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  1. With my brand new Intel I5 10600k (6 cores @4.8Ghz), 32 GB RAM@3600 and my two year old GTX1080ti the results are pretty good in FS2020. Almost always getting 60 FPS (locked) with a mix of high/ultra settings, over big cities/airports high 40s-low 50s. Mainly flying GA aircraft.
  2. Ground textures come with the scenery Aerosoft Mallorca X Evolution (not the puddles and reflections, they're from the Tomato shaders). In the sky I have added HDE v2.0 Sky Textures converted for FSX over the default P3D45.
  3. Tomatoshade v3.1 here with RD-TomatoShade-Preset 1.8. Amazing visuals and effects on the ground in rainy conditions:
  4. The scenery looks amazing installed over the ORBX stuff. But during night time there's the problem that static aircraft and some buildings are fully iluminated (as it was daytime). Maybe it has to do with me using Tomatoshade. But as I usually fly by day, it's not a big deal.
  5. Just tried South America Mesh. Looking amazingly good, even with plateaus ! :smile: Thanks for the effort and keep the good work !
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