another GA aircraft, developed specifically for Prepar3D, good enough to replace the Lancair Legacy. (Could be a long wait though :lol: ) Then I can remove the migration tool 'hack'. I suspect that will be true for most products currently benefiting from the migration tools legacy mode. Regards, John
  3. Hugo, I too only fly GA, mainly in the UK, using Horizon's VFR Photographic Scenery Generation X, together with Earthsimulations Treescapes and their Shawbury Fields scenery product ( http://earthsimulations.com/shawbury_fields.html - I live in the area that covers) This places quite a high demand on my system which FSX really struggled with. (Frequent OOM, CTD and massive spiking) Although the framerate now dips noticably in Prepar3D when overflying the Shrewsbury / Telford area, using the same hardware, I can now fly this area with impunity in the Lancair Legacy. In other areas of the world without photoscenery, I'm very happy with the scenery update rate, so based on that experience, I'd not be surprised if you did indeed have a problem peculiar to your setup. Regards, John
  4. When used in conjunction with the "FSX to Prepar3D Migration Tool", I'd say it works without compromise, However for those who choose not to purchase the migration tool, the Legacy's sounds seem restricted to engine noise. In that case - 99% compatible? I'd personally add it to the 'working' list with that caveat.
  5. Eric - I had the same problem with sounds in the Lancair Legacy until I ran Prepar3D by selecting "Prepar3D Legacy Mode" which only appears in the Start \ Programs \ Lockheed Martin folder when "FSX to Prepar3D Migration Tool" is active. I'd got use to the 'quiet' cockpit up till that point and it fair made me jump when I set flaps for takeoff for the first time after discovering this option !! So good to have the wonderful clicks, bumps and rattles back :yahoo: BTW are you the same Eric Bakker that I used to see in the ATP and PS1 forums? Regards, John
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