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  1. @vgbaron: Interesting views (those in the thread you linked actually, I totally agree with what you quoted) but I expected more from one of the most experienced users of FSX around. He obviously does not understands the concept, and likes to stick to the opinion "I prefer my average fsx.cfg for all situations". Well not everyone is good on following the "future". I for example was also stuck on fs9 for too long. Nothing like my machines couldn't do it with fsx..., mostly emotionally I stuck, I would say. He just does the same, imho.. @denali: Wish it would be that "easy". (Caution the quotes . What you are describing is not easy at all) Unfortunately it is not. LM would have done it ages ago with the resources they have.... As my partner Achilles said just above, implementation is still ongoing regarding OOM. @Jayjay (et al): Allow me to have a different opinion. Having dealt with more than 50.000 FSPS customers directly via support or other means, and being "on-line" since internet was actually invented, finding out what is black, what is white and what is grey was never easier, believe me. However ignoring black was never our 'forte' , I shall start do that since I am also a guest here. Keep in mind however that <<Feedback>> and <<you can simply archive the same using this and that. Who need this product? >> are two totally different things. @blaze: Sure , that's what I was meaning too. Probably the language barrier did it again: We can't be on LM's shoes regarding the graphics engine. Reading their forums and the limited information released , however, the 'radical graphics engine change' - in our eyes - is not something that will come in 'near future'.
  2. That's why the demo is there, for the potential buyer to decide if the app is OP for him or not. You are not one of them obviously. Seriously it looks like that. No posts all these years and suddenly popping like that? Seriously? But nobody with competitive IQ cares about that. That's why the demo is there... Everyone is able to decide , unbiased. By the way ... first day and our servers almost failed due to its success. Testers-to-buyers ratio was never higher. That's what we love to see and to be proud of FSPS guarantees product updates covering Prepar3D's updates for the near future. Forever? Who can say for sure? PLUS - like in FSX - we are near to implement a permanent OOM solution. This is our next task , as already announced. We are almost there.
  3. Just a quick note to those who believe that have invented the wheel by just adding a line in Prepar3d.cfg... Whatever you do in Prepar3D cfg is STATIC. It starts and dies as long as your run the simulator. You get the same config for AAAAAALLLL flight. Either in ground at 0ft or at 35000ft. WHAT FIBER ACCELERATOR DOES is that this Prepar3D.cfg is NOT STATIC anymore. When you need frames, it will lower values to catch them, and when you need picture quality (since you already "catch" the target) it will increase values. This is done hundreds time per second. That's what NO tweak can beat, and will never will. WHY ? Because tweaks are STATIC. You can create great configs in prepar3D.cfg : one for a busy airport (but it won't be great for high altitudes), another for 35000ft away from everything (but it won't be great for the "busy airport") , another "all around" average cfg... But you cannot have all in one. That's what Fiber is doing, and some of you better digest it... ^_^
  4. Sure no probl, we asked opinions after all, this is not a advertisement forum ! According to a rough computing I made of your settings, If I were you I would set 40fps target in simulator, 20 fps in Fiber's lower target and 30 in Fiber's middle target. Check also on average demand situations, you may be able to identify more Check using the button for switching between modes. (Lower - middle - deactivated)
  5. @demious You are describing an at least 20% frame per sec. rate increase in your worst case scenario. (and ofcourse we don't create explosions ) You think this is bad ? There is nothing wrong in your system... @J van E Sorry but I have to object here. You can trust others opinions better than your own eyes? Demo is free
  6. Goodmorning all, be advised .. we are watching the topic. We would be more than happy to read feedback and opinions as always.
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