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  1. I think I saw some on our Support groups. Also today a small fix but done for A350F. Can download those from our page or flightsim.com.
  2. It's for FS2004 and P3DV4 (No FSX models due of FS2020) https://www.facebook.com/groups/tds350 Already we have A350-900 A350-1000 too.
  3. Thankyou for the recovery. So what was the exact reason happened ?
  4. Just stop using SAAD's A350 Simply because it's made from a STOLEN 3D Data of X-Plane's payware Flight Factors A350. https://www.thresholdx.net/article/saad3d?fbclid=IwAR15DsiwekLcgTvVx1mRq9V0qcRGNaA_apR6ZbG68pV_9HDpV9zGPVEAg3M
  5. Sorry to hear this. As a same model designer now people needs to understand what can do is not what is permitted to do. Copyright is the rights we creator have. And writing credit doesn't mean can do anything to the products made. <- THIS IS IMPORTANT ... many people needs to learn. If want something modded or ported and want to release , ask before start doing and get permissions. Seems this world is getting worse in these days. Hiroshi Igami
  6. Thank you Ed So first open PkyAPUDoor.xml Then you can see the codes under. ------------------------------------------------------------------ (L:PkyOilPressure,percent) 100 < if{ (L:PkyOilPressure,percent) } els{ (A:GEAR POSITION:0,percent) } (>L:PkyAPUDoor,percent) ------------------------------------------------------------------ This code meand if the Oil pressure is lower then 100% will be closed following the oil pressure. If not , will use the amount of nose gear retract . So changing place is (A:GEAR POSITION:0,percent) Ed saysi under is the code for Level-D's APU open/close (L:LVLDAPUDoor, bool) They are using bool so probably 0= close 1= Open Then change (A:GEAR POSITION:0,percent) to (L:LVLDAPUDoor, bool) 100 * Then APU door should move with Level-D's panel side. XML Animation Guage systems can make things like this.
  7. One more I just thought. If I remember correct Level-D can control APU ON/Off. (At MS default codes , can't) At this model. PkyAPUDoor.xml controls APU door. If you can know the Level-D's variable name for APU door , can just change the variable written in that guage . Then APU door will work with the Level-D side's switch.
  8. About those switches about lights. Basics are like this. Get MS defined data and set on/off At most of the case is like that , specially at 747V4A series , it's more like hard coded to the model. What kind of Ms defined parameter is prepared info is under. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc526981.aspx The things I can guess is. - Logo Light is turned on using the left Runway Turnoff switch. ifly model designer modeled like that so panel side fitted to those use. Also at 747V4 there is no Runway Turnoff switch defined since not on MS parameter. - Nav lights are turned on with the beacon switch. Same as above. - Beacon light is turned on with the right Runway Turnoff switch. Same as above. So using ifly's panel is the matter. If it's written at XML guages , see inside . May be there is a way. Mr Mike Thank you for those words. Animation/light guage system is quite unique way so many people just can't recognize. I want to explain why using this systems here. The largest merit for this is user customize. One example , if want a wing flex more , user can just open the XML animation guage and modify. For the lights .. same , the flasher is made a bit slower softer then real not to make people ill but if you want to make it strong and sharp , can do those. If someone wants to move a APU door by other systems , can just by editing XML codes. At a old system , only model builder can do those and has to live with it. This is a huge difference. Also at this system , can make a animation at very complexed factors. Why can't at a old way ? Simply there was a limit of MDL file size at FS2004. And XML+ Polygon+animation has to be fit all in that same area. But at this way , complexed calculation is done at panel side. So can use a lot of parameters. One example , At wingflex , airspeed . Aircraft weight , wind , ground effect, pitch angle , using all those and makes up how much flex is needed. At a old way , most of case , air speed or G. I've seen other person added a wing bounce when taxing. It was a edit of the wing flex code. This system was fully started using from Posky 777V2 . At 747V4 .. it's at 747V4A so only 747-400 and 747-8I/8F So far the newest model 727-200 is using this system too. A complexed system but this is a useful way. Merit for modeling side is speeds up the modeling since XML guage debug is just a text editor debug. But If a Model compile , if using a special tool to get over 60000 polygons at FS2004. Takes 15min for 1 compile. Usually at test .. won't do that but still needs a compile.
