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  1. I had a similar problem yesterday on a flight from LEVC to LQSA. During the flight, the RVR in LQSA has gone below the minima, so i had to divert to LDDU. Maybe my problem was, that i already programmed the approach for LQSA in the FMC. The last thing i could change was to insert a direct to ENODA (beginning of the STAR in LDDU) and delete all waypoints instead of RWY12 and Missed Aprroach in LQSA. After that i could not delete the entries for LQSA (RWY and missed approach) either on the LEGS page nor on the RTE page. The same for the INIT page, i could not insert the alternate ICAO on the destination tab. The same on the DEP/ARR page, i could see the runnways and stars for LDDU, but i could not select anything.I really would be glad if someone could tell me, how to programm the alternate approach.Greets Sebastian Barf
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