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  1. I an p3d v4.4 already several months, my point was about PMDG 747 v3
  2. II cannot get to PMDG forum. I signed-up but the form is empty...
  3. I cannot get to PMDG forum. I signed-up but the form is empty...
  4. Hello, I update to new version via PMDG operations manager. As a result there are strange colours on pylons and engines frames… I reinstalled textures but result is the same. Is anybody having the same issue ? many thanks ! JM
  5. Hi looks very nice, however, do I understand correctly that to switch it on I always need to use the menu through this little down box ? (so not via PMDG lights button) thajnks JM
  6. Hi, from my side also, looks it works now. Many thanks! JM
  7. Hi another version of immersion log was sent, hope it will somehow clarify the issue... many thanks ! JM
  8. Hi, I can confirm all. I thought there was no change, but after this discussion I realised I ran Dell support...... So that is why.... So not I reinstalled PMDG747, hope it will be ok
  9. Thanks. But that is the tricky, PMDG base and extension are not there (control panel). Neither in ops centre. However, I can run it (with alert) in P3D. And also all folders related to PMDG I can see...
  10. How to uninstall if it is not visible in ops manager. New download and install over it ? many thanks JM
  11. OK, now I realized I cannot found any of my downloads (747 and 747 expansion) in Operation Centre... Any way how to re-activate again without whole reinstallation ? many thanks JM
  12. Hi all, suddenly P3D started to giving me an alert 'Cannot get product version data - string not found' when I select PMDG 747. I did not change anything, did not install anything since last run...... When I confirm the alert window all starts normally..... In PMDG operation centre all seems to be OK, saying I have the latest version... Any idea what it could be and how to rid of it ? many thanks ! JM
  13. Hi in my case lights still not activated (same conditions, visibility less than 3M, fog, night). immersion log sent to e-mail address. many thanks ! JM
  14. Hello, pls, any new after checking the file ? many thanks for any info JM
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