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  1. Hello Thank you for a great job PMDG !! what a wonderful aircraft. once again you you guys raised the bar ! thank you . If anyone can make the livery for saudi airlines I would be really grateful. Thank you
  2. amen to that ! :rolleyes: this topic is one of my favourites to read ! :lol: :lol:
  3. typical delivery flight going all the way to Saudi Arabia Jeddah (OEJN) Abdullah bader
  4. I dont mind to pay extra for my main 2d panel atleast PMDG give me that ! :(
  5. I wish they can do atleast a main 2d panel !
  6. abdull

    777 EFB

    Couldn't agree more. We at saudi arabian airlines we have een useing the 777 since 1997 and never used the EFB and we have resived the the first two 777-300 in our fleet and I think there is no EFB. Ill check once I see the baby on the ground ! :(
  7. One word only 'MAGNIFICENT' pmdg THANK YOU. Abdull
  8. That is strange Im flying the plane for 2 hours and she is sweet. Make sure you follow the steps in the introduction file. Abdull
  9. Hi every one, I would like to thank all of you guys for creating such a magnificent add-on. The only thing is missing right now is an instructor seat and all the screaming and showting at me ! watch my callouts and make my flight as hell and watch me use the QRH !! . Thank you PMDG very much ! The only thing I saw is when I was on ground and on the air I could see the airport traffic ( trucks and cars ) LOL as traffic in the ND ! didnt know why rather than that she is a beauty. All Im doing for the next days is fly her every where I might start a world tour. Oh one more thing the frams are great Im really happy with it. Once again thank you guys very much. Thank you Abdullah Aljowie
  10. Im officially jumping on my chair Thanks Robert Abdullah
  11. One of the best pictures I have ever seen !! really cant wait to put my hands on this baby . I would like to see some saudi goverment liveries they are easy and simple .Thank youAbdullah b Aljowie
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