  9. First thing to learn is At SSP 's 767 , model animations and lights are controled by Animation and Light Control Guages defined in vcockpit section of panel.cfg Why vcockpit section is simply thats the only place keeps moving at any mode. (Except slew and Multiplayer side) So that place is good to place a controler. Panel side guage orders -> MDL side receives the order -> Animate/Lights This is how it's working. Then what will happen if removed those guages? When I did that at the first time , I didn't code those and guys just yelled bug or so . So now there is a backup code builted in to the MDL side too. But those actions are limited and not as should be. It's just to make the guys yelling less. So if want to use as it should be , must define the animation/light control guages. I hope this clears up. Same system is used at Posky747V4A , POSKY777V2 , SSP767V5,TDS737V2,TDS787,TDS727 Merit of this is user can customize or even add functions. I saw a person added a Aileron droop when engine shutted down. ================================================================ Initialize codes gauge00=Posky763!Pky_AdvInit, 140,80,140,80 Basic calculations gauge01=Posky763!PkyCALC, 140,80,140,80 Gear height management gauge02=Posky763!Pkygearcalc, 140,80,140,80 Wing flex code gauge03=Posky763!Pky6WINGFLEX, 140,80,140,80 Nose gear steering angle management gauge04=Posky763!PkyNosegearsteerling, 140,80,140,80 Left aileron action gauge05=Posky763!PkyAileronL, 140,80,140,80 Right aileron action gauge06=Posky763!PkyAileronR, 140,80,140,80 Low speed aileron action gauge07=Posky763!PkyLSAileron, 140,80,140,80 Spoiler action gauge08=Posky763!PkySpoiler, 140,80,140,80 APU door action gauge09=Posky763!PkyAPUDoor, 140,80,140,80 Thrust reverser action gauge10=Posky763!PkyEngRev, 140,80,140,80 Towing tractor angle when push back gauge11=Posky763!Pky_PB_Towhead, 140,80,140,80 Calculates day and night gauge12=Posky763!PkySEA, 140,80,140,80 Flasher gauge13=Posky763!PkyFlasher, 140,80,140,80 Wing inspection light bulb gauge14=Posky763!Pkycondassign, 140,80,140,80 ================================================================
  10. If only a brake on ground , re-check the main gear's contact points at aircraft.cfg Is right-left correct or not. One example switching those and test.
  11. I've just read thru the topic and noticed few things. 1.At when using at FSX , must use FSX model , not FS2004 model. MDL file name starts from TDSX is FSX , TDS is FS2004 Reason is A. At FSX , can't recognize the FS2004's self Illumination parts . B. At FSX can't recognize DECAL texture systems on FS2004. 2.When changing a panel ,must carefully see the vcockpit section of the panel.cfg Animation and light control guages are defined there. Those setting and the guages in the sub folder of panel folder must be copied to the new panels. you use. May be feeling what this guys is saying? Or Doesn't make sence , panel and model is different! But no , Not only this model , already many models I made has this systems. Basics are Panel side's Animation and Light control guages orders ->Model side XML receives and moves or show the lights. Why doing this is there is a huge merit. User can have a chance to edit and tune up or at some case add functions. One example , user can even change the amount of wing flex , can even add factors to flex. So... Please remember , panel is NOT only a PANEL , Panel and Model works together. If those guages are lost , model animations will drop to the backup/dumm mode and animation factors will be limited and actions won't be as should be. How can you know which mode is ? Most simple way is put on the NAV lights. If there is a MS default fireball Wingtip nav ligjhts , then model is working at Backup mode.
  12. Guys thanks for flying. About the 727-100 series making up. Still FSX model is not made but yes doing.
  13. Why not you start making and ask to include? Just waiting and yelling is not creative.
  14. I gave him a permission to convert to X-plane . Also he got the permission from the painters to do those too. Not just giving a permission , watched the process and ordered to convert close as possible to the FS2004 Model. Unfortunately can't use multi texture on X-plane (May feel odd but I'm MSFS world man so.) So can't be compatible at paint. (I wonder why they don't make a go , I know it will cause some performance issue but "Can use but not recommended is a choice") Please have fun with those
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